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Flight canceled, seeking compensation?

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Flight canceled, seeking compensation?


I booked with United from SAN DIEGO to STATE COLLGE IN PENNSYLVANIA (transit in Chicago).

I flew from SAN DIEGO to CHICAGO and then flight from CHICAGO to STATE COLLEGE got canceled due to weather conditions I guess. This was on Friday.

United offered me a flight on Monday/Monday but I didn't take it since I have school on Monday, & Saturday flights are full and State College airport is closed on Sunday. Therefore, I booked a new ticket with US Airways on Saturday morning and went back to State College.

So, can I get a compensation from United?

Thank you

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1. Re: Flight canceled, seeking compensation?

You can call United and POLITELY request a refund in respect of their segments you didn't fly. But be VERY POLITE as they don't have to provide it and so it would be a gesture if goodwill (I've herald of cases this week where they have done this).

You won't get any money towards the US legs you purchased separately. Your travel insurance may be able to help with any additional costs.

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2. Re: Flight canceled, seeking compensation?

Why don't they have to provide a refund for the flight they cancelled? I'm pretty sure they DO have to provide either a new flight or a refund, right? Am I missing something?

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3. Re: Flight canceled, seeking compensation?

A refund for the cancelled flight must surely be due?

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4. Re: Flight canceled, seeking compensation?

Hi Khalid. As you may see from my other post (although I am in the EU), I'm beginning to look into claims companies. If you do try to claim compensation yourself, it can end up with lots of confusing paperwork, or even the hassle of a court case. You can be turned down, even if you are eligible. So it may be worth looking into one of these specialised companies that work only on claims for delayed or cancelled flights. They usually take around 20% of the final payout.

I can't name any off the top of my head based in the US, though. And I don't want to sound like I'm advertising. But I'm sure you'll find some if you search around on Google.

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5. Re: Flight canceled, seeking compensation?

I had 3 flights in a row cancelled by United . I finally bought a ticket on Southwest and made it home. I filed for a refund on the United website. I'm still waiting.

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6. Re: Flight canceled, seeking compensation?

A refund for the cancelled flight is due, but no compensation.

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7. Re: Flight canceled, seeking compensation?

Are you saying that they re-booked you on the Monday but you didn't take the flight as you had left earlier?

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8. Re: Flight canceled, seeking compensation?

I think it would be perfectly reasonable to request a refund for the entire San Diego - State College journey.

The OP had absolutely no desire to go to Chicago, that's just an incidental transit point. United sold him a ticket on a journey it could not fulfil (through unfortunate circumstances). If United turned around and said that of the (hypothetical) $300 fare, they are only going to refund $50 for the ORD-SCE sector, I would be very displeased.

United took the guy to a place he had no wish to go to, and then told him he had to wait 3 days for a 500 mile flight. I sympathise that United had big problems, but such is life for an airline. Stuff happens. Doesn't mean that passengers should be penalised any more than they have been.

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9. Re: Flight canceled, seeking compensation?

First of all, there is nobody here that makes a decision on the question you asked: "So, can I get a compensation from United?". Second, since the flight was cancelled because of weather (Act of God) I think you are in a whole different category. As previously suggested, contact United. Chuck.

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10. Re: Flight canceled, seeking compensation?

Call and ask politely for a partial refund.

If they rescheduled you until a Monday flight and you did not take it, and you simply did not show up for that flight and bought another ticket on your own, unfair as it sounds I think you'd be considered a no show and would not be entitled to money back. They did not strand you in Chicago. They gave you an alternate flight. If you talked to them at the time they should have gone over other possible flight options. But it sounds like that was difficult in your case.

Given the circumstances with the massive weather delays everywhere last week, you should call and ask. The airlines had lots of delayed and stranded passengers.