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travel club?

niwot, colorado
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travel club?

What is Stratus Travel? They offer a free cruise for two with airfare for attending a presentation.

Aptos, California
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1. Re: travel club?

Stratus travel is offering a travel club where you can get wholesale prices on travel destinations and trips. The free cruise and airfare is through a 3rd party vendor that is ridiculously hard to deal with. If you complain they say "sorry it is not our program."

However, I'm not sure if Stratus is legit - I just found this link: gadling.com/2011/…

Not the same company, but was the exact same sales pitch and pricing.

I really hope this is not a scam, the wife and I just signed up the other day and now I am finding details that make me nervous that it may be fraudulent. Im not saying it is a scam, but be cautious.

Houston, Texas
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2. Re: travel club?

The words "to good to be true" are ringing through my ears.

Fort Collins...
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3. Re: travel club?

I attended their 90 minute presentation last week. They claim to be a "wholesale" travel club that can offer tremendous bargains for a membership fee of $10,995. At the end of their presentation, their sales representatives meet one on one with the attendees and quickly reduce the price to around $5,300. The decision to join must be made on the spot. As I do not make decisions of that magnitude on the spot, I did not join their club. I still received vouchers for a "free" 8 day cruise for 2 on Carnival and 2 "free" rt airline tickets. However, this is through a 3rd party, VIP Travel Reservations, Inc. You must send them a cashiers check or money order for $99.00 for the cruise and $75.00 for the airline tickets. They claim that this is a "refundable" deposit. Their are several other conditions that you must complete in order to get the rewards. You can see these if you visit their website: www.viptravelreservations.net. The Better Business Bureau gives VIP a rating of F.

I cannot find the Stratus Travel Club anywhere on the web and they do not provide any written promotional material to the attendees unless you sign their contract.

I have decided not to risk my $175.00 and am treating this as a learning experience that proves that you don't get something for nothing.

Edited: 11:58 am, July 24, 2011
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4. Re: travel club?

I signed up for presentation but have not attened yet and after speaking with rep at the hotel where the presentation is going to be I will NOT be attending. The sales rep told me that they have no business called Stratus Travel even booked. The only thing they have booked is through a company called Red Rock travel Club. After searching the internet i cannot find info on either company. I searched BBB as well and found nothing. Sounds like a big scam to me. If they were a reputable company trying to sell or promote something they surely would have a website. STAY AWAY

Salinas, California
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5. Re: travel club?

timontheroad --

How did the Stratus Travel Club work out for you?

Just got a invite to their presentation (free cruise/airline tix).


San Francisco...
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6. Re: travel club?

I attended this presentation and figured they were a scam within 15 minutes. Sales rep was unable to log onto their own website - somehow forgot his password. He was unable to price a vacation we had already booked (for comparisons sake) because he couldn't get through to his rep and he didn't want to tie up the phone lines for existing customers.

I voiced my concerns to the hotel employee who books these groups. They have been asked to leave and are now working out of another hotel. I am in contact with a Monterey County fraud detective regarding these guys. Something smells very very bad here.

Oh and the VIP travel reservations people who manage the 'free' cruise and airfare have at least two state Attorney General actions against them. Google them before sending $$$$

wilton, new...
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7. Re: travel club?

Hello Trip Advisor folks,

Stratus is also known as (or is a direct knock off of) International Vacation Services or Travel Services Unlimited. According to web postings I have read, other iterations of this company are :

Vacation International Professionals

South Carolina Resort Properties

World Travel Consultants

Elite Escapes

Resort Reservation Services

VIP is their “free” air and cruise arm which has many, many SCAM alerts attached to it as does International Vacation Services. Travel Services Unlimited is more difficult to research since almost all of the first 17 pages I viewed on Google were different versions of their own web site. But, when I checked IVS, I was able to download 12 pages of SCAM reports for the hotel to review where they are now registered in New Hampshire.

Travel Services Unlimited is the way they recently booked into the Best Western in Keene, NH, but their "free air and cruise" voucher is signed by IVS (International Travel Services.) Of note is that no informational package on either IVS or TSU is handed out to potential customers until (I suspect) you sign up. We left without signing up for anything so I have no idea what people received if they stayed to conduct business with the company. The only information I actually have in this regard is what I read in the scam reports on line. These are not flattering and imply that what you actually receive in vacation rentals are far less than what was promised in the elaborately illustrated power point presentation. Even the presentation was flawed in its facts if you listened closely and checked the math in their presentations on screen. The figures they quoted in actual per-week costs on top of the $5995 “one-time” buy-in fee did not coincide with what the presenter was stating ( i.e. $500 per night for 7 days does not add up to $1950.) This $5995 fee is better than the more than $10,000 that Stratus apparently charges, but is more than some of the other iterations of this scam offered in other parts of the country that seem to average about $4500+ with some reporting a fee as low as $2100. Even with the $1000 voucher good “last night only” to two “lucky” people who were the first to sign up, those attending the Best Western presentations in Keene did not make out as well as those in other parts of the country paying “only” $4500+ or less. It is fairly obvious that there are different up-front buy-in fees that differ in various parts of the country depending upon what these promoters feel the market will bear.

The only printed information you actually take home with you is the VIP folder and its voucher which lets you know that your "free" cruise and air package actually cost you $99 and $75 respectively before you are allowed to see what cruises they offer. You are not allowed to call their "help and information" line for information on the cruises until after you have registered with their company. Also, this "gift" is only good from September until December 2011 and must be requested 45 days in advance. You are asked to select two different dates for travel not coinciding with holidays and then are not guaranteed that your flight will coincide with your cruise schedule nor even guaranteed that the dates you choose will be available and then you are left with no time to select different dates before your PAID FOR “gift” expires. Getting your money back also apparently is a very difficult proposition. This information I gathered from the numerous posts I read since last night when I began researching them after returning very skeptically from the presentation.

All in all, I suggest you avoid these companies and refuse to waste your time and money on worthless promises.

Redmond, Washington
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8. Re: travel club?

Definitely a scam - get your money back. They often use the name Tranquility, as well. They use VIP to book - the restrictions are incredible and you will have to pay to use your free vouchers for the airline tickets and cruise. All is subject to change by them and their office is only open 4 hours a day. You can do much better on your own or use a legitimate travel agent.

Redmond, Washington
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9. Re: travel club?

Definitely a scam - read other comments. They often use the name Tranquility, as well. They use VIP to book - the restrictions are incredible and you will have to pay to use your free vouchers for the airline tickets and cruise. All is subject to change by them and their office is only open 4 hours a day. You can do much better on your own or use a legitimate travel agent.

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10. Re: travel club?

My hiusband and I just attended the same presentation in Bellingham, Wa. We have attended may such sales presentations over the years....there was something about this one that immediately set off "bells and whistles" that something wasn't quite right. We decided NEVER to invest in this and will not exercise the "free...but send us a money order or 2" "gift".....and in fact are contacting the local paper and police...suggesting they attend the seminar themselves. I really was heart sick to see the presenter immediately sit down with an elderly couple to try to get them to sign up. This SCREAMS scam.

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