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First long haul flight - help needed

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First long haul flight - help needed

I am flying, Singapore Air, from Heathrow to Sydney in a month's time with a 6 hour stopover at Singapore. I really need some advice on long haul flying, coping with jetlag etc.

Firstly, do I need to pack a towel and toiletries in hand luggage if I intend taking a shower at Singapore Airport or are they provided, or can they be rented? How easy is it to book a massage/pedicure at Singapore Airport and does this need booking in advance?

How to avoid/minimise jetlag? When I get on the plane (18:15) in London, do I put my watch to Sinapore time and then at Sinapore go into Sydney time or do I put my watch straight to Sydney time - hope this makes sense.

Also, I understand that 2 meals are served on the first leg of the journey. Does anybody know what is served on the second leg and how long into the flight this is.

And finally (for now) I think that drinks are included? If so, is this unlimited (within reason) or limited to one drink with each meal.

Any other tips/advice would be very gratefully received.

Thank you in anticipation.

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1. Re: First long haul flight - help needed

as far as i know there are no public showers at changi anymore.

the airside hotel has shower facilities with all the trimmings at a reasonable price.

there is a massage place. changi is very busy i would make an appointment.

lots of info on the changi airport web site.

jetlag? dont eat too much, dont drink alcohol, drink lots of water, get up and exercise as much as u can. i dont worry about the time change. i just treat the whole flight as point of departure time and catch up at the destination. others have different methods. take eye mask and ear plugs.

sin-syd is around 8 hours. meals on that sector depend on flight times. they serve breakfast just before arrival in sydney if u depart SIN late.

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2. Re: First long haul flight - help needed

Take a look at the following threads on tips for long haul travel, and sleep. The first is actually in the Top Questions section of the forum on the right hand side -



As regards the second thread, I'm personally not one to try sleep aids or medication (the noise canceling headphones and listening to/watching something on my iPad/iPhone works for me). Others may (and do) differ.

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3. Re: First long haul flight - help needed

If you think you won't book the airside hotel at SIN then consider packing a flannel and hand towel in your carryon bag. You'll have enough time to have a quick hands, face, neck and forearms wash in SIN, and feel considerably better for having done so.

Don't forget to add a small tube or bottle of good quality moisturiser and lip balm to the zip top bag of liquids and gels in your carryon. The cabin environment is usually very drying; moisturiser and lip balm generously applied do make a difference.

I would change my watch to SIN then SYD time rather than go to SYD straight away, it works for me.

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4. Re: First long haul flight - help needed

I would change my watch to SIN then SYD time rather than go to SYD straight away, it works for me.>>>>>

I don't wear a watch at all, I wait for the captain to tell me what the time is at destination., too confusing otherwise could the 3 in the afternoon on your watch but the entire aircraft is going through "night" flying time.

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5. Re: First long haul flight - help needed

as your from essex you've probably heard of neals yard remedies? they have various homopathic tablets for jet lag, i used them going and coming back from hawaii and usa and was a lot better than not usung them. my daughter is going oz in june so i will get some for her, our nearest one is in bromley but you can phone and order on line too

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6. Re: First long haul flight - help needed

First, don't worry about it too much. You're going to be tired. There's no way around it. But it'll be just like you stayed up way too late.

A few specific suggestions for long haul flights that have helped me.

- Bring your own water onto the plane if you're at an airport that will allow it. Make sure you drink it. You'll get more dehydrated than you realize on a long haul.

- No alcohol or caffeine on the plane. Sorry, but if you want to minimize jet lag, this really helps.

- Bring some of your own snacks, even if just a bag of nuts, so you can eat when you're hungry without worrying if it is meal time.

I have not been in Singapore airport in several years so can't give you any advice on that side.

- I stay away from sleep medications. You're going to be tired when you arrive so don't worry about getting a good night sleep. If you're tired, try to sleep as best you can.

- Noise cancelling headphones help A LOT. You can watch the movies the flights will provide or bring your own on a laptop or tablet. You can also just turn them on but leave them unplugged to cancel out cabin noise.

- Get up and walk around and stretch several times

- Make sure you've got a book to read or movies to watch to pass the time.

- I make sure to carry on a toothbrush and toothpaste.

- For jet lag, most important is when you arrive in Sydney, try to go along with local time. Try to stay awake until a normal bed time and then go to sleep. You'll adjust pretty quickly this way.

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7. Re: First long haul flight - help needed

Lorrabell, what are the name of the jet lag tablets please?

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8. Re: First long haul flight - help needed

Thank you all for some very helpful tips and advice.

I've checked the Singapore airport website and it says there are showers in each of the Ambassador lounges at each terminal for $8 a go, so anybody know if u can rent a towel?

Also any ideas how I would pre book a massage?

Thanks again.

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9. Re: First long haul flight - help needed

i did actually look for the tablets today as my daughter is going to oz in june, i couldn't find them but in the book i have i wrote cocculus, you just put them under the tongue and let them dissolve, twice a day for 2 days before the flight and for 3 days after, don't drink coffee or use toothpaste for half hour or so. the other remedy is arnica 30 (tablets), there are various remedys for how jet lag as it effects people differently but the therapist in the shop can tell you whats best, now i have to remember to get some more!

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10. Re: First long haul flight - help needed

I imagine they would provide towels for the showers , even if there is a small extra cost.

I have used the swimming pool at Changi. It's in terminal 2 and costs about 15 SGD. Your shower is included! As I recall they did provide a towel and a bottle of water.

It's not a big pool and quite shallow but it's out in the fresh air and I found it relaxing.I was actually on my way to Europe from Oz..

I love the butterfly garden in Terminal 3 but it's better in the day.