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Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS

Toronto, Canada
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Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS

Hi- I had a few questions about a flight I'm taking next month AC Toronto to Sydney connecting in Vancouver for 3.5 hours. I called AC several times and have been on hold for more than an hour at a time without talking to an agent. With the snow delays- everyone seems to be calling lately.

1. When purchasing my ticket I picked the special meal"fruit salad". I have been told previously that the meal is provided on the domestic portion of the flight(Tor-Van) but on the ticket it says "Note: Special meals not served in Economy Class on the domestic flights (within Canada) in your itinerary" .Any ideas?

2. Do I pay for my extra luggage suitcase when I get to the airport?

3. I wanted to bring nuts( bulk but company sealed) with me when entering Australia- is this a problem. Can I still bring it in(5Lbs of nuts)- I'm willing to pay the customs fee. Any idea how much thy would be?

4. I'm just confirming that I would enter the Domestic boarding area when entering the airport instead of International? Should I still be there 3 hours before?

5. Do I enter Australian customs in Vancouver?

6. If my flight from Toronto to Vancouver is not full 30%- will it be cancelled? it's at 4. If it's half full would I be able to change seats- I'm currently in a buckhead seat but I don't think I want it on this plane?

Thanks, everyone!

Any help would be great!

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1. Re: Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS

2 I have previously paid at the airport for an extra bag.

3 might be a problem. Make sure to tick the box that says you are bringing food in since there is a $200AUD fine for not declaring food, whether its allowed or not. If they are unprocessed nuts, odds are they will confiscate and destroy them. If they are cooked, probably OK. Can you really not get by without these nuts or purchase them in Oz?

4. I would still aim to be there 3 hours ahead, because one day you will need that extra hour. Was there something very special you had to do in that hour?

5. Pretty sure will enter Australian customs in Australia. AFAIK only USA does preclearance.

6. No it wont be cancelled, staff have schedules for other flights, teher are passengers waiting to come back, it causes massive disruption when they cancel. You should be able to move seats once the plane is in the air.

Toronto, Canada
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2. Re: Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS


3. It was organic nuts but they are pasteurized and packaged in the US(nutsonline).

I am vegan and these nuts would cost three or four times the price in Aus and the fresh quality wouldn't be the same:(

4. Thanks -I'll be there 3 hours before! I'm bringing fresh food bar with me for the plane- I just didn't want it to get cold. That's all.

Thanks, very much!

Toronto, Canada
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3. Re: Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS

I'll be there a year.

South Pole
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4. Re: Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS

the nuts will probably be confiscated.

be sure to declare them and any other food u have.

u will meet aus customs on arrival in sydney.

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5. Re: Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS

You can pay when you do online check-in, or at the airport.

You'll get a meal on the YVR to SYD route for sure. Its unlikely that you will get a free meal on the YYZ- YVR leg. There will be sandwiches etc available for purchase.

Carefully read the Customs form for Australia and declare food products. They will ask you about the product and you can then explain. It should be fine, but under no circumstances try and take it in without declaring it. The Australians are (rightly) very strict with what you bring in.

You do customs and immigration in Sydney..

Unlikely, and it will probably be full :)

Toronto, Canada
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6. Re: Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS

Yep, it's "food for purchase" on the domestic leg, so you can't really request or receive a special meal for that portion. If you're worried about selection, best to buy something in the terminal (post-security) and bring it on board.

In Toronto, the screens just inside the entrance on the departures level will show you where to check in, and the gate number for your flight will indicate what area it's in (D=Domestic, E=International).

The flight is very unlikely to be cancelled because they need that same plane in Vancouver to fly on to Sydney!

Vancouver, Canada
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7. Re: Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS

1. Phone AC SEVERAL days before your flight to SYD to check on that fruit salad order and the flight it applies to. It's always worth a double check when it comes to food. :-) They sometimes serve the several special meals ahead of when the cart comes down the aisle. Here's the info on that:


3. I have declared and taken roasted but not salted trail mix. You defo need to declare all food you take in, It might hurt financially if you don't. And I would take those nuts anyway but be prepared for them to be confiscated. You have everything to gain by taking them. I think it's a matter of course for them to deal with food and plants, they're not "out to get you" in any way.

4. Yes you will arrive at Vancouver Domestic, and you will probably stay airside in the secure zone to wend your way in transit to International (5-8 minutes) as your luggage will be checked to final destination.

6 Get to the Vancouver AC check in or gate as early as you can and ask to change seats. In fact you could enquire about that now. Do it as early as you can because the plane will likely be full. The bulkhead seats have dinky trays that come out of the sidearm. I don't know how the IFE (in flight entertainment screen) is configured at the bulkhead seats. But I do know that it is a 14 hour flight or so to SYD, so invest in comfort for that, and not looking at a wall.

And one other tip regarding vegan food/special diet. When you want to eat out, phone ahead to the resto to say what you need / can't eat and can they do it. It will just make like so much easier for you. Perhaps you already do that here in Canada, but Aust is a different culture so it might help. Go Canucks! :-)

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8. Re: Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS

Sounds like you have an exciting trip planned. Please rest assured that Australia is most definately a first world country, and we do grow nuts (organically too).

It is likely that your nuts will come under scrutiny upon arrival in Australia, and while (dependent on how they were packed/prepared) they may be OK, I strongly suggest you do not spend any considerable amount of money on these nuts. I guarantee you you they can be purchased here at reasonable cost.

Customs are very strict, and being a vegan I assume you may have a variety of fresh items on you. Even if you have an apple in your bag that you forgot to eat on the flight, you could receive a $300 fine if you do not dispose of ALL fresh food before entering Australia.

Houston, Texas
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9. Re: Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS

You can buy all sorts of nuts in Australia... far better too than Canada. Expect your nuts to be disallowed.They are very strict. They took my nut bars on entry, even though they were labelled "product of Australia".

AIrlines do not cancel flights if they are only 30% full, or in fact empty. Remember, they go there to pick people up. They don't just fly one way.

Bulkhead seats are my favourite. Nobody ahead of you to lean back. The downside is the middle section bulkhead is the place for bassinets.

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10. Re: Air Canada- Toronto- Sydney, AUS

I agree with Geo...I wouldn't be too hasty to relinquish that highly desirable Bulkhead seat.....especially on such a lengthy flight. If you still feel you MUST switch...do so now online(My Bookings) or for sure at check-in at YYZ.

Do pack yourself an array of snacks for your journey....ensuring you consume them prior to arrival in Oz.

As others have noted you will be responsible for your own nourishment requirements on the YYZ-YVR segment. Purchase something in the terminal.I would not rely on an abundance of Vegan availability for purchase on board.

Also consider bringing along a large array of entertainment options for yourself. ...books magazines iPad , iPod etc...The IFE system has a knack for malfunctioning. It is a looooong .journey.

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