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motion sickness and not sleeping

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motion sickness and not sleeping

Hi - any suggestions for motion sickness/nausea on long haul flights? Also not sleeping? Planning flight from perth australia to LA - and thinking of mid-way stop over point to make it a tad more bearable.

Also interested in best flight time perth to ? sydney and then sydney to LA for sleeping?



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1. Re: motion sickness and not sleeping

I use scopolamine patches for motion sickness. Here they are prescription but I don't know about Australia. I've also used Dramamine (which is meclizine or dimenhydramate) and is OTC here. The dimenhydramate makes you sleepy, so it could solve both problems. Of course if you have any medical problems you should check with your doctor before adding any medications, and I also recommend trying whatever you plan to use at home so if you have a bad reaction to it you won't be somewhere over the ocean.

rural West Aussie
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2. Re: motion sickness and not sleeping

Kwells are OTC and I find effective - even took some after I started feeling unwell on a particularly bumpy flight and they worked.

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3. Re: motion sickness and not sleeping

A good travel sickness pill should take away the travel sickness and also make you drowsy so you should sleep too. Kwells and Avomine are easily available.

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4. Re: motion sickness and not sleeping

Planning flight from perth australia to LA - and thinking of mid-way stop over point to make it a tad more bearable.


I think it will make it worse. At least on a very long flight, you will eventually be so tired , you WILL sleep. On two 12 hour flights with a day or two in between, you can stay awake that long on each one and you'll probablyw aste some of your time at the mid way point asleep ! Get it over and done in one hit.

Unless you fancy Hawaii of course? . If it was me I'd just go to Hawaii and forget about LA :-)

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5. Re: motion sickness and not sleeping

Another vote for an OTC anti nausea tablet providing there are no medical reasons. I often take a half as it enough to give me a combination of no nausea and reasonable sleep, and another one who prefers to go straight through unless you actually need to stop somewhere for other reasons.

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6. Re: motion sickness and not sleeping

Aloha from Kaua'i!

I have the same issues with not sleeping on a plane and also anxiety....I went to my doctor and spoke to him and he prescribed a medication for me that makes long haul flights (It is about 15 hours from here to Paris, where we've vacationed the last 3 years) definitely doable and I can sleep as well.

For motion sickness, my husband (who is very prone to this)...takes Dramamine, which is OTC....it works to make him drowsy as well.

I had tried homeopathic type items prior to this...but they didn't work at all on me....so a visit to my doctor was the best thing for me...he knows my medical history, etc. and prescribed something that worked well.

I'd suggest seeing your own doctor and speaking to him about it, unless you are someone who responds well to homeopathic medication.

Malama Pono (take care)


Brisbane, Australia
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7. Re: motion sickness and not sleeping

I too suffer from motion sickness and use a combination of Kwells and Avominedepending on the length of the trip.

I would too recommend that you don't put an extra stop over into your trip. I think all the times over many year I have actuallygot queasy have been on thetake offs and landings- even more so on short hops. It is when the plane is at cruising altitude that my stomach settles down.

Melbourne, Australia
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8. Re: motion sickness and not sleeping

I use kwells too you only get them at the chemist, the side affects are dry mouth and eyes, I have tried the natural alternative ginger ones and they failed to work I would not stop over just get the flight over and done with, as far as sleeping is concerned I never sleep but close my eyes for a bit I use an eye mask to block out the light and a comfy neck pillow

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9. Re: motion sickness and not sleeping

Something you might consider is flying Air New Zealand. All their flights go through Auckland, so you would have an opportunity to walk around, use a real loo and, if whatever you have isn't working, pick something up at the airport - eyeshade, neck pillow, OTC meds.

I just checked their website and (unfortunately) for the majority of their PER-AKL flights, you would have to take Virgin to Sydney, which would be a PITA. But it looks like there is one flight PER-AKL direct. It's 6.5 hours and a night flight, leaving at about 7:30 pm, arriving around 5:30 am. Unfortunately the AKL-LAX flight isn't until 7:30 pm, so you would have 15 hours in AKL. I love ANZ but for me that would be a big negative. However, you may prefer it if you feel crappy as you could probably check into an airport hotel and get some real sleep before the flight to LAX (but then you might not sleep on the plane, hmmmm).

Just something else to throw into the mix depending on how badly you suffer motion sickness. I was on a plane once with a chap who was very badly affected. He had obviously arranged his seat close to the loo for that reason!! I felt very sorry for him, what a terrible way to feel for all those hours.

Perth, Australia
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10. Re: motion sickness and not sleeping

I have the same problems - although I had to smile when I read joeintheuk's comment "At least on a very long flight, you will eventually be so tired , you WILL sleep". Not for me - doesn't matter how long the flight is (longest so far is 15 hours) or how desperately tired I am, I can't sleep - EVER. Even though I take motion sickness tablets that do tend to make me drowsy, sleep never comes. The longest trip we've taken so far was to the US, about 35 hours' travelling time in all (including waiting time in airports), and I didn't - and couldn't - sleep at all during that time.

I take Stemetil (a prescription anti-nausea medication) and also Phenergan which is an antihistamine but is also used for travel sickness. Dramamine isn't sold in Australia, but I believe Travacalm tablets have the same active ingredient and they also contain hyoscine which is the active ingredient in Kwells. Unfortunately there's no one remedy that suits everyone, so often it's a case of trial and error.

Aussiegirl86 - yes, there is a direct PER-AKL flight, but as you said, there's a horrendously long stopover in Auckland. We were planning our first trip to the US several years ago, and at that time, the PER-AKL flight got in at 5.30am and the LAX flight went out late morning, which was ideal. Then Air New Zealand changed the flight schedules and we were looking at anything from 15-17 hours in Auckland between flights. Sod THAT, we thought - going with another airline, you could be in the US before the flight from AKL even departed! We ended up going with Virgin Australia PER-BNE-LAX then LAX-SYD-PER on the return trip.