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The had a brilliant flight thread.

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The had a brilliant flight thread.

Ok better make it a question. Any one had a brilliant Flight lately? I have .

Boarded a three quarter full Turkish Airlines flight from Prague to Istanbul. The leg room, well it seemed like 12 inches between my knees and the seat in front but those are man inches so lets call it 10. very comfortable.

The food was like business class (i think), ok admittedly i,m no expert on business class having only flown it twice but very impressed.

Got a salad of roasted aubergine and cheese, followed by a piece of kebab, small piece of chicken with roasted courgette and rice, a moist bread roll with butter and some crackers. followed by a peice of chocolate cake that tasted of chocolate not sugar.

Been to 3 restaurants in Istanbul since the flight and the plane food was as good as anything i,ve had so far. Obviously i,m going to the wrong places.(and i am a cheapskate)

positive friendly staff on the flight too. I,d have happily stayed on it another couple of hours.

Turkish Airlines 10/10.

Flying Turkish to Mumbai Tomorrow, Optimistic of a good one.

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1. Re: The had a brilliant flight thread.

10 brilliant flights in the last month. All landed safely :)

Thanks to Regional Express, Virgin Australia, Qantas, United & Great Lakes.

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2. Re: The had a brilliant flight thread.

Thats why Turkish airlines have won Europe s best airline for the last two years.

Good time keeping, comfort, food and staff. Not much else you can ask for.


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3. Re: The had a brilliant flight thread.


I've become professional friends with about 50 or so of our elites who are based in the Asia region or fly it on a constant basis; we chat during down times, and the one thing I've found somewhat amazing is huge range or difference in which each person factors into their decision-making when calling it a good ride or not..

For some it's pretty much utilitarian-- get me there, on-time and alive; and I'm totally happy.. For others it's pretty much all about the rest-- don't care so much about on-time or the like.. it's pretty much all about seat/sleep comfort... for a few others, it's all about time to rest or be undisturbed; to read/work or just unwind.. and a few are pretty much focused on F&B and/or IFE.

Travel Safe,

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4. Re: The had a brilliant flight thread.

I have to say I find most flights, from most carriers decent to good. Possibly it's my expectations, but seldom do I have an issue with the food, the staff usually are very pleasant (and I have very little reason to interact with any flight crew on any flight) , my luggage is fine, and normally I am on time or close to it.

I really don't like Turkish, I have to admit, I had a poor experience with them travelling as a female on my own in business, that I have never, ever experienced with any other airline, even the Middle East ones,m but agree the product, when delivered to the men, couples or families, is very good. Their treatment of women travelling on their own, continues to be reputed as awful, with the same experiences repeated over and over again,and as per my experience. They tend not to deliver that same product as sold, to single female passengers, as they do everyone else, and that's unforgivable.

You pay the same price, then you get the meal or the drink, just as the guy in the seat next to you does,. The flight attendant does not serve the man next to you and simply walk on to the next man in the row behind and blank you.

If there is one thing Turkish need to sort still, it's that all passengers in a given class are equal, the service level and product your ticket provides is not based on gender.

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5. Re: The had a brilliant flight thread.

I choose my carriers and my routings carefully, and manage my expectations based on who I am flying with. I have very different expectations when flying Ryanair (yes I do fly them occasionally but usually only when they are the only option) than when flying BA or Air Canada.

I also tend to be reasonable in my expectations especially during irrops. I maintain my sense of humour and am pleasant with people who are trying to help me. I negotiate, yes, but I don't expect the impossible.

But generally, I get from A to B with my belongings with no issues.

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6. Re: The had a brilliant flight thread.

Absolutely leics lad, I have different expectations when I get on a BA flight to when I have the misfortune to board an Alitalia one.

But as per most, we expect everyone in a given cabin to be offered the same level of service. No matter how good or bad that service is.

Can you imagine if they simply, for no reason other than they culturally saw older people as a lower class to everyone else, decided everyone over the age of sixty on the flight got no meal or drink, whilst they served everyone else and then packed it all away? Even though you paid the same price, you got nothing?

Yep, that's what I and other women have endured with this airline. Deeply unpleasant and very shocking when you encounter it, you really cant quite believe it when it happens. i will fly them with a significant saving or no other option, but absolutely only then.

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7. Re: The had a brilliant flight thread.

I usually take 4 hour flights and am happy to use "no frills" carriers, as I see the plane journey as a way to get from A to B.

However recently I took a 7+ hour flight and the only airline covering the route was a "frills" carrier. If I'm paying for the frills I expect to be able to use them. I was given an individual menu and metal cutlery, but by the time the food trolley got to me I didn't like any of the options. I was not impressed, and not least because I was hungry.

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8. Re: The had a brilliant flight thread.

" If there is one thing Turkish need to sort still, it's that all passengers in a given class are equal, the service level and product your ticket provides is not based on gender. "

Daughter has flown them twice from Manchester, on her own and had no "gender" problems, maybe just a bad flight ?

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9. Re: The had a brilliant flight thread.

Getting back to the topic, our last trip to Hong Kong was Tiger in, Malaysia Air out, mainly due to arrival times of the flights. TBH I would have preferred not to fly Tiger but it was the only flight that didn't arrive in the evening. In the end, it was an OK flight, on time, no hassles, though the cabin staff weren't terribly smiley. But, it got the job done and no complaints from us.

The flight back, though, did fall into the category of "brilliant". From check-in, which was quick, easy, and the check in lady checked our luggage through for us (it was two flights with an overnight in KL) and insisted on returning our luggage trolley for us even though we were happy to do so ourselves; the cabin crew were friendly and welcoming, nothing was too much trouble; the meals were very, very good, plentiful and even included mini-Magnum icecreams; plane was comfortable with good legroom even in non-exit row seats; this was a flight we really enjoyed.

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10. Re: The had a brilliant flight thread.

Just flew Turkish for the first time in September (6 flight total, including domestic and international) Everything about the flights was above average (well, what is average to me, it's all subjective). My only issue was, I did not find their website to be particularly user-friendly.

Have had excellent flights with New Zealand Air, too.

But we've been lucky overall--while some flights/airlines have been better than others, we've never had any real issues. We pay the money, they get us there in one piece.