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United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

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United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

Currently in San Antonio and the flight has been delayed again, I don't know if I'll be getting my connecting flight

My flight from Australia was delayed also to the USA, and I still have 3 more flights with them,

So far it's definitely not a airline I would recommend unless you have at least have a 5 hour stop over with all there delays,not a good start

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1. Re: United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

Also no word of what will happen if I miss my connecting flight, not a good stress to have! If I don't get to LA will they pay 4 a hotel I might not be staying in?

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2. Re: United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

United has no more delays than the bulk of the airlines do. You are just unlucky. They *may* pay for a hotel but it depends on the reason for the delay.

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3. Re: United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

Somewhere around two million people will fly in the United States today on tens of thousands of commercial flights. Two flights does not paint a very complete picture of any airline.

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4. Re: United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

have been flying from sydney to LAX or SFO with 2 onward connecting flights for over a decade with UA. have had the odd delay and missed flight but they have always managed to sort things out.

only one overnighter at an airport hotel.

my preferred airline across the pacific and domestically in the usa.

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5. Re: United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

Are you traveling on one ticket? If so, UAL will get you to your final destination - whether or not it is timely depends upon many factors - many not within the airline's control - as I'm sure you know.

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6. Re: United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

I avoid UA as much as possible, but it's not easy when you live here!

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7. Re: United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

Other than some of the merger headaches, I've not had a major issue with United for years.

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8. Re: United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

Not a United fan but when i have flown them recently had not had a problem.

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9. Re: United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

No issues with UA, years of good experiences. What's the reason for the delays?

Ottawa Canada
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10. Re: United airlines,did I choose the wrong airline?

Well, happy to find this forum .. and this rather interesting message. Because we just returned from a trip to/from Las Vegas, and there were so many problems that we will never again fly with them (unless I get hit on the head, lose consciousness and make the same mistake again.

But, let me tell it, as I said it to United - see the end for the "sympathy" they offered.

Note: specifics of dates and flights have been removed – but write me if you are interested in the details…

Flights from Ottawa to Las Vegas on __, via Chicago, #s ___ and ___

Flights from LasVegas to Ottawa, via SanFrancisco and Washington on __, flight #s: ___


- # YYY - we arrived in good time at the airport, and were through Security, but then United started having mechanical, etc, issues, and the crew also advised, once we finally boarded the plane, that they could not get to Ottawa sooner because of "sleep" issues. While I appreciate all the mechanical considerations, and the sleep issues (as we have all seen FLIGHT), this should not have been my problem. United is suppose to be managing all of this properly.

- as a result of the above, we had to race unacceptably from one gate to another at Chicago to catch the second flight - unacceptable, and with NO OFFERS of assistance from United staff. We managed (but just, and with no time to take some food before the long flight), but the others on the from-Ottawa plane, who had much longer flights ahead, were likely not able to make theirs due to United. This flight also was late, boarding, taxiing and getting into the air.

In BOTH cases, there were never apologies offered - like it would have so hard to do ?? Like, was it our fault for choosing United ?

Return flights:

- #YYY was quite late leaving and getting airborne (and it should have been obvious to the flight crew that some people were going to have trouble getting to a next flight) - so, did they offer a simple, no-cost solution at least as an apology (eg., of leaving the in-flight entertainment on for free) - NO - not even an apology!

- The race to the gate in SF was almost as bad as our first one in Chicago, but we made it - only to find that the flight was considerably delayed (again, act of God, or just a United glitch again?). Again, no apology issued - I guess everyone felt that an overnight flight doesn't really impact anyone! Duh!

- The final flight, from Washington, was "la creme de la creme", or the epitome of "___". Not only was the flight terribly, inexcusably and horrifically delayed for 5 hours, there was no form of "appreciation" for what the passengers were going through, as by now everyone was hungry, thirsty etc ... And, again, no apology on the aircraft when we finally boarded. We were bumped like cattle from one gate to another, at the far end of a different terminal - we could walk it (and since we knew there was no rush), but another passenger had a stroller she had to manage as well.

Finally, the in-flight experience, when we finally got on board, was unacceptable: all of the planes were totally full, the bins were totally full, and we had to keep a backpack under our feet (we each only brought on a small backpack) - the airline industry policy of allowing people to board with a suitcase, and a backpack as well, totally fills the bins, making it unfair and unjust to everyone else.

While staff on-board the flights were generally courteous, they were not overly so - just doing their job.

United's response:

- well, after a few days they finally did respond (too much email - perhaps due to terrible service ?).

Anyway, here's approx what they said:

- we will tell our airport managers to do a better job (do you think it happened ?)

- here's a certificate for $250 off your next flight, per person (see note at start whether I use it or not).

To get a feeling for whether I would use the certificate, I checked out air fares with two other airlines, and United, flying approx the same routes as this - both other airlines had directs, and United had a 1-stop. United's prices were about $100 cheaper. So, tried to find "direct flights with United, to compare apples and apples - their price ballooned to $500 more. So, since we have decided no more of these "stops" flights if it can be avoided for a reasonable price, I guess the answer is NO USE.