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Help from Air Asia experts please

Adelaide, Australia
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Help from Air Asia experts please

Can`t get much help from Air Asia and I know from watching this forum there`s plenty of Air Asia experts here. Flying Air Asia seems to turn you into an expert whether you want to be or not.

Booked some good fares to Vietnam during one of the sales at the end of last year. It was before all the cancellations etc. as I think I would have given them a miss as too unreliable once all that stuff happened

Anyway I`m hoping my booking is a fly through as it was all booked and priced under one booking number. Problem is my onward flight to Ho Chi Minh has now been brought forward so that it departs at the same time we arrive from Melbourne. Doesn`t sound as though that`s going to work does it!

There is a later flight so am wondering if they`ll automatically put us on that one or will we just be stranded and have to buy new tickets.

Have sent an email that I guess will get answered eventually but the call centre is pretty confusing.

Have a separate flight out of Ho Chi Minh that I don`t think we`ll now make. Had left 6 hour transit time but of course with a later flight that`s vanished. Holidays are supposed to be a carefree treat but Air Asia seems able to turn them into a nightmare.

Any insights gratefully received.

Portland, Oregon
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1. Re: Help from Air Asia experts please

No personal experience of Air Asia. However from here, I understand that you can change /cancel flights and create a "credit shell" that can be used to book other flights.

Also, you may want to either post on the thread below, or pm the experts who helped out. Not exactly your case, but I'd reckon they are the Air Asia experts on here (having helped everyone overcome the cancellation of the Europe flights).


Brisbane, Australia
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2. Re: Help from Air Asia experts please

Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City can be booked as a fly-thru and it sounds as if yours has been booked that way. I have cut and paste the following from their website.

Flight irregularities

If a delay or cancellation/reschedule of our flight causes you to miss a FLY-THRU flight on which you hold a confirmed booking, you are entitled to the following:

If your flight is delayed at the point of origin:

free move to the next available flight that connects to the final destination within our Connecting Time.

If your subsequent flight is delayed

A free move to the next available flight within our Connecting Time.

If your new flight does not meet our Connecting Time or if the next available flight falls on the next day, we will not provide the following:

Day or overnight accommodation

Surface transfers

Storage of your checked baggage. You are required to collect your bags at the transit point and recheck-in for new subsequent flight.


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Adelaide, Australia
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3. Re: Help from Air Asia experts please

Thanks USBusinessTraveller and I_Luv

Hoping some of those guys are still hanging round here or I will send off a PM

Unfortunately we made our booking before all those cancellations happened or I would have stayed well away from Air Asia.

Their highhanded changes and cancellations just don`t work when long distance flights are involved and at some stage you have to commit to accommodation and local transport.

Struggled through the T&Cs but it`s hard to now how to sort things as I think we need it sorted before our trip starts.

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Hong Kong, China
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4. Re: Help from Air Asia experts please

I'm not a huge fan of Air Asia, but I don't think you can blame them for anything. Rescheduling happens all the time, not just on Air Asia, and your flights have nothing to do with the situation regarding Paris/London routes. It's frustrating, but this can be sorted out quite easily.

Just call them. I had to organise the refund of air taxes for a flight that I didn't take a couple of months ago, and surprisingly, I got through in lightning fast time! Even if you have to hold for a bit, speaking to someone and changing the flights will give you the peace of mind you need to look forward to your holiday.

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5. Re: Help from Air Asia experts please

Try emailing amardeepsingh@airasia.com

He responded to all my emails. If you senda cc to azran@airasia.com (the CEO) Amardeep replies even quicker (guess he knows the boss is watching).

Also a comment on your situation on AirAsia's facebook page might get a response too.

PS, Jetstar Australia might be the worst ever at rescheduling flights. Six out my seven flights this year have had changes, costing me a days pay, an extra night accommodation, extra transport costs, and much inconvenience.

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Adelaide, Australia
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6. Re: Help from Air Asia experts please

Thanks dev. Will do that.

I did post something on the facebook page but AA don`t seem to be answering much at the moment on that forum so I took it off.

Prefer emails as I found the call centre pretty confusing and sometimes have trouble with the accents. No misunderstanding with the written word.

We always try to leave enough room for things to go wrong and have only used the LCCs locally where it`s only one flight to worry about and if push came to shove we could drive.

Sorry to hear Jetstar`s even worse. Thought I`d dicovered a wonderful world of cheap flights but maybe not.

As far as the Paris/London/India/New Zealand I know it`s not connected but it just seems symptomatic of their attitude to passengers.

I booked a through flight that they`ve messed but I have to sort things out.Some definite notification that this connection was no longer possible would be good.

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Poulton Le Fylde...
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7. Re: Help from Air Asia experts please

Accepting that you do have fly thru seats, seeing that there is a later flight the day you arrive, AirAsia's T&Cs as quoted above provide for them putting you on that flight. I would still contact AirAsia for confirmation of that though.

Fortaleza, CE
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8. Re: Help from Air Asia experts please

Put OP on that flight IF seats are available, of course. Doubt they'd pay for a hotel room, etc. if an overnight stay is required. You accept some inconveniences, such as low baggage allowances, when flying discount airlines.

Adelaide, Australia
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9. Re: Help from Air Asia experts please

Thanks to all for your help. We have been successful in getting the flight time changed thanks to Amardeep who got it sorted for us very quickly. He even followed up with a phone call. What a surprise.

We found when we tried to change our flight from the booking ourselves it just charged for two new tickets but it has now been sorted to our satisfaction.

Next job is to get the unconnected flight with Vietnam Airlines changed.

Ubon Ratchathani...
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10. Re: Help from Air Asia experts please

I would stat well away from Air Asia for the following reasons ....

1. If you are flying with them through Bangkok then getting your onward flight is VERY problematic - Air Asia operate through Don Muang airport (shared only with 2 other substandard airlines - Nok and Thai Orient). Transferring to Bangkok's main airport (Suvanabumhi) will cost you a taxi fare of around 600 baht (including 3 tolls) and take you around an hour (depending on traffic). The delays at Don Muang are inexcusible - check in lines are VERY long (you need to leave at least an hour to check in) and you catch a bus from the check in gate to your flight (which causes more delays),

2, Their website frequently crashes (especially during your booking),

3. They have no customer orientation - frequently run out of food and drink on the sales cart on the flight, yet stipulate that you can't bring food or drink onto the flight. No apologies are ever offered. I have travelled many airlines and I would rank their a 1 out of 10 for service, cleanliness and on time efficiency