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Ryan air - complaint

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Ryan air - complaint

We recently travelled to Treviso airport, Italy with Ryanair. We booked through eDreams for a party of 6 people. However when we came to print out our boarding passes we found that a mistake had been made on the name of one of our party for the return journey. We contacted eDreams who said that the mistake had been made by the airline. After some difficulty we managed to contact the airline who said that we needed to pay 110 euros to correct the mistake. After some discussion they did say that if we could produce a birth certificate for the person concerned we could just pay 10 euros, but as this was the day we were travelling and the person was in the process of moving house we could not produce this in time. Consequently we were charged the full amount. I have complained to Ryan air, and they responded to me in Spanish! Making yet another mistake with our address! When we managed to interpret the reply it is basically refusing to refund our money, even though we provided all emails etc proving that the mistake was made by them. Is there an ombudsman who can help with our complaint?

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1. Re: Ryan air - complaint

You have no contract with Ryan air as you foolishly booked through e dreams. Ryan air do not acknowledge any relationship ( rightly ) if booking done through a third party website.

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2. Re: Ryan air - complaint

Your first mistake was booking through Edreams, being as Ryanair strictly forbid the sale of their flights via third parties.

Not sure how Ryanair can have made the mistake, being as they go nowhere near the booking you make! You've either input the details incorrectly, or Edreams have, but no point blaming Ryanair for something that someone else has done.

You're lucky they didn't cancel your booking. Instead they generously offered to change it for a very much reduced rate. Not sure why you want to lodge a complaint about them?

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3. Re: Ryan air - complaint

Well either you gave Edreams the wrong information or Edreams provided Ryanair the wrong information. My guess is it's the latter.

Your beef should be with Edreams who are well known for their severe shonkyness, stunning levels of tomfoolery and attitudes to customer care that sink lower than a snake's underpants.

If you'd have booked direct with Ryanair you would have been able to input all the details correctly on their site and not be in this pickle. Why did you not do this?

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4. Re: Ryan air - complaint

Ryanair told you what you needed to do to avoid paying the full amount. It's not their fault that you were unable to do this.

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5. Re: Ryan air - complaint

You booked through eDreams?

oh dear.

(1) You paid a substantial extra fee for exactly nothing since Ryanair doesn't give any discounts to travel agents, indeed in its terms and conditions, it expressly forbids travel agents from selling on their tickets. So eDreams aren't actually permitted to sell their tickets,but they do, and they add a substantial fee on (that for 6 people would be well in excess of the 110 euros you are whining about)

(2)How could Ryanair possibly make a mistake with the name, its all automated !! Either you typed it wrongly yourself, or some muppet at eDreams who literally was retyping your booking in order to circumvent Ryanairs anti screen scraping procedures, made a finger fumble.Most likely the latter but who knows. Certainly there is no way you could prove that Ryanair made a mistake since you didn't go near them.

(3) You booked with eDreams, so your dispute is with them not Ryanair. That, by the way, is probably why they replied in Spanish, eDreams are a Spanish company.

There are many threads in here bemoaning eDreams. Pity you didn't check one out before you wasted your money paying eDreams to type in the exact same thing on Ryanairs website that you did on theirs ,and then going on a rant about precisely the wrong company.

BTW, I don''t work for Ryanair, have never flown them, don't even like them. But you have the wrong target in your sights here.

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6. Re: Ryan air - complaint

If the outbound boarding passes were ok, I would say that edreams booked two single flights as opposed to a return where the name would have been the same.

Your complaint is with edreams I would say, they may have filled in the return details wrongly.

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7. Re: Ryan air - complaint

Absolutely right. You can't lay this one on Ryan Air. Assuming E Dreams staff entered the automated booking details they must be at fault. Ryan Air seem to have been surprisingly helpful in offering you a way out.

Fredericia, Denmark
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8. Re: Ryan air - complaint

Ryanair likely replied in Spanish because eDreams HQ is in Barcelona.

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9. Re: Ryan air - complaint


Ryanair didn't take your booking which you made contrary to their terms and conditions and yet did their best to help you out.

E-dreams ripped you off, made mistakes and put you in danger of not being allowed to fly at all, booked flights which they are expressly forbidden to, and you want to complain to Ryanair.

The media and travel agents have done such a good job of demonising Ryanair that even when giving good service for mistakes which were made by a travel agent they get the blame.

Look at what has happened and work out who really is at fault.


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10. Re: Ryan air - complaint

Didn't eDreams send you a conformation email at the time of your initial booking? If so, is the name correct or incorrect on this email?

If correct, then clearly the fault lies with eDreams. If incorrect, while eDreams should have spotted it, so should you.

By the way, how long in advance did you print out your boarding passes?