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Toronto, Canada
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i am looking for cheap tickets to France and i have found one on www.cheap-air-trip.com

has anyone ever used it before?

they say their credit system is down and they want me to pay through western union but i find it very fishy.

can anyone tell me anything about them!? should i trust them?


Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: cheap-air-trip.com

"they say their credit system is down and they want me to pay through western union but i find it very fishy."

That alone would make me run a mile as well as avoiding any agency that uses cheap in the title.

Houston, Texas
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2. Re: cheap-air-trip.com

Chasing fictional prices to save pennies is a fool's errand. At least you came here before you purchased.

Watford, United...
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3. Re: cheap-air-trip.com

And here it is ladies and gents...the successor to Cheap-flight-deals.com


Same website, same scum, same scam!

Toronto, Canada
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4. Re: cheap-air-trip.com

There are many scams out there that use Western Union.

I would never trust anyone that says their only way of accepting payment is through western Union. If they are legitimate they should give you the option of using Paypal or a secure credit card system.

Saint John, Canada
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5. Re: cheap-air-trip.com

They are a scam. i googled the location on their website and i also looked through google maps and it is a normal building. NO OFFICE !!

I wouldn't trust them at all. they wanted me to transfer the amount to a person not the business and i found it very fishy !! a real agency wouldn't have their credit card system down and if they did it would take a couple of hours then it would be fixed but cheap-air-trip has their credit card system down for like 2 monts since i started looking. !!

Don't go for it man, its a total scam !!

Edited: 5:46 pm, November 26, 2012
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6. Re: cheap-air-trip.com

they say their credit system is down and they want me to pay through western union but i find it very fishy.


Its more than fishy, its an out and out scam.

At least you had the good sense to ask here first, but unfortunately you had the bad sense to be fishing in the bottom end pond scum side of the pond.

The ones that arent out-and-out scammers are often barely better, indeed you could argue that with some of the "genuine" web sites mentioned on here, at least the scammers take your money and are done with it rather than drag the process on over months of hassle with the same result, you lost all your money.

Book direct with the airline

Portland, Oregon
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7. Re: cheap-air-trip.com

MrMarcoos beat me to it with his post #3 and the link.

This is yet another incarnation of the same scam that has used at least four websites, and will use others going forward. I took some screenshots of the last site, and this one is identical - https:/…CheapAirDealsScam

And, to repeat from the other thread ....

If they ask you to transfer money into an account in the United Kingdom (which most reported on here and other scam forums have indicated) then report the matter to the UK's Metropolitan Police. Even if you didn't transfer any money, report it - it's an attempted theft. The information you provide will be useful evidence in helping the police track down the criminals.


One poster on the other thread (post #60) has a crime number, so you can (should) reference that number to assist the police. Quoting Paul S -

"Thankfully, I was suspicious of this and didn't pay by Western Union as requested by these c***s. I have also reported them to the UK police (www.actionfraud.police.uk)

Crime Report Number: NFRC121100355070

I would suggest to do the same and feel free to quote my CRM above."

Nannup, Australia
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8. Re: cheap-air-trip.com

Any travel company that requires you to pay by Western Union should be avoided at all costs.

Tel Aviv, Israel
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9. Re: cheap-air-trip.com

I was also asked to pay thru bank transfer. Receipient name: Andris Berzins.

I asked by email who is this person, they replied by mail: he is the accountant manager....

A guy telephoned me from London, sounded very stangely accent, and not a clear voice.

Thanks to you guys, I did not go ro rhe bank to make the money delivery.

Berkshire, United...
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10. Re: cheap-air-trip.com

Cheap Air Trip, Ltd, is a travel agency owned by BP Travel Co. We are based in London,


BP Travel Co was dissolved in 2007...