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How to make an effective complain to Opodo

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How to make an effective complain to Opodo

I have just had a very negative experience with Opodo. Booked tickets, got to the airport and could not check in as airline said they had not received payment from Opodo and therefore there was no tickets to be issued. Opodo helpline didn't open till 9am, flight at 9.50am, when I did get through they said my bank had rejected payment and therefore there were no tickets, there didn't see to be any concern or sympathy for my situation. I had to buy tickets from the airline then and there and was delayed as I had missed my flight slot.

Several staff at the airport said this is a regular issue that customers face.

When I contacted my bank they said that Opodo had taken the payment and then very shortly after refunded it back to my account! :-(

After looking at reviews across a number of boards I am not so positive about Opodo offering me any compensation and I find it very odd that people have bothered to contardict people's negative experiences, I think it is fair enough to say you have had a positive experience but how would you every know if loads of people had negative experiences and yours was not a reflection of overall performance, very odd indeed.

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1. Re: How to make an effective complain to Opodo

All the more reason to book directly with the airline in the first place.

I doubt you would see any compensation from Opodo -- but at least Opodo refunded the money to your account!

And yes, you will see many contradictory opinions on any airline/tour agency/hotel or whatever.

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2. Re: How to make an effective complain to Opodo

You've said the same thing in four different threads today. We heard you the first time.

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3. Re: How to make an effective complain to Opodo

Even if you book directly with the airline, payment issues like this can pop up. It is your job to make sure that the tickets (not just an itinerary) are issued and paid for. Consider it an expensive lesson learned and move on. Waging an internet campaign against Opodo will do nothing but waste more of your time.

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4. Re: How to make an effective complain to Opodo


If you're writing them, then I'd stick strictly to the facts-- leave out emotion or other non-factual matters..

Before you write, I'd do a little homework. There appears to be a total of three "players" here-- in no specific order; you, your bank and Opodo...

I'd start by determining and gathering any proof you can that the error was not on your part, and not on your banks part; that way the issue remains one of Opodo's..

If *part* of the error was yours or your banks, then I'd be sure to acknowledge that, but also reiterate what was Opodo's role in the matter.

As to what you ask for-- this is speaking from a strictly discretionary basis and not from the viewpoint of what you may or may not be entitled to under Contract or National/Regional Consumer laws-- I'd be sure to keep it reasonable and justified.

By reasonable I mean look at the monetary amount in play. If (for example) it was EUR500, I wouldn't ask for EUR250 as that's 50% of the amount, but might ask for EUR100..

Justified to me speaks to what "percentage" of the whole matter was fundamentally "their" fault-- and conversely what percentage (if any) was yours or your banks.'

Best of Luck

Travel safe,

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5. Re: How to make an effective complain to Opodo

Had the same experience and considering in taking legal action if necessary.

I booked my holiday with my boyfriend through the website. The bookings were made separately and it was booked for a London-Bucharest return flight. A couple of days after we made the enquiry, we were told that there was a problem with the booking confirmation and we both were ensured that everything was fine with our booking. The outbound flight was fine, however when we tried to use the online check-in tool on Blue Air's website, our booking reference numbers came up with a cancelled flight for Bucharest-Rome route and departure date of 27th March 1986. Blue Air's online check-in can only be made 14 days prior departure, so we couldn't have known about the issue beforehand.

When trying to contact Opodo's customer service team, I was on the phone for an hour and a half. I was told that I could cancel the tickets (that were already cancelled by the airline) and purchase two new tickets for the full price. I have been put through to the Blue Air sales team. When I provided them with the booking reference numbers for the original flights, I was told that the booking was never followed through by Opodo when the payments had been cancelled. In this case Blue Air let Opodo know about both unsuccessful payments, so they could resolve the issue. However, this was never picked up and communicated to ourselves.

We've already sent them letters, they did aknowledge these and said that they will respond in 28 working days, however this never happened. Does anybody have an idea how to proceed?

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6. Re: How to make an effective complain to Opodo

What is it you want from them ?

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7. Re: How to make an effective complain to Opodo

MD's head on a plate would be nice ... ;-)

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8. Re: How to make an effective complain to Opodo


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9. Re: How to make an effective complain to Opodo

I have also had a bad experience with Opodo.

Booked tickets with them advising they would cofirm tickets issued.

4 days later they they withdrew money from my account & confrimed booking.

8 days later they asked a security question stating until a response was received they would not withdraw funds from my account.

10 (yes ten) hours later later they said I had not responded so had cancelled the tickets.

I then found they had returned funds to my account but less £12.

Numerous emails asking reasons for their action have been totally ignored.

Will never use them again or recommend to others as they have made no attempt to justify their position.

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10. Re: How to make an effective complain to Opodo


Opodo was acquired by eDreams just over a year ago and since then they've acquired eDreams level of service ... i.e. terrible.

It's so bad there's even a top question on this forum (top right of the page) warning people not to touch eDreams, Opodo, Go Voyages or Travelink with a bargepole (they're all the same company).

It's a shame you didn't check on here before booking, as you'd have been warned off by us and the other horror stories. Not blaming you as before being acquired by eScum they were apparently a reasonably good third party booker. Hopefully your post will help warn off others who do check.

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