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Airline Lost Luggage

Cardiff, United...
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Airline Lost Luggage

Do you think the compensation is fair enough, when the Airline loose your luggage.?

KLM lost all our for 4 days and never explained where it got lost. the stress was enormous, not knowing when it would turn up or maybe not at all. We were 300 miles away when they told us it had turned up, at the airport.

The compensation was 2 vouchers of 100 euros each.

They did pay for some emergency cloths we needed to buy them though. Not the same as having your own new holiday things is it.?

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1. Re: Airline Lost Luggage

Yes I do think its enough.

New York City, New...
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2. Re: Airline Lost Luggage

Hurrah for travel insurance.

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3. Re: Airline Lost Luggage

Ran out of edit time:

If you want to try "enormous stress' go to the Philippines and whine there how you had to wait 4 days to get some shorts for your holiday. Get a grip and some perspective.

(And almost certainly KLM wouldn't have "lost" your luggage, that would have most likely been an airport, few airlines employ the luggage handlers.)

England, United...
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4. Re: Airline Lost Luggage

Most airlines do not consider your luggage 'lost' until 21 days and others many more days after that.

So yours was misplaced and you received payment from KLM for clothing and essentials and compensation. Did they deliver it back to your door?

If your 'stress was enormous' at your luggage not meeting you at the carousel (and being 300 miles away), perhaps only travel with hand luggage in the future or really put things into real terms with regards to being stressed......its luggage, stuff, clothing shoes...

Dubai, United Arab...
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5. Re: Airline Lost Luggage

As you describe yourself and stated above your luggage has not been lost, just delayed

You received a fair amount of money. The formula is frequently: Euro 50 for the first day and another 25 Euro for every additional day up to a limit of Euro 150. So you could only argue for another 25 at best.

KLM defines their compensation as stated here: https:/…delayed_baggage_form.htm

Cardiff, United...
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6. Re: Airline Lost Luggage

In my opinion i think any compensation at all is too much! Your bag was delayed, you got them back complete with contents, and klm paid out for any expenses you had during the delay.

Mount Dora, Florida
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7. Re: Airline Lost Luggage

Most of us have had a bag delayed. It is no big deal. I always have something in my carry-on that will permit me to survive for 24 hours, and a bit of detergent can stretch that out for a long time if necessary. There is absolutely no point in even thinking about where it got lost, but it seems quite natural that it ultimately was found at the airport.

I put nothing in my suitcase that I absolutely cannot live without. The chances of luggage never returning are so small they really do not justify that action, but I have always traveled that way. I am sure I would make a better impression on my holidays if I wore my more expensive clothing, but I don't. If the luggage is missing there is little stress. I have never been without my belongings for more than a few hours except once over Christmas when a suitcase took two days to reach my front porch.

I think 100 Euros was a generous compensation. There are way more serious things in life to cause you stress than late luggage, and most of those things have no financial compensation.

Edinburgh, United...
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8. Re: Airline Lost Luggage

So basically they covered your emergency purchases and threw €100 on top of that for the inconvenience. I'd say that's more than fair.

East Sussex, United...
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9. Re: Airline Lost Luggage

Your luggage wasn't lost, it was delayed, and eventually caught up with you. In the meantime you were fairly compensated by the airline. Enormous stress ? Grow up.

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10. Re: Airline Lost Luggage

Location Cardiff, airline KLM... I presume you were on a double-hop?

It is rare for airlines to misplace baggage on a point-to-point itinerary.... but if your baggage has to be transferred onto another flight the odds of it not making it increase quite significantly. It's a risk you need to be aware of, and make provision for... see previous posts!

Amsterdam used to be quite notorious for baggage going (temporarily) astray. Things have improved a lot in the last few years. My baggage used to go astray several times a year. Now it happens perhaps once every two years. Just one of those things. I just don't worry about it. I know it will turn up eventually - and of course anything that's really important will have travelled in my carry-on.

Edited: 7:15 pm, November 13, 2013