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return flight canceled by US Airways

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return flight canceled by US Airways

I booked two round trip tickets from DC to Orlando on USAirways for the Thanksgiving holiday. We ended up not using the tickets to Orlando and then found out that they canceled our return flight tickets. We ended up renting a car to drive back to DC. What can we do to recoup our losses? I had never heard of the policy of canceling a ticket if one leg of the ticket was not used. The tickets were paid for and we received nothing from USAirways.

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1. Re: return flight canceled by US Airways

"I had never heard of the policy of canceling a ticket if one leg of the ticket was not used. "

You've just learned about it, the hard way I'm afraid. Virtually all tickets require that you complete all flight segments in the order they are taken. As soon as you fail to show for one segment, the ticket and all your flight reservations remaining on that ticket are canceled. Unless you purchased a fully flexible and refundable ticket, you have no chance of a refund.


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2. Re: return flight canceled by US Airways

Nothing to add, really. Sorry you found Tripadvisor a couple weeks late as this question comes up quite a bit and we could have advised in advance that this was likely to happen.

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3. Re: return flight canceled by US Airways

You would have ticked a box to accept their terms and conditions.

Look at para 4.3 and this says it all.


No come back on the airline, an expensive mistake.

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4. Re: return flight canceled by US Airways

It's done by nearly all airlines. It's to prevent something called throwaway ticketing. This is when you buy a ticket only intending to use a certain portion of it, not the whole thing, because buying the portion you want as a stand alone could be more expensive.

So for example, sometimes a round ticket will be heavily discounted and cheaper than just the one way return. Or a flight from b to c will be more expensive than a flight that goes from a to b to c. So people will try to buy the ticket that goes from a to b to c to save money and try to use just the b to c legs.

As such, if you don't show up for any given leg, the remainder is cancelled. As smudge says, it is in the terms and conditions you agree to, so not secret and it's common industry practice.

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5. Re: return flight canceled by US Airways

It's such a shame you didn't come on here sooner! Like others have said, it's airline policy to cancel a return flight if you don't make the outgoing one. Happened to me 8 years ago! I had changed my mind and took the train to my destination, turned up for my return flight only to find it was cancelled. I then had to pay £200 to get the same flight back home. A lesson well learned!

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6. Re: return flight canceled by US Airways

Recoup based on what? Read the terms and conditions of your ticket. This is one of the most-discussed topics here. Always check on consequences of your ticket in advance before doing something like this. Non-refundable, right? You could plead with them for at least partial credit for the flights (i.e., for future travel), pleading ignorance, but chances of that are probably nil. I ended up not using a one-way ticket with US Airways and just lost it (changing would have cost more). I recently bought 4 theatre tickets, and if I'd had to cancel, I would have received nothing.

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7. Re: return flight canceled by US Airways


actualy you cancelled the flight not US Airways by not flying the one leg.

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8. Re: return flight canceled by US Airways

a very common complaint but one that nothing could be done about due to airline policies. if you have not travelled your outbound segment; airlines automatically cancel the return segment. A friend of mine had the same experience and learnt this the bitter way.

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9. Re: return flight canceled by US Airways

I am very sorry that you have had to learn the hard way that airlines will cancel all tickets if a passenger does not show up for the first flight in their booking.

I am also sorry that I don't think you willg et very far with getting your money back. Chalk it up to experience an dbe thankful you didn't lose a lot more cash.

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10. Re: return flight canceled by US Airways

If it was a fully refundable ticket, you could get credit. Otherwise you're out of luck.

I once flew first class on United, but for some reason, they had no record that I was on the flight. Now amount of evidence of my boarding passes, my being at origin and departure locations that coincided with the flight, etc could convince UA that I was on their flight. Bizarre. Fine. I got the refund for it. I kind of wanted credit for the flight, but since they lost the record, I got no credit.

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