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Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA

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Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA


I'm 17 and I want to go to a solo trip for few weeks + in europe/usa.

I heared that i should book all the flights ahead since might be a problem with me not being 18 yet and book all the hostels too.

Now the only question I have left to answer before going on my adventure and planning the trip is where is a good place for a 17 year old to visit? I'm very interested in music and I thought of going to a place with a lot of concerts.

So , Any suggestions to a solo trip ? :)

And does anyone here made a solo trip in the ages 17-18 to somewhere and can tell a bit about it ? I will appreciate it :)

Thanks All and good day :D

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1. Re: Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA

Hello gsda and welcome to the solo forum.

Although you've said you want to travel in a few weeks and are interested in music, you haven't said whether you have a passport, an ESTA, or a budget.

A few practical considerations: Here in the UK, young people under the age of 18 cannot have a credit card or an overdraft from their bank. So, how are you going to book flights/accommodation and finance this trip? Traders will accept your own debit card transactions, but if you're using your parents/family's credit card, then you will encounter problems.

Where in Europe are you hoping to travel to? There are 49 different countries in Europe.Do you want to stay just in the Schengen zone? Do you want to stay in just the Euro zone? Depending on your own governments treaties, you may, or may not need a visa for countries not in the Schengen zone.

Music....What do you mean? Do you want to attend any of the rock/pop/indie/jazz festivals, either by camping or buying day tickets? Or do you mean classical music & those destinations which have readily available tickets?

How are you hoping to travel? Flight prices are already creeping up for the summer, and availability will decrease. Trains run all over most Europe, but the US train network isn't as comprehensive.

How much research have you already done? Are their countries you know you don't want to travel to?

I appreciate you've only just joined Trip Advisor, & may not be familiar with this website, but apart from this forum, there are forums for just about every country in the world, plus forums for air, bargain and adventure travel. You'll need a laptop/pc/tablet to access the full website content, as the phone app is far too limited.

With a bit more information from you, posters here would be happy to make suggestions & offer advice, but currently your question is a bit vague. You may need to do some research of your own to inform you of your options.

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2. Re: Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA

TBH I was just thinking about traveling yesterday I didn't make any deep research yet.

I have a budget of abour 2-3k$ for this trip and I didn't decide on a location yet.

This is the reason i came to this forum to see people who were in my age more or less and did a solo trip as well.

Also looking for people who can recommend on destinations :)

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3. Re: Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA

Where are you now please? It makes a big difference to our advice.

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4. Re: Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA

Israel but free to fly anywhere

Also i forgot to add I can have my own credit card

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5. Re: Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA

The USA is not a great place for a 17 year old to travel alone as there are fewer hostels that will allow you to stay at that age alone.

I'd try travel closer to home first and probably in Europe since it seems more common there for that age group to be off on their own.

IF you have relatives in the USA then visiting them of course would be just fine.

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6. Re: Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA

We get some 18 year olds asking about travel, but few come back to tell us if they travelled, or even got past the planning stage. Often parents are not supportive. One from the US did manage to go to Costa Rica for a week, but only because his cousin agreed to go too.

Most here are twice this age....and more.

Do people your age do this? I am going to guess few do, more within neighbouring countries, or where they have family.

Having your own credit card will make things easier, but you do want to ensure that hotels don't have a minimum age for renting. Even hostels may have some caveats. Know that many hotels will want your credit card details and some will even hold a damage deposit upon check in, so you want to ensure you have a good financial safety net with either money credit on your card, an adequate amount you can charge, or access to a large amount of cash.

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7. Re: Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA

At just-turned-16 I travelled from California to the east coast of the US solo for university interviews held over a week in New York, Boston and two smaller towns in Massachusetts. I landed in New York and took trains and busses to the other destinations.

I then flew to London to visit a 17 year old friend in Coventry and we went up to London for a few days and stayed in an hotel near Piccadilly Circus.

I then flew to Paris and stayed with a family whose son I had met that summer when I acted as an interpreter for a journalist who was writing an article about the adventures in the USA of the young Frenchman. He had been taking Greyhound busses around the States that summer. We all went to the Grand Canyon.

After Paris I flew to Geneva, stayed there in an hotel overnight and took the train to school in a small Swiss village, stopping in Lausanne for the night on the way.

In all I was travelling solo for a month although some of the time I was staying with friends.

My parents gave me travellers cheques (this was years ago) and pre-paid my hotels so while day trips were up to me, the was the place I was staying each night was set before I left.

There were some glitches:

My father was a flyer and I grew up in planes, but I threw up all the way from LA to New York. It was the first time I had ever been motion sick.

In Cambridge, Massachusetts I was too shy to go into a restaurant filled with students and afraid I would run out of money if I ordered room service so I ended not eating for several days until I could find some stale sandwiches at a shop.

In New York the door of the bathroom jammed and I was left naked 6 floors up on a windy New York day. My shouting got no response so I dampened one of the two small towels and dropped it on a passing policeman. I then explained my plight and was rescued.

I think one thing about being young is that you are as competent as an adult when things go as usual, but have less experience to draw on when you hit the unexpected.

Whether 16 or 17 is too young to travel solo really depends on the person.

If you are happy with your own company, good at resisting peer pressure and can remind yourself that the feeling of invincibility is an artefact of being young; you could be fine.

You need to be honest with yourself about who you are and whether your could pull this off.

You also need your parents' permission, preferably in writing and notarised. The airlines won't let you board if they think you are a runaway.

In Europe, I think staying in small family run hotels might be better than hostels. I believe it is easier to feel lonely surrounded by incompatible people than at a place with your own space and people who will notice if you are miserable.

You do need to remember that the drinking age in most of Europe is 18 and in most of the US it is 21. Even if you are not interested in alcohol, there will be places you can't enter (especially in the US) because of your age.

I agree with Riff M's advice that Europe may be a better choice than the US. Public transport is much more developed in Europe (although there are trains that run down the east and west coasts of America and cross country trains) and there is more of a tradition of a gap year between secondary education and university often spent travelling so there will be more people your age on the trains and busses.


Put time into planning your trip and make sure you do your research into the legalities, especially visas.

And have a wonderful time.

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8. Re: Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA

Thanks for all the replys :D

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9. Re: Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA

Didn't do it solo but went with a small group from college to Spain at 15yrs and with a friend to Malta at 17yrs. Things were different then.

On the Uk forum we sometimes get 17yr olds asking about coming over but most hotels require you to be 18 and legally responsible for yourself, any damage or emergency that may happen. They cannot be responsible for you as a business. So your first job is to start looking at which countries will allow someone your age to book accommodation. Shouldn't be hard. Ask on the forums for the countries that interest you and look at the Terms & Conditions of hostels and hotels there to see if you are eligible.

You haven't said what sort of music but the word 'concert' made me think local/cultural but that may be because of the difference in language so knowing would help.

Seville in Spain is a good spot with flamenco guitar and dance. I stayed in a small town called Nerja last year and they had a cultural centre where people your age learn the cultural music and put on regular weekly performances. That may happen in other places in Spain if researched.

If you are thinking more pop concerts that's a little more planning as tickets sell out a long time before the event so you would really have to plan ahead. You would also have to be very careful of your belongings as high tourist numbers brings pickpockets and all sorts of scams. But you can read up on that or ask on the forums. Find out how to keep you stuff safe when you travel.

Hope you enjoy the planning. Looking forward to going somewhere is a big part of the enjoyment and makes the effort worthwhile. What you learn from doing it will make it easier every time.

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10. Re: Age 17 Looking for a solo adventure in europe/USA

Just to pick up on that last point from Toopaz, why not start planning and researching now for trips in a year or two? when I was your age, I had a yearning to travel, but I couldn't decide where to go or when, so I spent a couple of years reading guide books (pre internet!) and travel books from libraries and this helped me to make some decisions.

I did take a few trips with friends first, before deciding that solo travel was the way forward, so I didn't really start going anywhere by myself until I was around 22. You have time on your side. There's no rush. At this stage in the game it's going to be dearer for you to travel anywhere, as is usually the case with late or last minute bookings for trains or planes these days.

My advice is start looking at next year. By then you might have saved up some more money as well!

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