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Favourite and less favourite airlines

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Favourite and less favourite airlines

Well TA friends, another open question.

Which one is the best airline? And the worst? Why ? Any stories?

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1. Re: Favourite and less favourite airlines

The problem with "favourite" airline is it's horses for courses, and even airlines that I really like have let me down sometimes. So here's a list

US carrier - Continental

European carrier within Europe - BA

European carrier outside Europe - Air France (over BA because it has a better Frequent Flier programme)

Asian carrier - Most of them are great, but Singapore or Cathay if I have the choice, although Malaysian is good and often has good fares.

African carrier - South African, although Kenyan can be pretty good.

Low cost carrier US - Jetblue, nothing comes close.

Low cost carrier Europe - Air Berlin, again nothing comes close.

Those are the best of the airlines i have experienced in the past 5 years or so.

Worst carrier - Ryanair, simply for their lack of customer service (and I don't mean "frills" I mean what you expect from an airline, to get you from A to B and to respond in an appropriate manner when they are not able to fulfil that obligation no matter how little - or in a lot of cases how much - you paid for your ticket).

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2. Re: Favourite and less favourite airlines

Best airline - Singapore Airlines.........

Worst - Monarch, utter garbage.........

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3. Re: Favourite and less favourite airlines

Agree, with above post monarch, HORRIBLE .

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4. Re: Favourite and less favourite airlines

Best Singapore.

Worst Novair..disguised as Cubana,when you think you've paid to fly scheduled on them,as this is the low cost airline they charter...absolutely apalling...would rather walk...!

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5. Re: Favourite and less favourite airlines

Best- We've had good experiences with: Virgin , B.A, American Airlines and Continental.

Worst- Northwest, We would never use them again.

All of these flights were uk to Usa, we are going to use United for the first time in October!

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6. Re: Favourite and less favourite airlines

Agree - it's hard to have one best and worst. Actually worst is easy cos one was head and shoulders over any other airline - Malaysian, hands down. They may have a good reputation but I found them to be the worst airline I've ever flown, hands down.


US - American

Budget - Southwest (how Ryanair can claim to base themselves on SW I don't know. Mind you I haven't flown Jetblue yet, have to wait til next month for that)

Intra-Europe - Air France

Asian - Eva

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7. Re: Favourite and less favourite airlines

From my experience -

Best - BA, BWIA, Kenyan, Caribbean Star

Worst - American, Air Malawi, Cubana, Air france

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8. Re: Favourite and less favourite airlines

Best - Singapore Airlines ...... Classy even for economy

Worst - Turkish Airlines, ....... crappy even for 1st class.

Oh ! and don't forget Garuda ..... now that is a wing and a prayer ! Indonesian !

Might try Pakistan Airlines soon, at least I'd know exactly what to expect with them. Nothing, so I would not be disapointed.


How do TAP rate ?

Anyone tried any chinese airlines ? Don't mean the likes of Cathy, I mean real ones based in mainland China.

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9. Re: Favourite and less favourite airlines

Hi Robelyn

Rating Air Portugal TAP :

Well, in most things not very different from other European airline – recent planes with good maintenance ( in fact it's rated one of the best in maintenance ), service on board reasonably efficient, snacks and food like others (except for the great Portuguese wines…) – all in all pretty much a typical West Europe airline, nothing special to complaint, except… one thing – delays in flights. And in that particular subject, at least in my experience, they have been top number one. Surprisingly I’ve done much more flights in other airlines - mainly Air France, British Airways, Alitalia and Lufthansa - and I never had a flight delayed ( was it just luck ? ). This year however I’ve done 6 flights with TAP and… they were ALL delayed !!! One more than 3 hours… So, what can I say in that matter (sigh )

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10. Re: Favourite and less favourite airlines

Best experiences : KLM, Aero Mexico, China Eastern, Air Mauritius, British Airways ...

So-so experiences: South African Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Dragon Air, Thai Air, Deutsche BA, Air Portugal ...

Worst experiences : Air Malawi, Air Zimbabwe, China Northern Airlines ...