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Burlington, Canada
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info on westjet from toronto to punta cana, service, travel time, etc. Thx

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1. Re: westjet

Please? Thank You?


4 hours or so


Winnipeg, Canada
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2. Re: westjet

O M G ,Westjet ,wot R U Doin?????

A Flt out of Winnipeg to Cuba [14day's] on the 21st Feb

Leave Win 8.45pm

Arrive Calgary 9.53pm

Over nite stay

Leave Cal 12.05 pm 22rd Feb

Arrive Montreal 6.07pm

Over Nite stay

Leave Montreal 8.10am 23rd Feb

Arrive Cuba 12.15pm..

That's 2 day wasted

It only takes 5. 51/2 hours to get from Winnipeg to Cuba

The Return trip aint no better

Cuba to Toronto,Stay over nite, Toronto to Ottawa, Ottawa to Winnipeg.

Man O Man, then you charge $628.00 + $120.00

for this Debacle, Who ever thunk this trip up


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3. Re: westjet

Is this what you booked or were they all schedule changes? If you booked it, then that's on you. If they changed it, you could have gotten a refund for your ticket.

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4. Re: westjet

We're flying Westjet in Feb from Toronto to Punta Cana. The flying time is a little over 4 hours. We leave at 9:40 am and arrive at 2:59 pm ( Dominican is an hour ahead of us ) . I love flying Westjet - terrific service.

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5. Re: westjet

This entire thread generally makes no sense whatsoever.

OP's question: search online or ask a travel agent

Response #2: the itinerary makes no sense. it's a bit silly to book one like this and then complain.

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6. Re: westjet

We love WestJet...

and what a funny Post in the first place..

Toronto, Canada
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7. Re: westjet

Beware of Westjet Inflight Entertainment when traveling outside of Canada. The satellite TV does NOT work. The fine print on the web-site actually states this even if their promotional material does not! Too cheap to pay for satellite in US airspace I expect, the in flight entertainment is a limited number of "Hollywood" films (they forgot to add the word "Old") that start running when the plane starts running. Passengers have no control over start/stop and it is like traveling in the dark ages.

Thumbs down!

Edinburgh, United...
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8. Re: westjet

"Beware of Westjet Inflight Entertainment when traveling outside of Canada. The satellite TV does NOT work."

Good heavens, however did you manage to survive the flight?

Looping IFE systems are still in place on many planes all over the world. It's obviously not as modern as on-demand IFE but it's hardly the dark ages.

Houston, Texas
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9. Re: westjet

<Beware of Westjet Inflight Entertainment when traveling outside of Canada. >

Really? You necroposted on an almost year old post, to say this?

Victoria, Canada
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10. Re: westjet

My wife and I traveled on WestJet flight 2048 Victoria -> Cancun on January 25, 2014 and returned on flight 2049 on Feb. 1, 2014 through WestJet Vacations.

A passenger on flight 2048 became ill shortly after takeoff from Victoria. The flight crew made an announcement within 30 minutes of takeoff asking for a doctor or nurse. The flight continued for at least a further 2 ½ hours before landing in Denver in order to get the sick passenger medical attention.

Once in Denver, after unloading the sick passenger, the remaining passengers were ordered off the plane and then:

• herded through US Customs and Immigration;

• herded through airport security;

• gathered at the designated departure gate.

• watched as the flight crew departed the plane and then left the airport without talking to us or providing any further information to the passengers; no instructions were provided as to meals, etc.

• waited at least 5 hours before any information was provided to us concerning what was to happen next and when;

• waited 2 more hours before the flight was announced and boarding began.

• arrived in Cancun approximately 8 hours late; we arrived at our hotel at 4a.m. Sunday instead of the scheduled 7p.m. Saturday, thereby missing meals and vacation time at an all-inclusive resort (we lost one day out of 7, worth approximately $750).

While WestJet may not be responsible for the passenger’s illness, we believe that your entire approach to the incident and the decisions made by your crew and by WestJet flight operations were wrong:

1. Given the early onset of the passenger’s illness, why was the flight not immediately instructed to return to Victoria (after dumping fuel over the ocean)?

2. After the medical crisis seemed over and we had been in the air for at least 2 ½ hours, why was the decision made to divert to Denver?

3. Why land at Denver rather than at Phoenix or Las Vegas where WestJet has local operations? At least in those airports the passengers could have been properly accommodated, fed and kept current as to the continuation of the flight.

4. The sick passenger appeared to have flu-like symptoms, according to the physician on board who treated him. Given the current flu outbreak, why was the same plane used for the continuance of the flight rather than using a plane that had been cleaned properly – putting passengers back on board could have led to a serious and more widespread flu outbreak.

Aside from these serious questions about WestJet’s decisions, we also wish to add that your flight crews showed a serious lack of customer service:

• On the first leg (Victoria -> Denver), the steward threw his personal luggage into the overhead bin, crushing my straw hat; later in the flight, he rooted around in the bin looking for his belongings screaming “who moved my stuff around”;

• On the second leg (Denver -> Cancun), the new flight crew spent the first 45 minutes of the flight in the galley eating their dinner, ignoring passengers who may not have had much to eat or drink for 7 hours; after tossing out sandwiches, the crew disappeared for the rest of the flight (although the steward did have time to tell one passenger in my hearing that he only volunteered for the flight to maintain his seniority);

• On the return flight (Cancun -> Victoria) the attendants made only 2 (TWO) trips through the plane offering snacks and beverages – on a 6 ½ flight, this level of service is pathetic and perhaps contrary to minimum regulations. This lack of service was certainly not caused by staff overwork: two attendants sat in the galley most of the trip eating their dinners and reading harlequin romances.

We have flown WestJet on business and for pleasure for many years. The cheerfulness of your staff and your on-time performance were always welcome. All that seems to have changed. Too bad.

In conclusion, we believe that it was poor WestJet decisions (i.e., not turning back immediately when the passenger became ill) that led to a longer than necessary disruption in the flight and to our vacation. This was compounded by your new “customer last” philosophy. We believe WestJet should offer us compensation for the vacation time lost.