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EasyJet Holiday Money Refound

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EasyJet Holiday Money Refound


Recently I booked an EasyJet Holiday to Portugal (from London) over the Christmas period, however due to unforeseen circumstances I could not go to my holidays and sadly my travel insurance did not cover it. So I lost of £550.

I called EasyJet to explain the situation 7 days before my holidays. They told me that I should cancel my holidays online so I did as I was told. But then I got an email saying I will not be getting any money back.

So then I checked their website a day before my holidays date I and I see all of the flights are fully booked, which means they re-sold my allocated sit on the plane to someone else and I am not getting even penny back from that!

I do not believe this is fair and I would like to hear your opinion on the matter? I would have even consider to take them to court; would I have any chance to win against them in the court?



Nowy Sacz, Poland
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1. Re: EasyJet Holiday Money Refound

Clause 8 - cancellation within 28 days of dep date = full cost lost. You agreed when you booked, and not unusual. Your insurance or nothing, matey.

Liverpool, UK
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2. Re: EasyJet Holiday Money Refound

"I do not believe this is fair and I would like to hear your opinion on the matter?" - Whether you think it fair or not is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is whether it's in line with the terms & conditions.

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3. Re: EasyJet Holiday Money Refound


I agree with #1 and #2

I see where you're coming from..

However, it is largely irreverent if they resold your seat or not -- and to take that idea a step forward, unless you have access to their internal booking data, you don't know for a fact if they resell it or not - and at what price

The other issue is that it's moot if they sold it it not -- a refund eligibility for an otherwise non-refundable ticket isn't predicated nor contingent on the business reselling it later on to mitigate their losses due to your cancellation/refund.

Based only on what you've written, I'd say you have a near-zero chances if a favorable judicial ruling... Your best shot (and it's poor to begin with) is with the carrier themselves.

Travel Safe,

Watford, United...
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4. Re: EasyJet Holiday Money Refound

Agree with GOPBI aside from one thing. It will not be near zero. It will simply be zero. Please do not throw good money at this via a court action.

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5. Re: EasyJet Holiday Money Refound

Standard practice with package holidays (I've sold and cancelled many). I presume you read the booking terms and conditions before agreeing to them? Easyjet are actually far better than most packages when it comes to cancellation charges.

Court - chances are less than zero (if that's possible).

Romford, United...
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6. Re: EasyJet Holiday Money Refound

Irony is that if you had read the t&c of the booking and not told them about the cancellation you might have got back some or all of the money because of the weather disruptions at LGW and you intended to fly out Dec 24

East Sussex, United...
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7. Re: EasyJet Holiday Money Refound

Unfortunately for you the t & c's are quite clear, and you are due nothing back from Easyjet.

Since you at least had the sense to take out travel insurance has your insurer given you a reason why their policy wouldn't cover the cancellation ?

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8. Re: EasyJet Holiday Money Refound

Why did you agree to the T&cs if you werent happy with them?

Worthing, United...
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9. Re: EasyJet Holiday Money Refound


Insurance would most likely cover illness or severe weather but if the reason is that you changed your mind, or broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse or fell out with your friend, or couldn't get the correct dates off from work then the insurance would not refund you.

Package holidays since time began, well the 1960's, have never refunded your money. This is why booking your own package, would have been a sensible option. You would have received your taxes back from your flights and if like me you only pay the hotel bill as you leave the hotel then you would have lost nothing there. Cancelling car hire, nothing or an airport transfer again nothing.

You paid your money and you took your choice, sadly for you it was the wrong one.


Milford, Ohio
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10. Re: EasyJet Holiday Money Refound

"I do not believe this is fair and I would like to hear your opinion on the matter?"

It's NOT Fair... but you agreed to the Terms and Conditions when you made the purchase. Chalk it up to a lesson-learned for next time.