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USAirlines Stinks

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USAirlines Stinks

Our fUSAirlines flight out of Westchester was delayed over 1 hour this morning due to mechanical problems. When we arrived in Philadelphia we were told our USAir flight to Punta Cana would not wait for us. We rushed to the get and got there a few minutes late and we're told gate was shut. We were flying 1st class. So we are stuck in Philadelphia with no luggage and hopefully when we get to Punta Cana tomorrow we will find our luggage. Don't understand why they did not hold the plane. It was their fault we were late!

Seattle, Washington
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1. Re: USAirlines Stinks

A pain, I am sure. But, airlines have schedules to keep. Your plane had to get to the destination on time, so it could pick up passengers to get them someplace else. It's like a domino effect if one plane gets delayed.

IME, airlines rarely hold planes. Your luggage should be waiting for you tomorrow.

Romford, United...
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2. Re: USAirlines Stinks

Yes because that's what airlines do,hold aircraft and lose take off slots for 1st class passengers-don't understand you being without luggage are you saying they held it up for your luggage but not for you?

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3. Re: USAirlines Stinks

US Airlines? USAir? I think it's now US Airways but oh well.

It's very rare for airlines to hold flights for individual passengers, it costs them a huge amount of money to hold an aircraft. I've had it before when I've connected and several passengers from my flight were connecting together so the flight was held. I didn't realise until after I'd run halfway across DFW. Also had it happen once when I lost track of time in the airport lounge waiting for PAs...oops.

Enjoy Philadelphia!

Leeds, United...
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4. Re: USAirlines Stinks

Hold the plane for two late passengers or get the other 100+ off on time. Which do you think is the better option?

Milford, Ohio
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5. Re: USAirlines Stinks

"Don't understand why they did not hold the plane."

Put yourself in the place of those sitting on the plane waiting for takeoff..... do you want to wait for 2 people? Or, wouldl you rather get take off as expected?

Palmetto, Florida
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6. Re: USAirlines Stinks

Nothing to be done now. What have they (USAir) given you term of hotel, meals, or delay compensation? Not that I think this is automatic but you should inquire of your rights, right now, waiting...waiting... Go visit the Centenial Center? grab a bite at that famous market which i can't remember the name right now.

Chicago, Illinois
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7. Re: USAirlines Stinks

Another post about what happens when you don't leave enough time for connections. A one hour delay is not much. If you missed the connection due to a one hour delay, you did not allow enough time to make the connection, especially on an outbound trip to a destination where there's not many flights a day where if you did miss it, you'd have a big problem.

At a big airport like Philadelphia, there are thousands of passengers trying to make connections. They can't hold planes for all of them.

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8. Re: USAirlines Stinks

That what happens when you fly especially in the winter oh well suck it up you will be there tomorrow.

London, United...
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9. Re: USAirlines Stinks

>>Don't understand why they did not hold the plane. It was their fault we were late!<<

Because it's not a private jet and you were not the only passengers.

London, United...
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10. Re: USAirlines Stinks

What rights? They didn't leave enough connecting time to factor in possible delays.