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Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

Buenos Aires...
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Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

Hello guys, I need some advice from anyone who's familiar with Ryanair's policies and methods

It would be my first time traveling with them and I'm not really decided to do so because of the horrible comments I heard about this airline...

I need to go from Edinburgh to Barcelona on Feb 6th and unfortunately the only non-stop service is provided by Ryanair. Besides, conventional airlines require a stop in London or Amsterdam or Brussels or Paris, etc and the price is way too high.

My main concern with Ryanair is luggage...Apparently, the maximum I can select when I book online is 20Kg? And the hand luggage restricted dimensions are just ridiculous, since all my carry-on bags are suitable for what all the other airlines allow...Are the really strict and enforce those rules?

I read their baggage policy and they charge 20GBP per extra kilo...wow, that' just absurd...

Anyway, after adding all those charges the final fare amounts to approx. 150 USD. Of course this would be considering I don't have to pay any extra kilos...

I also read something about Ryanair denying boarding if there's any slight tear on your passport...

I'm so confused and I don't know if I should take all these risks and book this flight or not...another alternative would be going to Madrid first with EasyJet and then taking another flight to Barcelona. In this case the total fare would be approx. 170 USD. I flew with EasyJet before and never had any problem.

Well...any suggestion? Is Ryanair really THAT bad?


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Leeds, United...
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1. Re: Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

"Is Ryanair really THAT bad?"


Yes Ryanair are strict in enforcing their baggage policy - so not sure why that makes them bad? You will also find that easyJet are another who enforce these rules too. As long as you stick to the rules then both airlines are fine.

Haarlem, The...
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2. Re: Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

If you are already wining about following their rules and how bad they are than please don't use them.

However, if you can get over yourself and follow the rules you'll be fine.

Bodmin, United...
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3. Re: Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

You will find most LCCs strictly enforce their rules, which are clear to see from their websites. So long as you stick to the rules you are ok.

Buenos Aires...
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4. Re: Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

Thanks for your replies!

One last doubt: if my checked bag exceeds the 20kg I'll have to pay 20GBP for every additional kg, right? I'm afraid I might need between 5-10 more kg and I was wondering if I can purchase another ticket (paying full price of course) that's entitled to another 20kg bag, and that way I could carry two 20kg bags and the 2 carry-ons?

Do you know if that's a possibility? I would still be spending less money overall than the additional kg charges for one bag...

Buenos Aires...
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5. Re: Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

Nevermind! I just saw that once you've booked the ticket you can add another bag up to 15kg for 35GBP...

Then I think I'm going to take the risks and fly Ryanair after reading carefully the T&C!

Thanks for your help.

London, United...
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6. Re: Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

No, it's not a possibility, someone needs to fly on the ticket. You will need to pay for your luggage, and there is a high chance you will need to put it in the hold also, if you need to take that much stuff.

Ryan air is very low cost, the baggage rules are very very strictly enforced, so yes you need to pay for what you want to purchase, you will not be able to sneak additional luggage on the plane.

Either take less luggage or pay, it's really that simple.

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7. Re: Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

"..Are the really strict and enforce those rules?"

That's the question you asked, and the answer is yes. Really strict. The fact that your carry on would fit another airline means nothing to Ryanair.

They are different, very different, from other airlines. If you choose to travel with them you need to read every word of their terms and conditions ( web check in / non EU passport checks especially) and follow them to the letter.

Don't think you'll get them to change their rules for you: they won't.

Bingley, United...
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8. Re: Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

< Then I think I'm going to take the risks and fly Ryanair after reading carefully the T&C! >

By passenger numbers & profits they are one of the world's largest airlines. Most (but not all) of the problems are caused by one thing and one thing alone - Mr(s) DYKWIA

However Ryanai's customer service is well known for being near non-existent especially if things go wrong.

Worthing, United...
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9. Re: Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

Who needs that much luggage?

Their luggage rules are clearly set out and you receive lots of reminders regarding luggage and CHECKING IN ONLINE, follow those rules and you will be absolutely fine.

I have used their customer service a few times, cancellation owing to flight times changing, no problem, correcting spelling mistakes on reservation, again no problem and no charges. I have no idea where this idea there is no customer service comes from.

Just follow those rules, travel a bit lighter and you will be fine.


Edinburgh, United...
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10. Re: Ryanair Edinburgh-Barcelona flight

"And the hand luggage restricted dimensions are just ridiculous, since all my carry-on bags are suitable for what all the other airlines allow"

Have you even checked what they allow you to bring onboard or are you just assuming the restrictions are "ridiculous"? As far as I can tell, Ryanair's carry-on allowance is fairly standard. It's less than some, more than others.