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Irrational fear putting me off :(

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Irrational fear putting me off :(

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to New York in December, however we are booking this week but something is telling me it's a bad idea.

I have an irrational fear of an explosion going off on the plane or something and reading this article has not helped:


I just need some reassurance, i know the chances of this are 1/1000000 but everyone always thinks things won't happen to them...until they do. They have to happen to someone.

Am i being stupid and should we just book our flights?


I just want to look forward to our trip and not worry!

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1. Re: Irrational fear putting me off :(

You're correct, it's irrational. You're far more likely to be killed en-route to the airport.

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2. Re: Irrational fear putting me off :(

It may help to know that the Daily Mail is a British newspaper which specialises in stirring up irrational fear (and misogyny).

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3. Re: Irrational fear putting me off :(

Of course it's irrational. Stop worry of about stuff that's so unlikely it's like being hit by lightning and enjoy life.

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4. Re: Irrational fear putting me off :(

As previously mentioned, reading the Daily Mail is your biggest problem.

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5. Re: Irrational fear putting me off :(

ahhh the good old daily Fail newspaper, its full of bullsh*t .. Dot worry about it.. book it- go- and have an amazing time!

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6. Re: Irrational fear putting me off :(

Book the flights but be careful going down stairs or you could fall and die. You are highly unlikely to die in a plane crash.

NYC is an amazing city.

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7. Re: Irrational fear putting me off :(

It is irrational.

Everybody knows you're more likely to die posting an irrational question on the Air Travel forum.

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8. Re: Irrational fear putting me off :(

Statistically you are more likely to be killed by being sat on by a camel.

Your figure of one in a million is out by quite a long way. It is actually one in eleven million.

The odds you dying in a car accident is one in 5000 so if you can, fly to the airport.

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9. Re: Irrational fear putting me off :(

Considering your last post states you are also flying to Chengdu, Chiang Mai, Bali, Sydney, Auckland, Fiji before arriving in New York, and that you have a severe nut allergy that requires you to pack your own food for the journey - then yes you are being irrational.

I mean, seriously, have you seen the size of those man-eating monkeys in Chiang Mai, and they throw peanuts at you too.

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10. Re: Irrational fear putting me off :(

If you truly have an irrational fear of flying, nothing anyone says here is likely to help you. Have you considered consulting with a therapist to work on this?