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TAP: No consideration for the client

Rome, Italy
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TAP: No consideration for the client

Something happened to me personally and I had never thought to go through, with an European official air carrier.

On 20th Jan 2014 I purchased two return tickets to Lisbon with TAP.

I bought the tickets on the official TAP web-site and put it on a credit card under my name.

I received immediately a confirmation SMS from the credit card company for the successful operation.

On Jan 30th upon checking-in at the TAP counter of FCO airport I had a big surprise. Chek-in denied, stating that they wanted to see the credit card I used for the payment.

Unfortunately I did not have the card with me, since I had changed my wallet. The card was at home where there was nobody to send it by fax. I had other credit cards with me. According to the check-in personnel they were not enough to prove anything, not even that, it was me on the spot. Consequently, I could not board the flight I had regularly and already paid for.!!

I suggested to cal the Credit Card call-center to have it confirmed that, the purchase had been actually made by me on my credit card, and I showed again the confirmation SMS from the credit card company. Not at all. After I insisted they called the TAP main office in Milan, but they were firm on their position. They showed a self-centered attitude without any attention for a client who had already purchased a TAP "product", but could not benefit of it.

Now, I wonder, how can a client/consumer have his rights recognized and respected if he is obliged to pay before and not after the formal control of the credit card?? The airline awaits until check-in for its unilateral controls when it is too late for the client in case of any discrepancy.

A real abuse of TAP from its position. Such an abuse does not reflect a positive image of the country TAP represents.

Last and not least and even worst: I had to buy new tickets on the spot, for the next flight on the same day. Then, upon check-in, miracolously, they did not ask to check the credit card, considering the fact that the tickets had been purchased only two hours before and therefore even more subject to the risk of froud.

So, a return tickets FCO-LIS with TAP came up to 1050 €uro !!!!!

TAP, an airline NOT to be recommended to anyone!!!!!

Such an unilateral decision of TAP evidently violates the "European passenger's rights chart" of the EU.

Even TAP in its "general transportation condtions" (passengers and luggage), states at art. 3:



3.1 General provisions.

3.1.1 We will provide transportation only to the person named as passenger on the ticket. he might be asked to show an apprprate identification document.

It does not mention credit card at all. It sound like a way to cheat the paying client!!

Who will return me the money of the ticket for the flight I paid for, and they never allowed me to catch?

Toronto, Canada
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1. Re: TAP: No consideration for the client

Guess it all hinges on what they consider appropriate identification.. Be interested in what your credit card company would have to say about that (as in calling them and telling them to charge it back to TAP)

Edited: 1:47 pm, February 03, 2014
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2. Re: TAP: No consideration for the client

Most airlines have the policy that if the tickets are purchased on line by credit card and you are requested you must be able to show the appropriate credit card, although it is very rarely put into practice. I had an issue with a lost and replaced credit card once however I took a copy of the statement with me and along with my new card that was sufficient. It's very common in Asian countries to be asked for the original card.

Please don't judge a lovely country by this one incident,

Portland, Oregon
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3. Re: TAP: No consideration for the client

I just made a dummy booking on the TAP website, and at no stage in the process up to when you enter your CC details does it state that the passenger must present the credit card at check in. So if this did happen the way you stated (and there's no reason to doubt it) then I think you have a legitimate grievance. I'd dispute the charge on your credit card for the original purchase. You may also want to look at EU261 and denied boarding compensation, which now covers much more than overselling.

Airlines can require you to present the credit card used for payment when you check in, and many do. But the ones I've used have made that explicitly clear before I paid and in one case before I even selected flights.

Wales, United...
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4. Re: TAP: No consideration for the client

I have also done a dummy booking, explored the website and cannot find any mention of a requirement to present the original payment card when checking in at the airport.

I concur that the next stage would be to contact your credit card company.

London, United...
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5. Re: TAP: No consideration for the client

Agree. You Paid and they did not provide the service. Raise a charge back with your cc provider and they can argue with tap. If tap do not make it clear you need to show the card and cannot show they have told you this, then they cannot withhold the service.

If they told you, and you had not read it, ie it was on the confirmation docs sent or stated after payment, then fine, the fault is yours. But if not, then they simply can't do it.

Madeira, Portugal
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6. Re: TAP: No consideration for the client

I use TAP regularly and often, as with other travel providers, produce my Debit card. On one occasion they could not identify my booking but when I showed my card, all was well. Mute point but the paperwork says a picture identification and the document given for reference at time of booking. Agreed it could probably be more clearly written but it is the only document used at booking.

London, United...
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7. Re: TAP: No consideration for the client

Don't you also use your passport or ID card at time of booking? Not sure, but if so, they could also be Seen as documents,,,,

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8. Re: TAP: No consideration for the client

While I have no experience with TAP I have had this happen on a couple international flights. Last year with Delta as soon as I made the booking it came across the screen in clear, BOLD letters that I must produce the same credit card when I checked into the flight in 9 months. The kiosk did indeed ask for it, but I was prepared. If there really was no indication upon booking then I would agree you are owed something, but I did think this was a pretty standard practice across many airlines to protect against fraud.

Rome, Italy
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9. Re: TAP: No consideration for the client

it is NOT the airline the authority in charge against frouds!!

Syracuse, New York
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10. Re: TAP: No consideration for the client

I skimmed the TAP conditions of carriage an their website and nowhere could I see any reference to doing this. if a test booking doesn't show it either, then I think that you have grounds for a claim.