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Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

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Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

We have flown with Ryanair countless times but first time with seat allocation.We have a return flight from Manchester and leave in a week ,staying 9 days, problem we have we can't print off our tickets as we can't get the return until a week before we return, hense being a return it now wont let us print off the outward journey, I suppose it means we have to pre book a seat, so more money ? and my concern is if you'd like to stay a month abroad ect , how do you print off said tickets, not everyone in staying in a main town !!! and does this mean you should book outward and your returns as a separate booking ?

Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

Booking the outward and returns as separate journeys would make any difference - with pre booked seats you can check in 30 days prior to the flight or 7 days without pre booked seats.

You either need to pre book seats or find the facilities abroad to complete OLCI, print off passes if you can't do before going away.

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2. Re: Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

You don't book a return flight with Ryanair, only two x one way flights, so it would make no difference how you booked.

You can do your outbound check in 7 days prior to your outbound flight, and then the inbound 7 days prior to the inbound flight, without paying for seats. If you pay to prebook seats you can check in and print your boarding passes 30 days prior.

The inbound check in problem has always affected everyone that went for over 2 weeks anyway.

Edited: 5:43 am, May 01, 2014
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3. Re: Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

I have just printed off our boarding passes for a flight next Friday to Gran Canaria from Liverpool; as stated here you cannot print your return boarding passes because this scumbag airline want you to pay £15 each for a seat on top of your fare OR find somewhere abroad to let you print your passes off, fortunately we are going to a hotel who know us very well and we will be able to do this, but what if you were in a flat or villa etc. It is pure money making. Cheap airline...I don't think so, I was determined never to use them again after my first experience but was cajoled into booking this flight BUT never again. O'Leary said they must stoop p.....g people off well you have me mate. Again Scumbag Airline.

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4. Re: Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

" It is pure money making."

What, you're saying they're not a charity organization? It's £10 for seat by the way, not £15.

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5. Re: Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

Ed, I don't understand why are you so annoyed. By the sound of it you aren't going to pay you just have your hotel do the printing for you?

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6. Re: Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

" " It is pure money making."

Fancy that a business trying to make money its shocking .


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7. Re: Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

It is pure money making.


Can you believe it they also charge for baggage and coffe and sandwiches next thing you know they'll be charging for flying as well. What a cheek I suppose they'll be losing their charitable status as a result of this.

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8. Re: Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

I know & when I catch a buss into my home town I've got to pay for a seat, I buy a coffee in town I pay, just like if I want a pre booked seat with Ryan Air I pay for that too, if not I get my boarding pass printed on holiday, it's no big deal IMO,

Waterloo, Belgium
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9. Re: Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

Ryanair is basically cheap but you have to follow the rules.

I don't like them but I often fly with them. I find it abnormal that you cannot prebook one month in advance by saying 'whatever seat is available' but since I can't, I just add the 10 pounds to the fare.

If they are still cheaper, then I use them. and I don't spend negzative energy saying 'never again'.

If you don't like their rules, find another airline or spend ... hours to find someone printing it for you.

One thing is sure : best print beofre you board because if you come without a print it will cost much more than 10 pound a seat.

Funny that people can't follow rules - they are all well available for those who can read.

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10. Re: Printing off Ryanair Boarding passes ?

I find your post hilarious Ed D and more fool you for choosing to fly with them again then to slate them on a travel forum because you had a choice.

You could have chosen another airline,but you didn't,you chose to pay them to fly & everything that is listed under their terms & conditions applies to anyone travelling with them.

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