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Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!

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Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!

Was on a flight from Copenhagen to Stansted yesterday and the people next to me bought 2 coffees. The stewardess asked for £5GBP and when they asked to pay in Danish Krone, she told them that it would be 100DKr.

The exchange rate is approx 9.5DKr to £1GBP - this means that they are charging around DOUBLE the accepted rate.

I am not sure if anyone can confirm whether this is normal practice, but I had to intervene and suggest the passengers pay by card.

Nothing short of theft.

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1. Re: Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!

This is common and has been going on for years, and I'm not sure why it's such a surprise - no UK airline is going to offer really good exchange rates as they just set them like this so they don't have to constantly reprice/reprint.

It's no different to people deciding to change foreign currency at their hotel - the rates will be terrible.

The answer is to pay in £ or suck up the terrible exchange rate.

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2. Re: Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!

yes, not just Easyjet do this, it's common practice. When you want to pay in Euros, they give the change in sterling, and the exchange rate is ludicrous.

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3. Re: Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!

I always pay in pounds as there is also a terrible Euro rate but there's nothing you can do about it, it's the same when you change money at a hotel the rate's always terrible.

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4. Re: Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!

We are all familiar with bad exchange rates charged by enterprises which think they can get away with it.

But doubling the rate is way beyond that. Or the OP made a mistake.

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5. Re: Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!


I've not seen the EasyJet in-flight materials mentioned by the OP, but I'm guessing it follows what most carriers do.

They list priced- fixed in several different currencies; not one.. So, whatever is the rate they want to use when the cataolgue/brochure, actually goes to print, is what they'll use and charge, for the duration of that printed materials' lifespan.

I don't know many that fix the price in one single currency- like the carrier home currency, then make all the other currencies they accept 'float' per some specified exchange rate; then when someone wants to buy in one of those "other accepted currencies" the staff then apply whatever is the then-current rate..

I do agree that the overall rate used is poor, but then again, like it is with most businesses in this type of capacity, whatever they make off the profit off via the poor exchange is used to subsidizes part of the duty-free function.

Travel Safe,

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6. Re: Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!

100 DKr is about £11, so either there is a mistake here somewhere, the FA was on the take, or the exchange rate is extortionate.

Edited: 4:15 pm, December 28, 2012
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7. Re: Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!

I think either there was a mistake or the TO missed something.

Coffee is GBP 2.50 and they charge EUR 3.00 what is ok (currently better to pay in EUR).

Of course there usually is a little extra to pay if you pay with a selected currency. They need to convert it back and will have efforts. Many hotels offering (through their payment service partners) "pay in your own currency" when using credit cards. A scam I would say. Same with Agoda. Bad exchange rates.

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8. Re: Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!

it always amazes me on return holiday flights from Europe to UK on British airlines -and Ryanair- how many passengers choose to pay for inflight purchases (refreshments or gifts) in euros rather than £ sterling. It's almost as though they just want to be rid of their euros regardless of the exchange rate which can be 30% inferior to FX rates.

And while I am at it some people value the guarantee to buyback unused euros at the same as purchase rate.Why bother? Aren't they ever going back to Europe in the future when they can use them?

I did point this out once to a lady seated next to me (not MrsWS!) who was buying refreshments and perfume in euros.I tried to explain that Ryanair were asking E1.35 for each £1 of goods when the High St rate was E1.10 at the time.She looked at me as though I had 2 heads.

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9. Re: Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!

When flying with Ryanair I always pay in euros as their inflight magazine/food,drink menus are all in euros, (well flights I have been on within the EU) otherwise the rip off exchange if you pay in GBP.

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10. Re: Easyjet Exchange Rates - BEWARE!!!!!!!

I think that perhaps the FA was not familiar with the exchange rate and made a mistake.

I'm surprised they even were willing to accept DKR as they normally only take Euros and GBP