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Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

Nannup, Australia
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Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

QF announces its new Asian 'strategy':


From Perth the only international service in QF metal is down to one PER-SIN return flight a day (unless I've missed something.)

Sunshine Coast...
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1. Re: Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

Brisbane's not much better. I'm amazed that you can't fly from BNE to London on a Qantas plane unless you go via Sydney. I refuse to waste my time flying SOUTH and transfering when my destination is the Northern Hemisphere.

As far as Qantas is concerned if you aren't in Sydney or Melbourne you don't exist.

I guess for those living elsewhere Qantas won't exist either. Still there are plenty of other options for us.

Auckland Region...
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2. Re: Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

Hi Numbat,

that's the way I read it too. Looks like the share market also sees this as negative.


Hong Kong, China
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3. Re: Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

But they're not targeting people going to London. The Emirates thing does that. I am no fan of Qantas, but growth is in Asia, so perhaps it makes sense they're concentrating on this part of the world.

Nannup, Australia
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4. Re: Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

bim - they might be increasing their services ex-SYD & MEL, but they are reducing them from other Australian ports. PER is a very important hub for major mining businesses, but QF don't seem to want to fly executives in. There is also a HUGE ex-pat British community here, but QF don't want to service them. There is a lot of spin about the new partnerships opening up new opportunities, but the truth is QF is now even more just an east coast airline.

I understand that they need to do something drastic to stay in the air internationally, but it is a joke to call themselves the 'Spirit of Australia.

Portland, Oregon
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5. Re: Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

Here's the official press release, with details of each city pair.


Not knowing how many services currently operate some of these routes (eg ADL-SIN or MEL-SIN) it's not clear whether there is an immediate expansion, contraction or zero sum game. If it's an expansion they'd need to have more aircraft.

Most of the expansion appears on their own metal appears to be the fourth point in their four point plan ....

"- Investigating an increase in destinations to Asia using the Qantas Group’s B787-9 options from 2016, coinciding with the turnaround of Qantas International (direct destinations under consideration include Beijing, Seoul, Mumbai, Delhi and Tokyo-Haneda)."

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6. Re: Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

QF is doing what it needs to do to survive. Cutting routes that do not make money is the only logical solution., If PER/BNE etc had the populations to support profit making routes, then there would have been no reason for QF to pull out.

It is very easy for the travelling public to rubbish QF decisions, however they are the same people that choose LCC and cheaper Asian Carriers (which is undertandable).

What we all need to realise is that Asian, Middle Eastern and some European Carriers pay their staff peanuts, low conditions, and have significant government handouts. QF must compete with Unions demanding pay rises on an ongoing basis, strict allownaces and working rules etc. QF staff are one of, if not the highest paid Airline staff in the world (While I am sure their staff will disagree, it is true).

Other non Asian/Middle Eastern Airlines around the world have been/are going through bankruptcy or extreme fiancial hardship because of their delays in introducing cutback measures or alternative strategies.

I applaude QF for taking the tough decisions and saving the company from oblivion.

No, i do not work for QF, I just have strong views on Corporate survival in a world where 1st world countries need to adapt to competing with the 2nd World emergence (which I think is a great thing).

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7. Re: Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

I just need to add that we flew Qantas domestically on our trip to Australia last year and I was pleasantly surprised by the experience :)

Brisbane, Australia
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8. Re: Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

Douglass is correct. Major companies don't cut back on profit making areas. Unfortunately with deregulation comes slightly unfair competition. Yes, we all benefit from lower fares but at what cost? We support QANTAS where possible and prefer to fly them but it is becoming more difficult for them to fit with us, not the other way around.

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9. Re: Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

>>>PER is a very important hub for major mining businesses, but QF don't seem to want to fly executives in. There is also a HUGE ex-pat British community here, but QF don't want to service them.>>>>>

People are just too accustomed to flying through Singapore to/from Europe.

Emirates do Perth 3 times daily so you won't be missing out. And there is a new Adelaide Intl starting too but cannot remember where it's first stop is (old age).

Where are these mining executives flying in from? Most miners use regional airlines the majority of the main QF fleet couldn't land on the airstrips due to size.

Bit like defence contracts with airlines...whoever tenders best price gets the business. I know Virgin nicked one from Qantas.

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Adelaide, Australia
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10. Re: Qantas - Expanding or Shrinking?

As far as Adelaide we only had one qantas international daily and that`s gone. Of course the premier is jumping up and down. (As they do)

Singapore now has increased flights to twice daily some days and these are always packed. Emirates is also now flying out of Adelaide so we no longer have a home carrier choice.

Thanks USB for the link to qantas press release. We`re booked on the qantas international on 31st March and now know it won`t finish til mid April.

Thought it was easier to avoid changing terminals in Sydney.