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Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

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Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

I'm from the USA, my boyfriend lives in Wales. Before I apply for a more permanent type of visa, I'm wanting to visit for 6 months. My questions are;

- Do I need to bring bank statements with me that prove I can financially support myself for the full 6 months?

- Do I need to show proof of a return ticket or can I buy one while I'm there? (Cheaper to buy in pounds anyway)

- Can we leave on holiday after the 6 months have ended and then return a few weeks later for another few months?

- Any other things I will need for the trip?

If someone could let me know, that would be great! Thanks in advanced!

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1. Re: Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

It would seem to me that your boyfriend should be getting answers to these questions. You are looking to do more than vacation, you are essentially looking to move in with him ( can we leave on holiday and return a few weeks later for another few months) If you boyfriend can't you need to speak to the appropriate embassy. A bunch of strangers on the internet are not a good source of information for a heavy duty VISA/ residency question,

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2. Re: Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

You definitely need to do some research, rdglady is right, you don't want advice from a bunch of strangers whose circumstances may not apply to you.

Maybe start here: http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/ and perhaps also have a look at: …homeoffice.gov.uk/visas-immigration/…

If I were you I would not be relying on something someone tells me unless they are in an official UK-immigration-type capacity. If you're planning to enter the UK as a tourist then you can stay for up to 6 months. I don't know what the rules are about how long you would have to leave before you could return as a tourist for another 6 months, possibly longer than a couple of weeks. It may be possible for your boyfriend to act as a sponsor for you, this is also discussed on the UKBA pages.

Just looking at thoses pages there is a lot of information there, but I think it's probably worth reading it all carefully. You really don't want to mess with immigration or you could find yourself facing a lengthy exclusion period or other difficulties if you wanted to move to the UK with your boyfriend.

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3. Re: Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

You don't need anything as a US citizen, if you are currently living in the US, as long as you don't stay longer than six months. Agree, read the information carefully in the links above.

Just be aware that if you enter the UK and stay for six months, I don't think you will allowed to enter the rest of the year. You may find this webpage useful:


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4. Re: Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

Should you travel without a return ticket, be prepared for very close questioning at Heathrow.

If you enter the UK as a visitor, your passport will stamped to indicate that; the language is 'Leave to enter for six months. Employment and recourse to public funds prohibited.' Overstaying will be a bad idea; doing so may mean any leave to enter will be rescinded.

'Any other things I will need for the trip?' A substantial balance in your chequing account, more than you think you might need.

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5. Re: Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

I have seen US citizens returned to the USA from immigration for exactly this.A tourist visa is the wrong type of visa.There is a specific type of visa for visiting with the intention/posibility of taking thing further.I understand they are very easy to obtain.

As the others have said,contact the British Embassy in DC.They will give you more information.

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6. Re: Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

As others have said, you need to speak to the consulate. I suspect you can stay for up to six months in a 12 month period.

It does sound like you are trying to move to the uk, going for six months, going for a holiday and returning for six months is residency dressed up. As such, I strongly suggest you do this properly.

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7. Re: Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

Froggy is absolutely right (as are the others) you need to do this properly.

If you lie on entry about your intentions (after all this isn't really a holiday, it is a try at co-habitation in your b.f.'s country) you may get caught and not permitted entry. Once entry is denied, it is much harder to get admitted again, whatever category your application might be under.

On the other hand, saying truthfully that you are trying out living in the UK with your boyfriend with a hope to stay can also get you refused entry.

IME, getting a relationahip/financee visa is not all that easy.

Although my experience was some time ago, I rather doubt that it has become easier. The American fiancee friend of my daughter's is having a difficult time and she and ber boyfrined have been together for years.

Be prepared to prove the solidity of your relationship with letters from both sets of parents, friends, work colleagues and anyone who can show that this is a serious relationship of some length.

Read the information carefully, make discrete enquiries at the British Consulate, and know that Britain is a country where they don't like making overt exceptions to the rules, but that if you present your case in such a way that you can fall within a rule, you can get what you want.

If this is a really important project, it may be worth consulting an immigration lawyer with experience getting people into the UK.

It looks like there may be a British Consulate in Dallas. there is definitely one in Houston.

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8. Re: Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

Does make you laugh when you consider the Choudary case in comparison to a genuine person's case :-)

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9. Re: Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

You're not coming for a holiday, you are planning to return to America then plan to stay here. You're on very dangerous ground if you only come in on a visitors visa. In effect you would be lying and when found out, will be denied entry and not allowed back into the UK for quite a while. Better be upfront!

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10. Re: Planning on going to the UK for 6 months.. what do I need?

If you are checking websites make sure they have a .gov.uk address otherwise they will be commercial sites providing an unnecessary service at cost to you