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What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?

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What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?

I'm from the U.S. and you wouldn't nearly call me a seasoned traveler. I've never left the country and I've only ever been to 7 different states in my lifetime. I definitely want to travel but I'm trying to figure out which country I want to go to, I've been trying to learn languages to prepare but I'm all mixed up because I haven't made my decision. I've always wanted to go to Japan, that's big on my list of possibilities. Somewhere in Europe (specifically France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Great Britain) is also big on the list. Mexico is on the list and Canada is too but I'm not as enthusiastic about those as the other ones I mentioned. Also, I was thinking I may just want to explore more states, it's more convenient and almost as adventurous. We have so much to see and do here already.

So tell me, if you've been to a lot of them, what is your favorite country you've ever been to? (The United States counts, even though I live here, you can still choose that one as your answer)

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1. Re: What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?


it sounds like you are in the "kid in the candy store" syndrome. You want everything but cant even get started since you are overwhelmed by your choices.

you say you want to go to Japan. WELL GO !

my suggestion is.....

- make a list of places you wish to go. It doesnt have to be a "bucket list" but just start putting things down on paper or someplace where you can see it and big picture. I use a spreadsheet and have it down by countries/cities. I also have binders for countires where if i print somethig out on a place i will put it in that binder. When i decide to make that trip, some info is there. That way when i go i have a already made list. This allows me to "see" whats i want to do and see instead of relying on my memory which isnt as good as before.

- with the list i will try to look at what i want to do Now, tomorrow (next year) and the years after that. Its not like everything is set in stone, its MY list so i can move things around as i like and feel. But it gives me an idea on places.

- get some travel books, watch the boob tube on travel shows and google for thing to do and see. There is alot of things out there that may or may not interest you. It will depend on how open you are to them.

some personal comments on my traveling and my thoughts....

- i travel to OUTSIDE of the USA since i feel its "affordable" to me NOW and that my body is still able to do alot of walking.

- I travel OUTSIDE of the USA since at this day and time you need to FLY or BOAT to get anywhere OUTSIDE. That means $$$ to do so. Im not going to be able to use any flyer miles since i only travel 1x per year. So my fights costs are out of my pocket. I have a job, now, and not sure what , if any, i maybe able to do if/when i retire.

- The way i see it is that when flights get too expensive (for me) Europe/Asia/S.Ameica..ect or my body isnt holding up, i can DRIVE anywhere in the USA/Canada/Mexico or that i can get a puddle jumper what wont be as expensive (for me). i notice that for handicapped people, the USA is better suited.

- favorite "country" can be a big subject and subjective. I travel to "cities" and "towns". I know that im being picky in your answer, but i see questions like these as "vague" and "subjective". I know everyone wants the "best" of this or that too and to make YOUR choices easier, you are asking this question. I havent been to many places (more than some, less that others), yet, but i find that all of the places i have been to are different. Some you may have to look closer and some not so. To me it will depend on what your interests are. My background is art/architecture but i also like cool and unusual things too. Things i cant see in the USA. So those may give me that " i like this place". But its only a "place" to me, not a "country". I havent been to enough of ANY country to say its my favorite or not. Maybe others can, but i cant.

good luck in your choices.

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2. Re: What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?

This is a very difficult question to answer. My most favourite country to travel in is my own country of India because I understand it like no other person of an other country can. The diversity in languages, culture, tradition, lifestyle, landscapes, food and religion is unfathomable despite all the chaos. Will you find it the same? Perhaps not. It all depends on your taste. I am not a party, beach drinking type of a person. I will totally feel out of place in a place like say Ibiza or even beach town of Goa in India.

In short, favourite(s) is very much dependent on who you are as a person. You say you want to visit France. May I ask why you choose to visit France?

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3. Re: What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?

Damascus was probably my favourite city but that will be off the menu for some time.

I love England, but that is mainly about things that make living here (mostly) a delight. I also love my job which is an almost uniquely English profession...

I do like visiting the States.

I loved Madagascar, the Galapagos and Zambia because I am fascinated by animals, but the country I keep returning to is Japan. It is a country of great variety, spectacular beauty and courteous people. The cities of the usual western first time tourist trilogy of Tokyo/Kyoto/Hiroshima are full of interest, but other towns, villages and countryside have much to offer.

The more I read, the more I visit, the more there seems to see and try to understand.

Japan is a one of the safest countries in the world and a terrific destination for a solo female. I'm not suggesting it is safe to get drunk in the Roppongi district of Tokyo in the middle of the night (although probably more dangerous for men) but in the normal course of life there is much less danger than in the US or Europe.

I usually organise my own trips to most destinations but for Japan I use the help of an English company (with branches in the States, Australia and Japan) called Inside Japan. They do small group tours (which I haven't done) or "Self Guided Adventures" (which are suggested, costed itineraries-useful for an idea of logistics) and tailored trips where you give them a budget, a length of your holiday, a list of what places call to you and what interests you (Hiking, history, tradition, modern Japanese culture, samurai, sumo, whatever), they suggest an itinerary-you discuss it on the telephone or by email until you are agreed. They then book accommodation, order tickets and give you a booklet of your trip with all the information you need to have a smooth and exciting holiday. The company also gives you a 24/7 phone number in Japan-English and Japanese speaking. I have never had to use it, but it is reassuring for a solo traveller.

The Kumamoto earthquake struck when I was last in Japan. My Inside Japan agent was on the phone to me before I realised the earthquake would affect the next part of my trip. They organised a flight for me to Kagoshima when the trains were cancelled.

IME they are very knowledgeable, honest and good at working with my not very large budget, knowing when to scrimp and when a splurge is worthwhile.

It is important to find an agent who "gets" you so if you find yourself having trouble communicating. ask for someone else.

You can organise a trip to Japan yourself, especially if you stick to places visited by lots of western tourists but I value the expertise of Inside Japan and still organise my trips (5 so far to a total of over 19 weeks) through them. I have found almost all of their suggestions spot on and having a private guide for my first full day in Tokyo gave me the confidence I needed to navigate Tokyo and the rest of the country on my own.

Railway stations, the metros and bus stations have destinations in English as well as Japanese and many cities have street signs in English too.

As for when to visit: Spring (March, April, May) and Autumn (October and November) are wonderful. Winter has snow in the mountains (with skiing) and the northern-most islands. Summer is very hot and humid (possibly worse than New Orleans) but has wonderful festivals.

If it is Japan that is big on your list, just go. IME it is much less expensive than the myth. Japanese business hotels have small but immaculate rooms and breakfasts that range from adequate to delicious.

I find the costs similar to much of Western Europe and the US.

Whether you go through an agent or do it all yourself you might have fun playing with this interactive map:


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4. Re: What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?

It really depends on what I want to do and to a certain extent the season.

I live in Italy. Love Spain. Really enjoy France and Germany. Has is attractive. So is the UK. They all have things going for them. The one I'd pick would depend on what I'm interested in at the moment.

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5. Re: What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?

Short answer: where I have just been ;-)

But this question doesn't mean a thing for your personal quandaries. If you think a group of stranger's fave place will help you decide, then you won't get up off the couch and start your independence.

You don't say whether any of your travel has been independent or not. If you haven't done any solo travel yet...as in planned and executed by yourself...then start small and see if you even like it.

As suggested, create a list of what you want to see. If it involves nature, I would put those on the top of the priority list. Granted your travel will contribute to its deterioration, but seeing nature (Galapagos Islands, safarie, gorilla trekking, the Antarctic) before we totally mess it up might have an end date. Same goes for those 'wonders of the world' architectural places. Next is, what can you afford to do in the next 3 years? If you are young and money is limited, consider closer to home. Then in the richer years, go big because international travel gets harder as you age and there will come a time when you can no longer get travel insurance. It is a much bigger plan than whether to decide on gumdrops, licorice, or jujubes.

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6. Re: What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?

My posts have some really weird autocorrects lately

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7. Re: What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?

Keeps us awake Nzentena :-)

I'm not sure many would have a favourite country. Each country has very different regions and you might enjoy some more than others.

Also personality may come into play. I enjoy the Italian sense of humour and fun. I love the way most will make light of life and are so friendly and ready for fun. Other visitors I've heard find this too intrusive and flipant and dislike it. So it's very personal and not a way to advise someone else to go somewhere.

You seem to be enjoying your own country and as you say, so much to see, so much variety it's all really there. Apart from Japan I don't get the feeling that you are that enthusiastic about the other countries, you mention nothing of what draws you to them. Perhaps you just feel you should go abroad.

I love travelling in my own country. Every trip is an adventure and discovery.

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8. Re: What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?


Ever since I first visited I have only grown fonder of it with every time I go there. People sometimes make a mistake: go to London, go to most touristy places of London and then complain it is expensive, crowded and touristy. Yet it has varied and fantastic sceneries, great nature, great history sites, fantastic museums, cute little villages, mountains, dales, great coast.

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9. Re: What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?

No favourites, Every destination was chosen because of its uniqueness, history or environment, You need to follow your own instincts and wants, Do not rely on another person's great experiences, That could seriously backfire on you. We are all different,

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10. Re: What is your favorite country that you've ever been to?

Amelia: Welcome to the forum. If your screen name indicates your age - 23 - then my advice is to take it slow. There is no rush to become a "seasoned" traveler. You have years, decades to travel. I also don't quite understand posters who come here and seek answers to tell them where they should go. But, my advice is similar to some already offered - get your list together and start planning it out. Certain locations will become higher ranked based on your own set of needs and wishes. Don't forget your budget, travel times, weather - in making your decisions. I honestly have several places in my list, and they include all the places I want to go, including some still left in the US. Cheers!

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