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Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

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Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

Hi all,

I'm back and planning another intl trip,yay:)

I'm taking a Med cruise out of Rome in May,and looking(preliminary) at flights...once again,cheapest options are all out of JFK. I'm seeing flights for app. $700 RT on Finnair and Air berlin,airlines i am not familiar with but have read reviews on here and airlinequality.com. Both airlines would have an 8 hr layover on the way over,and an overnight one in Helsinki/Berlin (respectively) on the way back. I dont mind those TOO much,if its possible to visit either city for a quick trip and stay inexpensively(<$100 USD).

My other choice is Turkish Air,for $750,also long layovers similar to the above,but I've read its a nicer airline and I have MileagePlus miles so i can accumulate miles here,but is Turkey a safe place for a single female to stay/visit?

Finally,there is also TAP for $770...quick layover in Lisbon on the way but overnight also on way home. Is it worth paying $70 than the others?

The major airlines(United,Lufthansa,Alitalia,etc) are all pricing at 1100/1200 right now,and Im not sure its likely that in the next 5-6 months prices will drop-if I can save $400,I will. But i would like some first hand opinions of the above airlines/layovers so see which stands out,pros/cons,etc

Any info appreciated!!


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1. Re: Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

I would go Turkish Airlines for sure. You'll get UA miles, it's an amazing airline, and Istanbul is Beautiful and safe :)

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2. Re: Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

At present Air Berlin is flying through TXL until the new airports opens. A quick direct bus option on Bus TXL drops you in a number of fun places in Berlin, which is quite large. Plenty to explore for a day, if you aren't too tired. I must admit I hear good things about Turkish Airlines and you get UA Miles.... I must admit I love Berlin, so its up to you.

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3. Re: Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

I'd pick Turkish also - excellent food. Air Berlin is an LCC!

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4. Re: Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

I'm using Turkish myself next month from Houston to Berlin with layover in Istanbul.

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5. Re: Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

I'd choose airberlin. If you just want to get from New York to Rome with no fuss, German efficiency is what you need.

TAP is also a great airline, and Lisbon is very nice.

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6. Re: Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

Turkish is rated as the best of those carriers so I'd go with them. But note their cheapest fares ("Economy Promotional") won't earn you frequent flier miles. I just ran a dummy booking for JFK-FCO, got a similar sort of fare ($837), booked into fare class P. Now look for P on the MileagePlus partner accrual chart; it isn't there meaning it's one of the "All other fare classes do not accrue mileage".


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7. Re: Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

Berlin on Air Berlin. Don't be fooled, they are fully paid up members of the "One world" alliance and Berlin is an easy city for a day, welcoming, not busy with easy transport links. ... planes are new, too.

I wouldn't use Turkish because of their past safety record, i know they have good Do&Co catering but (?)

I wouldn't risk connecting with a cruise on TAP.... Portugal is in severe recession and the chance of industrial action can't be ruled out.

Finnair is a good option, too Helsinki is very female friendly, and again a short public transport hop. Again, most planes newish.

Enjoy your trip.....

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8. Re: Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

Are you sure that the price with Finnair is real?

On the Finnair site booking JFK-FCO-JFK for May 2014 offers non-stop flights on American Airlines at a price above $1300. If I use multi-city to force a stop in Helsinki, the flights will all be on Finnair, but still exactly $1300. http://matrix.itasoftware.com does not show any cheap prices with Finnair, either.

Finnair has currently a special offer on the JFK route, but the last travel date is in April 2014.

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9. Re: Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

I would not even consider Air Berlin. They may offer a good fare but it will be an uncomfortable flight. No German efficiency with them. Check www.airlinequality.com. My choice would be Finnair or Turkish. Where did you get the fares for your choice? Beware of 3rd party offers. Best to buy from the airline direct.

Be careful with lowest fares. If you encounter a hitch somewhere higher fare pax will always have priority to get the next flight or be rerouted. Plus cheap fares often do not allow breaks like spending a day in Berlin. Hotel prices in big cities in Europe can easily be more than a higher fare with a better connection.

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10. Re: Finnair,Air Berlin, or Turkish Air JFK-FCO?

<If I use multi-city to force a stop in Helsinki, the flights will all be on Finnair, but still exactly $1300 >

I'd guess that's because Finnair are now part of the AA/BA transatlantic joint business so they have aligned their price - although they weren't back in 2012 when the original question was asked. As the OP is probably safely back in CT after their May 2013 cruise I 'd also guess all the good advice from people is a bit late ;-)