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do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

Ottawa, Canada
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do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

I booked a flight with AIR TRANSAT to go to France back in March. Everything went well until the last day when I was flying back to Canada. I had my flight scheduled for 8h10 am so I had to be at the Charles de Gaulle airport at 6h am. Since the RER and métro run only after 5h30am on sundays I was going to be late so I took a 55 Euro cab to get to the airport on time. When I got there the AIR TRANSAT kiosque was closed, no sign of any flight at 8h10 and all the AIR TRANSAT phone lines are closed on sundays!!! So I end up being in the flight at 2h00 pm that same day, after being on the airport for 8 HOURS, spending 55 Euros on a cab and loosing my bus to go back to my city in Canada (50$)!! We all know the last thing you want at the end of a trip is to spend money in this kind of nonsense! They guy at the AIR TRANSAT kiosque even told me that that flight (8h am) was canceled months ago because there weren't enough people flying. After getting in touch with AIR TRANSAT CR they have admitted to send a notification of flight change and getting a "STATUS DELIVERY NOTIFICATION FAILURE" and even then they said they wont give any money compensation. I did not want a 500$ dollars compensation I am just asking for the money back they made me spent because SOMEONE IN AIR TRANSAT IS NOT PROPERLY DOING THEIR JOB.

With this kind of attitude and careless service for their customers I can only imagine the security guidelines they have for their flights.


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1. Re: do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

Unfortunately flight schedules dó change, the longer you book out, the more likely the schedule Will change.

Let the lesson be that you should personally check flight times before travel.

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2. Re: do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

So what did it say when you checked your flight details in the months, weeks and days before your flight? Were you still listed as flying at the original time?

Or did you forget to check that nothing had changed?

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3. Re: do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

The question on my mind is whether you provided your correct email address.

It's not as if they manually enter everyone's contact email manually, they use what is provided on the booking. Not sure what their security aspect has anything to do with sales and admin, but as above, it always pays to check and reconfirm your flight details before travel.

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4. Re: do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

You've just learned the hard way why the passenger should take responsibility and check their reservations themselves - frequently - for cancelations, schedule changes and seat allocations. Did you not bother to check your return flight when checking in for the outbound?

You would also have got this sorted the previous day had you used online check in, which opens 24 hours before departure. In your case you would have spotted the problem (no flight), called Transat, and got your new flight the day before, thus goving you a lie in, avoiding the need for the taxi in Paris and allowing you to rebook your taxi/transport at YYZ.

So, sorry no sympathy from me. If pax do the above I see no reason to avoid Transat.

And (pre-empting) no I don't work for Transat.

Edited: 10:18 pm, June 24, 2013
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5. Re: do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

I find it amazing how anyone can book a flight months in advance and then never check the status of the flights again. Had you spent 60 seconds to look at your flights online this problem could have been avoided. Incredible.

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6. Re: do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

This could have happened to you with any airline. They all have schedule changes, and even when they try to tell people, which they don't always do, sometimes the message does not get through. You need to check on line before hand,

Annoying, yes, a reason to avoid an airline, no., otherwise you won't fly again.

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7. Re: do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

You should have checked the schedule yourself.

Yes, I do work for Air Transat.

*Actually I don't but I guess it saves the OP of accusing us all for working for them.

8. Re: do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

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9. Re: do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

This is the last thing you want to happen as the last hours on your trip. This happened to me on a much less drastic scale, but I did miss an event at my final destination which really ticked me off. Well, I arrived for the last 14 minutes. I hadn't checked that my flights were the same as when I booked. I have ever since then.

Don't let the comments that slap you around affect you. Odd that. I'm glad you got on the 2h00 flight and didn't have to wait another day. One thing I'm wondering is if you changed your email address/provider between the time you bought your tix and the time you flew?

Edinburgh, United...
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10. Re: do not flight with air transat!!!!!** worst customer service

I am with the OP here, ok he should have checked,but what efforts did the Airtransat make to contact him.?

They changed the agreed flights and did little to contact the OP.

I get sick of all the folk who just acept that thes airline companies can change or cancel flights at will and we all have to Check with them to see if they have done so.,and when they have it is up to us to sort it all out with no compensation because they have "notified" us within a certain amount of time,or changes had to be made for "operational " reasons.How often has someone on hrer had to reorganise things ie hotels, connections etc because they have been notified of changes and how much time and expense have we all had to cover when that has happened.

when I book flights, the company has my email, my address ,my phone number ,my mobile number but the only way they try and contact someone about a flight is an email thats been returned to them.NOT ACCEPTABLE.,not everyone is sitting by their computer or even has access to one whilst travelling.