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Best airport in the world?

Geneva, Switzerland
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Best airport in the world?

What is for you the best airport in the world (or airport terminal if appropriate)? Let's make two categories: large airports and small airports (threshold: about 10 millions passengers).

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11. Re: Best airport in the world?

I loved Koh Samui as well!!! I really like GVA in the new layout. I was pleasantly surprised with DEL, terminal 3... On the other side of the scope, LHR T4 is awful and I hated DXB but luckily could access EK lounges...

Hong Kong, China
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12. Re: Best airport in the world?

I thought in Europe ,i kinda like Schipol. In Asia, not trying to be biased but cannot see any other airports succeeding HKIA.

Changi Singapore is fully carpeted, yes nice but service by Singaporeans are nothing compare to HK or even the Japanese in Narita

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13. Re: Best airport in the world?

BIG: The new Emirates terminal at Dubai (DBX), Changi (SIN) or Hong Kong are pretty darn impressive, efficient and have lots to do. I also like the new Fast Track international arrivals at Chicago O'Hare for passengers with carry-on luggage only.

SMALLER: Last weekend, I flew in and out of Philadelphia and I was off the plane, through immigration, collected my bag and was out the door in 18 minutes. For check-in, I was in the BA lounge just 11 minutes after getting out of a taxi. Did I just luck out or is this standard? I was impressed!

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14. Re: Best airport in the world?

I like LHR T5, KUL, and AMS... each for different reasons. T5 is fast, efficient and has good amenities, KUL architecture and internal transport system is good, and AMS as it offers easy connections to both air and ground transport. I'm over SIN. It is just a bit cheesy and the expensive Duty Free is more annoying than useful.

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15. Re: Best airport in the world?

>>> I'm over SIN. It is just a bit cheesy and the expensive Duty Free is more annoying than useful<<<

Very interesting you should say that Geo, I've heard similar sentiments from several work colleagues who frequent SIN. One described it as "over the top efficient to a point where it occasionally seems fake" - if there is such a thing.

I only go through SIN for leisure, as my business hub is HKG, so don't frequent it enough to make an impression in either direction.

I do enjoy AMS immensely.

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16. Re: Best airport in the world?

Best for me? Perhaps as Skytrax reports - HKG, ICN, SIN (in alphabetical order). Relatively smooth operating, clean, airy, pleasant. But do any of these match my favourite train stations? Perhaps not..

Worst for me? Probably LOS - IMHO in its own league. Followed by BOM. Followed by DEL before reported reform. MNL is in there somewhere. Fortunately, I've been able to avoid some of the most famous cesspools.

Comments on some nominees by others?

NBO - nowhere near the outstanding nature of LOS, BOM, and DEL (in the days), MNL. Nowhere near the outstanding nature of certain parts of greater Nairobi city itself.

USM - nice style, but substance mitigated by high fares to arrive/depart (airside and landside).

BKK - mediocre. Lost opportunities created by reported back-door sweetheart deals on concessions, and failure to evolve improvements in operations over time. I prefer DMK's comfortable old-shoe atmosphere and more reasonable F&B outlets, if not its lack of modern rail access.

SIN shopping - I can get what I want there - Bengawan Solo baked goodies for friends/family. A GST-free Risis orchid to make someone feel appreciated.

NRT - a fave. Westbound I try to arrange extra transit time - e.g. ~3-4 hours, and book a bargain-priced day room for a shower, change of socks, and nap. This almost cures any jet lag upon arrival in, say, SE Asia.

US airports? Generally mediocre like bus stations. DEN was more-or-less nice before responses to 9/11 ruined the terminal. Of course, in bad weather, any US airport can go south instantly - perhaps because of present-day management approaches, and profit squeezes, on staff attitudes and abilities to cope.

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17. Re: Best airport in the world?

Best (and worst) for me, bearing in mind I haven't used SIN or LHR-T5 and only ICN for transit.

Large -

Best overall: ICN (best departure concourse and facilities), HKG (best arrivals all post customs, and best check in/security at T2)

Honorable mentions: NRT (quickest and easiest transit security), KUL (very pleasant concourse and security at gate)

Worst - BOM (especially domestic to international transit)

Small -

Best - AUS, PDX and LCY

Worst - OTP

Manchester, United...
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18. Re: Best airport in the world?

my favourites:

Large - SIN - HKG

Not sure about small ones, probably not been to many that's why.

Manila, Philippines
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19. Re: Best airport in the world?

I haven't be to all airports in the world so I still can't determine which is the best airport ever. Anyway, thanks for your opinions, now I know where to go to experience the services of best airports in the world.

Singapore, Singapore
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20. Re: Best airport in the world?

Singapore Changi Airport

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