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Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

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Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

Jusr received an email from Jet Parks informing that our booking for Jet Park 1 has been moved to Jet Park Plus, 'due to unforseen circumstances'. Jet Park 2 bookings have also been moved. Anyone know why? Jet Parks say that my parking space is guaranteed, but if they are moving both Jet Parks 1&2 to their Plus site.... how are we all going to park?

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1. Re: Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

Jet Park Plus is far superior to 1 & 2, we always park there as is it a proper tarmac surface unlike 1 & 2 which are full of potholes and puddles.

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2. Re: Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

Just a word of warning about Jet Parks Plus - there is a lot of construction work going on as they build the new Metro line from the airport to the city centre. Ringway Road is particularly badly hit. So do allow yourselves an extra half or three-quarters of an hour of time for the shuttle from this car park to the terminal.

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3. Re: Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

Thanks for the replies. Have parked at Jet Parks Plus before so appreciate time it takes to transfer to airport terminal - but news of road works most helpful thanks. Will build in to our travel plans.

Just wondered why the move from Jet Parks 1 & 2 and on past experience of the Plus park (with people parking in walkways, on kerbs etc) how the extra cars will fit!!!!!

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4. Re: Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

I wouldn't recommend parking in Jetparks 2 - we parked there recenlty and the road surface and pot-holes leave a lot to be desired unfortunately. All other aspects of our experience was met with flying colours, other than the whole car park needs an overhall with regards to re-surfacing.

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5. Re: Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

Yes, JP2 is a disgrace! I had the misfortune to park there earlier in the year, and my car was a right mess with all the mud that got dragged in.

Best parking at MAN is the meet and greet service, not that much more money and right by the terminal. Really friendly staff too.

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6. Re: Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

Agree about the state of the surface at Jetparks 2, but they were absolutely fantastic when we returned after our holiday and our car would not start. Did they leave us outside in the cold waiting of the AA? NO, we were made a cup of coffee and were given somewhere warm to wait.

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7. Re: Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

Used jet park 3 last summer holidays [july] complete joke waiting at bus stop to be picked up, every bus went by full up,in the end we had to walk across to the other side of the car park over rough lime shingle dragging and scuffing the bottom of our new cases! where the bus came in to stand a chance of getting on. all in all we was there 55minutes before we set off !!! never again

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8. Re: Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

Do the Jetparks numbers correspond to the first terminal you visit in the bus? I.e. if I'm flying from T2 then Jetparks 2 will mean I'll have the shortest ride on the bus?

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9. Re: Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

Used Jetpark 1 recently at Manchester, on arrival through barrier looked like a battle zone vehicles parked all over in stupid positions, blocking junctions and taking up several places be ware this isn't tarmaced, hence no marked paring bays. It's quite clear to me that they are overbooking here as I had to drive around for nearly half an hour to locate a space.

Stourbridge, United...
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10. Re: Manchester Airport Jet Parks 1 and 2

I have just got back from Jetpark 3. Totally agree. Drove around for half an hour looking for a space. Got slightly concerned about missing flight. I also agree with the comments about the construction work and the surface being like a bomb site. It had rained heavily whilst we were away and we had to wade back to the car. ( Well paddle, anyway!) Cheap and cheerful, but I won't go back by preference