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TSA Complaint Response

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TSA Complaint Response

Flying out of ELP last week, I encountered something that just really bothered me and, although it only caused me maybe another five minutes of inconvenience, I submitted a complaint to TSA about it through their web site, because it presented something that was unfair to me and a number of people in line with me. What's weird is that, when you first try to do this through the navigation on their site, you come across a form for complaints because of racial, religious, gender or disability discrimination, which was not my issue, at least. I'm sure that goes somewhere more serious. I found the form I needed on Google though. Auto response came a few minutes later.

But then, that afternoon, I got a very detailed response from the manager of the TSA staff at ELP. She took the time to explain the why, and was very cordial and not abrupt or condescending.

I was really impressed by this. I don't know if it's TSA's concerted effort to be responsive to customer complaints, or just this particular airport's staff, but it seems like, at least, they're actually listening.

Just wanted to share this experience.

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1. Re: TSA Complaint Response

There are strict rules on this forum about anything good being posted about the TSA.

Do you work for them?

I will report this to the trip advisor TSA haters association.

Seriously though. Always nice to hear a good story with a good outcome.

Few and far between when it comes to the TSA. Glad you had a good outcome.


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2. Re: TSA Complaint Response

In contrast, when I detailed to them how the TSA ripped open my 2 zipped bags (despite them being zipped with TSA approved locks), and cut through a luggage strap (locked with a TSA lock), they replied that because they didnt see it on video, it couldn't have been them, it must have been the luggage conveyor system which coincidentally ripped open the 3 bags.

And it was just a helpful TSA employee who must have put the sliced on luggage strap back in the bag, the conveyor system having cleany sliced teh strap without leaving a mark on the bag

I now use zip ties :-)

Dublin, Ireland
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3. Re: TSA Complaint Response

I had a similar good outcome from contact with them at ORF. Case arrived back home with a washbag missing, I called them , they checked the cctv , I followed up with an email and had the bag Fedex'd to me within a few days. I was most impressed.

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4. Re: TSA Complaint Response

i wonder exactly how many people had access to or touched joeintheuk's bags.

Did you actually see a TSA agent do this or are you just supposing they did?

Denver, Colorado
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5. Re: TSA Complaint Response

I travelled a lot before the TSA was in existence and never had the stuff happen to my bags since the TSA's rule. Now, something, however minor, happens almost every time I travel abroad. A cut TSA compliant lock here, a TSA compliant lock left off there, or most recently, cut compression straps that had releasable clasps any monkey could have figured out.To say that it could have been anyone is quite a naive response. Let's all burry our heads in the sand and pretend that the TSA is lilly white and does no harm to our belongings as they are searching through them for god knows what. I wonder how good the X-ray machines really are if they have to search as many bags as they actually do. Perhaps its just busy work to keep them all in the government work program. So as you wonder how many people had access to joeintheuk's bags don't wonder too far, because its amazing that straps with releasable plastic buckles were cut inside my duffle bags in a different place and time. This happened to me from DEN and from LAX. Surprisingly enough, I bet that joeintheuk had a flyer in his bag too saying it had been searched by the TSA. I have no problem with the search, however when they start destroying my belongings, it is then that I take exception. So when you want to cast blame elsewhere, let's be realistic and put a bit of logic into our thinking. Perhaps you are a TSA agent Brighton Bill?

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6. Re: TSA Complaint Response


Edited: 4:54 am, March 26, 2013
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7. Re: TSA Complaint Response

My beef with TSA comes from the general behavior of many of the staff which is a lot like the behavior witnessed when watching animals at the zoo. How embarrassing to witness the behavior of some TSA security agents as they disrespectfully engaged passengers arriving from Japan, a country that is unfailingly polite, courteous and helpful. I cannot believe that people who act like this and are clearly minimum wage earning high school dropouts are allowed to run machines that irradiate travelers in the security line. Sometimes I just pretend I am Canadian because it is that depressing. I have written complaints to TSA, LAX and also to the editor of LA Times in hope of bringing light to how our country is viewed when people arrive on international flights. I doubt it will make any difference at all since we live in a culture where ignorance, aggression and general rudeness is celebrated and even encouraged.

Edited: 5:16 pm, March 31, 2013
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8. Re: TSA Complaint Response

Why would the TSA have anything to do with travelers arriving from Japan?

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9. Re: TSA Complaint Response

I think a lost of people get confused between TSA agents, immigration, customs agents & baggage handlers, as to who might responsible for their problems. Customs or immigration agents would be dealing with incoming passengers from another country --TSA wouldn't be dealing with them at all. And TSA aren't the only ones with access to luggage! Certainly baggage handlers could be responsible for issues relating to baggage (we never see them, as they are working out of our sight in the airport).

No, I don't work for TSA or ....... airlines or .......... airport. (Or even ........... country.)

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10. Re: TSA Complaint Response

Don't tease, colinaz, to us what the issue and response were!

I will say that I have always found TSA agents to be extremely polite, and I've done a lot of flying while pregnant and with breastmilk. I don't check baggage, though, and I'm a happier woman for it.