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Cheapo Air

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Cheapo Air

I have recently booked through Cheapo Air and I found their prices moderate and had no problems with their booking interface. Has anyone else used these guys?

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1. Re: Cheapo Air

Are you kidding?

This forum is full of failed cheapo stories. Use the search box and find hundreds of complaints.

Here is an ongoing thread....


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United Kingdom
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2. Re: Cheapo Air

the name CHEAPO says it all

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3. Re: Cheapo Air

Yes, used them to book my sons trip from Los Angeles to Inverness, UK - TOTAL NIGHTMARE!

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Multiple emails, phone calls on hold for 20-30 minutes with nobody coming on the line, "live" web chat (a complete joke as after 30 minutes of waiting for a representative to come online, it asked me to email my question & I never got a response. Finally decided to directly contact the airlines who fixed Cheapo's screwup as Cheapo Air never bothered to confirm the tickets with the airlines. American Airlines got everything confirmed and settled and only after they sent me an email confirmation, did I suddenly receive an email from Cheapo Air letting me know that "they had confirmed the tickets throu their schedule change department" - a total load of BS! They did NOTHING and I replied back to them saying American Airlines did the work and I didn't appreciate them trying to pretend to take credit. They have yet to respond. STAY AWAY FROM CHEAPO AIR - if there is an issue of any sort you will be stuck to fix it on your own.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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4. Re: Cheapo Air

WellI guess I lucked out on not running into problems with them. Thanks for the heads up I will just stick with booking through the airlines from now on.

Toronto, Canada
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5. Re: Cheapo Air

Well, I am truly amazed.

Our society would consider purchasing this particular product (air travel) from a site like this.

What airlines do they deal with? Do you know? Do you care?

Would someone consider Cheapo-Toasters .com, or Cheapo-CarBrakes .com;

More importantly, what are the consequences of making a terrible mistake in your choice of toasters;

You get soggy toast, and you get $39 poorer.

But you don't get dead.

If you really want Cheap Air Travel, may I suggest Colgan Air, if you are in the US northeast. I guarantee you will get the cheapest flight. They are the king of cheap.

(NB. Please note - I'm not talking about Southwest low-cost. Highest paid pilots in the industry. I'm talking about the NEW breed of low-cost : Pilots paid less than welfare.)

I am not trying to be glib, or to sound flippant about this.

May I also suggest you spend 3 minutes on Google:

Colgan flight 3407 / Flying Cheap

Here's just one article, should you care to peruse it:


Would you then consider asking those consumers how it feels to have that extra $29 that they saved in their pockets.

Oh, wait ... they are all dead.

But, hey ... a deal is a deal, right ?

There just are SOME products out there that we need to educate ourselves about, just a little wee bit.

I don't care if you (or I) bought a cheap toaster, or cheap imitation Vise Grips.

When we learn our lesson the hard way with some products, we get frustrated, or poorer, or burnt toast, or skinned knuckles.

But we don't get dead.

If you keep demanding cheap,

that's exactly what you'll get ... CHEAP.

By the way, I need a root canal ...

can anyone direct me to Cheapo-Dentists .com ?

I can't seem to find it.

How about Cheapo-Circular Saws .com ?

I could really save some money there.

Cheapo-Laser Surgery .com anyone ?

New York City, New...
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6. Re: Cheapo Air

I booked a round trip this summer. I selected the flight with the least trip time from the ones CheapOair suggested. I paid more for the shortest flight than I would've paid for the one that has more waiting time. I didn't know that this is a catch and that I could never in the world make it with the Transaero carrier that has 0.1star rating out of 5 for on-time performance and has an average delay of 77 min. on every flight. So, I missed the connecting flight and had to pay full price again to get on the closest one. Transaero promised to reimburse my expenses, but doesn't want talking to me directly saying that everything should be resolved through the booking agency. CheapOair CS is telling me that they only do booking and not responsible for plane delays. They tricked me into believing that the package of 2 connecting flights with the least layover time is a good product. I fully trusted their judgment and now they claim no responsibility!

I would never use CheapOair again and will discourage anyone I know from having business with them.

Delta, Canada
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7. Re: Cheapo Air

As an airline employee that has to deal with the horror stories from Cheapo Air bookings please, please stay away from Cheapo air.

Honolulu, Hawaii
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8. Re: Cheapo Air

Here's my CHEAPO AIR complaint email (which of course I received no response from their cutomer service department) booking with them before cecking them out here was my mistake:

I had problem booking online when I couldn't confirm my booking (frozen screen) so after about 5 minutes I called your customer service desk. I was told that I should wait longer and call back after 10 minutes if it didn't clear. Really? Omg! Is that customer service? After it still hadn't cleared I called back again and received confirmation that an email was sent to confirm my booking. At that point my girlfriend went online and confirmed seating for the two of us on United Air (we both had bought a ticket from your site). Upon trying the SAS site I realized that there was no way to confirm seating online so I called your office. I spoke to the agent and told him that we had already handled the seating for United Air but needed to take care of the SAS portion. This is when it gets disgusting. The "customer service" agent proceeds to tell me that there is no "free" seating assignments available and that I could pay $14.00 to arrange seating. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I kept questioning him and he kept at his scam. He then proceeded to tell me that I had no assigned seating including the United portion that we had handled online. I then told him that there were two ticket bought traveling together and we had bought the same ticket so what was he trying to pull? He put me on hold at least 3 times in total, each time trying a different tactic to pull off his scam. Finally Idemanded to speak to a manager, he then put me on hold, and without further discussion started handling my seating arrangements. (I would assume he was getting coached by someone each time he put me on hold). This was the worst experience I could have ever had. I can imagine that lots of people get fooled

by this game. How many of your customers have fallen victim to this? I bet the BBB would love to hear about this, much less social media. UNBELIEVABLY


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9. Re: Cheapo Air

No matter how many different forums you post that in it's not going to be any more clear what the scam is or what you're complaining about.

Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: Cheapo Air

Post #9 - Agreed.

Refer to "Being Eaten By Lion Story" - same post Air Travel Forum.