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URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

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URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

Hi guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me. I have already started a topic in the turkey forum (See Link Below), but I guess I need to post in a forum that relates more to the issue I'm currently having.

I'll keep this brief as the full details are in the link below....My kids passports have been delayed due to an issue with countersignatory whom took his time and didn't fill in the forms correctly. The passport has ended up in Peterborough Examination Office. The passport office have advised that due to the countersignatory wasting time in replying,they now are sending me another form to get a different countersignatory to do the forms, but this is wasting valuable time as we need travel to turkey in middle of may 2014.

Someone on this forum said that it's possible to get an appointment and get the passport application processed more quickly at the passport office at a premium price...is that right?

I'm more than happy to pay whatever the costs, but:-

1. Can I ignore the passport office's request and instead arrange an appointment? how quick can i get an appt?

2. What happens to the application that I've already done for the kids and the fees already paid?

3. Would the countersignatory need to attend with me to their office?

4. What is the process if I wanted to do that? i.e. what documents etc

Here is the link to the old topic:-


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1. Re: URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

Why don't you ask the Passport Office or check on their website?

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2. Re: URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

Hi Leyland, thank you for your reply.

I rang their number, but they said that it's like 48hrs before you get a callback, but they don't tend to ring back. Also my other issue is that since the kids applications are already with the Peterborough Examination Office, can I still go ahead and arrange an appointment to get a passport directly from them?

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3. Re: URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

Prices and instructions here.


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4. Re: URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

Thank you Ktw0...I'm aware of that, but what I'm asking is since the applications are currently being examined/investigated, will I still be allowed to forget them and go ahead with the appointment to get it more quicker?

Also what happens to the countersignatory if I goto an appointment? Would I need to get him to fill in any application and would he need to come with me to their office?

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5. Re: URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

naz ~

I think you might have the wrong idea of what this forum is about. The place to get official information and directions about the serious business of a passport is through official channels. Asking volunteer strangers on the forums is not the place to ask for such important information. When you get to the airport, you don't want to be saying, "What's the matter with our passports? The people on TA told us x, y, z."

You need to contact the Passport Office and ask official staff these questions.

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6. Re: URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

Hi I realised my passport needed renewing and did not have time to renew by normal channels as flying to Turkey 1st May. I phoned the fast track number of place I wanted to travel to I picked Liver pool I was given an appointment 3 days later. I travelled down and processed my passport application I could then either pay to have it sent back to me by couirer - 5 days max cost £103 or go back in 4 hours and pick up my passport cost £120 good luck

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7. Re: URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

Think that the fast track system is for renewals. Am unsure from OP's post if the children's passport are first passports? If this is the case I don't think that the fast track system would be applicable.

Good luck.

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8. Re: URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

Passport office state on their site. Never book a holiday until you have received all passports.

Let this be a lesson to everyone and good luck and hope you get your passports in time

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9. Re: URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

If these are your kids first passports then you cannot fasttrack them. Unless the rules have changed in the last few years.

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10. Re: URGENT Advice needed! Passport Problems.

I don't think there is much you can do here, Im sorry, other than wait to speak to them again

I don't really understand the issue of the counter signatory messing about, you are supposed to send all documentation together with the application inc the counter signatory signed? I don't understand what you are saying about them messing around and not filling it in right? You get the details, you fill the form in and you get them to sign, then you send it off all together. You can apply for a fast track for the childs passport at this stage..

It sounds like it was done inaccurately in the first place, and quite late on, which has caused the delay. You cant do emergency for childrens first passport, so I think you can only speak to them, stress the urgency and keep biting your nails until it comes. Its horrible, I know, but as passports usually take three weeks, if you get the form quickly, and courier it back to them, you might just be lucky. Fingers crossed for you and let us know how it goes..

Edited: 8:15 am, April 22, 2014
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