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Long Term Travel Insurance?

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Long Term Travel Insurance?

Hi all,

Was not sure where to ask this question but thought I might as well give it a shot here. I am thinking about doing a long solo trip around Asia and Oceania (6+ months) and was looking into different travel insurance options for the trip. I came across Allianz, typed in the dates (say Jan 1 - Jul 1), and my current state (NY), and a price of only $55 came up for the most expensive plan. Does anyone have any insight into long term travel insurance and if $55 can really cover a 6+ month trip?

I am more concerned for the medical coverage of the insurance rather than the flights, delays, etc as I will only be booking a one way flight out for the time being. If anyone has any experience into this and long term travel insurance in general, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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1. Re: Long Term Travel Insurance?

I am always in a quandary with insurance, I have used Allianz several times but really even if one reads the fine print until you actually need to file a claim.. choices are touch. Last year I paid Allianz for travel insurance for a trip to Greenland, my main focus was if anything happens, someone else paying the bills to get me to a decent hospital.

I am very much looking forward to other replies.

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2. Re: Long Term Travel Insurance?

Hello Charlie and welcome to the solo forum

The price you've been quoted seems unreasonably cheap for a 6 month trip, but Allianz is a well known insurance group. If it were me, I'd phone them to double check. There are internet scams where a bogus company copies the logo/layout of reputable companies, but the payment and personal info pages veer off to another site.

I'd also suggest reading the "know how to...." info article about travel insurance in the Bargain Forum. It's in the Top Questions box, which can't be accessed using the trip advisor phone app, so you'll need a pc/laptop/tablet.

I appreciate you're only considering health insurance, but for independent travellers who book their own flights and accommodation, I'd strongly suggest you consider a policy which includes end user curtailment/failure, 3rd party liability, loss of doc's, legal assistance and medical repatriation. And... sorry to be a bore.... but a company that has a 24 hour English language helpline too.

Hopefully you won't need to make a claim, but your family & friends would be grateful if you were comprehensively covered, and you'd be glad of a reputable company that was customer friendly.

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3. Re: Long Term Travel Insurance?

I agree that that seems ridiculously cheap so something is missing.

I always ring an insurance company for confirmation and a quote as online forms don't tell you anything or take into consideration activities or health conditions.

Read that article Mcp mentioned, look at the Terms and Conditions of any quote made and see if the figures offered are sufficient.

Also that you are covered for any activities you may be tempted to take part in. I've seen safari ones that didn't cover for jeep travel, Egyptian ones that didn't cover for sand boarding, camel riding or quad biking and a company who covered me for a boat trip one year didn't the next. The online form just gives a quote, they take your money and when you try to make a claim you find you're not covered. That's the way it can sometimes work. You do really need to check however boring it is. Go through with a highlighter so you can easily review it when your mind starts to boggle.

Also check the Emergency phone numbers are 24hr ones.

Remember you are paying a fortune for this trip of a lifetime. The insurance is the most important thing you will take with you. Make sure it does it's job and you can relax.

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4. Re: Long Term Travel Insurance?

I just entered some details in the Allianz Travel Insurance website for a 6 month stay, chose Asia as the destination (I didn’t need to enter the State in Australia where I live) and chose a few random ages to see if that made a difference in the price, and for a Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy the costs were between AU$607 and AU$677 depending on what age I entered, which is US$434 - US$484 for that Policy covering 6 months travel around Asia.

I’d go back into the website and re-enter your details as $55 is odd.

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5. Re: Long Term Travel Insurance?

Insuremytrip dot com is a common site for starters and access to the fine print and opportunities to compare.

You may want to price in, or ensure your medical includes medical evacuation. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars if you need to be flown home for long term or intensive care. A regular here can attest to that. A slip off the back of a moto taxi leadjng to vertebral fracutes rewuiring traction for several weeks may not be feasible in Vietnam.

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6. Re: Long Term Travel Insurance?

Compare the travel insurance to what your health insurance company will cover you, and what your major credit card will offer. I personally don't purchase travel insurance when I travel and instead rely on my health insurance which covers me internationally, and my travel credit card that offers many other coverages.

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7. Re: Long Term Travel Insurance?

Thank you all for your replies! I think the best option is to call up and get a good understanding of everything that is covered. I will also take a look at that know how to article up on tripadvisor.

Once again thanks for all the helpful tips!

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8. Re: Long Term Travel Insurance?

IF you have health insurance here Geo Blue offers a year long travel health insurance plan with evacuation for a reasonable price. I agree to also check what your USA plan will cover for emergencies and what your credit card might also cover.

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