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Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly

blue ridge mountains
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Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly

Has anyone else been surprised to learn (after buying tickets) that the fare-drop-credit they advertise is actually a voucher (good for a year, limited to $100)? We bought tickets to Paris for next summer for our son's family (5) and chose Cheapair because of their price drop payback policy: "If fares drop after you purchase, we'll credit you back the difference." This is what appears on their booking page. Well, when I read the terms and conditions, I learned that the credit was actually a voucher toward a future Cheapair ticket in the name of the passenger (not transferrable), limited to $100. Further, the onus is on the purchaser to check Cheapair's site daily or weekly or whatever to see if the fare drops! So, if you're buying tickets for family members who don't fly often, this is virtually worthless -- and if you buy for yourself, you have to book your next ticket on Cheapair AND check often to see if fares drop. Also, when we tried to change seats online thru the airline, we were given the message that we needed to go through our travel agent (Cheapair), but only after selecting all the new seats and submitting for confirmation. A phone call to Cheapair took care of it, but only after a lot of wasted time on websites.

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1. Re: Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly

That is the reason we always advise people on here to book through the airlines own website as there's clarity and you know what your're booking and paying for. As you can see when you read the terms and conditions it wasn't quite what they were advertising and not many people check the terms and conditions before they book only after when they want to take up the offer. Anyway thanks for posting your experience.

Fredericia, Denmark
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2. Re: Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly


Milford, Ohio
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3. Re: Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly

If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is......

blue ridge mountains
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4. Re: Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly

Nope -- Cheapair.com. My wife had read about them in an online travel article, and the "refund" sounded like a good concept -- but, as is often the case, the devil is in the details -- or terms and conditions. Their ticket price was a bit more than the airlines -- but the airlines don't offer the "refund" feature.

London, United...
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5. Re: Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly

Glassyraven - although you've used the word "refund" in your posts, I don't see that cheapair ever did.

Refund has a specific meaning: money goes back from B to A

Credit? While different ballgame, as you've found out.

In short, doesn't look like they ever specify, mention or promise a refund.

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6. Re: Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly

Has anyone else been surprised to learn (after buying tickets) that the fare-drop-credit they advertise is actually a voucher (good for a year, limited to $100)?


Only people who don't bother to read the very clear explanation on their website. That would include you I presume? "Well, when I read the terms and conditions" - why did you read them after you booked?? Thats the wrong way round.


When you buy your ticket from CheapAir, if the price for the same itinerary goes down any time before your trip, we’ll pay you the difference >>>>>>>>>in the form of a travel credit<<<<<<, up to $100 per ticket!

Melbourne, Australia
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7. Re: Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly


Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I cannot see how the term 'credit' could be interpreted as anything other than...'credit' for future use with that company. I've seen endless retail promotions for 'store credit', 'purchase credit' and other various forms, and not once have I took that to be a refund or cash back scheme.

blue ridge mountains
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8. Re: Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly

I find these replies interesting. To me, if merchants say they'll "credit back the difference" if someone else offers a lower price, I expect a refund, not a store credit toward future purchases. But, it looks like folks in the UK interpret "credit back the difference" differently -- perhaps an English vs. American thing. Also, to me, "if fares drop" it means exactly that, not "if YOU FIND that fares drop". My point in making the post was to make it clear to those who might misconstrue the true meaning of "credit back the difference" (and use Google to check on Cheapair) -- that what Cheapair really means is "credit FORWARD the difference up to $100" -- IF YOU take the time to routinely check their fares between buying and flying. And, yes, Cheapair is careful not to use the term "refund" -- that's merely what "credit back" means to me (a simple-minded Yank) -- a credit back to me on the credit card I used to buy the tickets. As for learning their true policy, it's not quite as straightforward as joeintheuk would have us believe. When I pulled up their web page, I saw their "credit back" blurb to the right of where I entered my flight info. I would have had to scroll down (which I did) to read "If the CheapAir flight price is lower after buying, we'll send you a voucher for the difference, up to $100 per ticket." But to get to the nitty gritty (limitations on the voucher and how to get it), you have to buy the tickets or perhaps call them. It's not contained in the "terms and conditions" link in the paragraph you need to check before purchasing, nor in the user agreement link contained in the t&c link. I don't recall being able to read the specifics until after I bought the tickets, so perhaps joeinteuk could point out to us where on Cheapair's website "the very clear explanation" resides -- or do they have a UK website that's different from their US site?

Watford, United...
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9. Re: Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly

Once you have entered your flights into the search facility you are presented with a screen of suggested flights.... Bottom left of the screen you have a price drop payback banner... click 'learn more' ....then click 'terms and conditions' on the next screen.

Leyland, United...
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10. Re: Cheapair Refund? -- not exactly

Not sure how the phrase 'in the form of a travel credit' could be misconstrued as a cash refund. It's quite clear on their website.



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