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Virgin Atlantic

Hereford, United...
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Virgin Atlantic

Has anybody flown recently with Virgin Atlantic?

I am about to book my flights to Orlando from Manchester airport and would like to know what they are like yo fly with as they are the company I am leaning to booking with!

I have no past experience with them.

Rayleigh Essex UK
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11. Re: Virgin Atlantic

Have to agree with CandHblackers, flew wth virgin to and from St Lucia in 2010,both ways P/Economy Outbound flight very good, foodand drinks no problem. Service,coming back tho, different story, also in the bubble seats bad food uneatable,only had chicken curry no drinks and the THE breakfast, A MUFFIN and that was it, complained and was told by virgin "toughs**t" cant please everybody. Flew long haul with Thomson later in the year, fantastic service and a very good breakfast.

Come on virgin wake yourself up and look at other airlines.

Seahouses, United...
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12. Re: Virgin Atlantic

There is a drinks service in all PE sections. I have flown Virgin hundreds of times and NEVER had a flight without drinks. Maybe you missed them in which case you just step to the galley and ask for them. As to the breakfast..I never have one but I do not believe that any staff said 'tough s*** to you..they would be sacked and I presume you reported them.

Virgin are no worse than some airlines and better than most. Terry15..I notice the last time was 2010..two years ago. Things have changed since then..there are now jet aircraft!! lol.

Warrington, United...
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13. Re: Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic sell non refundable tickets and you cannot change passengers...so will lose a considerable amount of money if someone has to drop out of the trip - really so disappointed ... especially as it is five months before the trip!

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14. Re: Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic sell non refundable tickets and you cannot change passengers


Helen, that's not just Virgin, its 99% of airlines !!

If you want flexible tickets where you can get your money back or change dates upon a whim, then you'd pay maybe 3-5x the price of the standard no refundable tickets you bought, so expecting to get that flexibility on the cheapest tickets is naive and unreasonable.

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15. Re: Virgin Atlantic

we flew Virgin atlantic return to antigua over new year and we were really looking forward to it and paid for upgrades for extra leg room seats and window seats. the former were fine, the latter a complete waste of time and money as they are right by the toilets, queues form and people stand on your feet. the timings were good, but overall the service level was distinctly average at best. I complained to them about the window seats and their response was dismissive and extremely tardy. normally i wouldn't care too much but they are really promoting just how superior they say they are in their latest tv ad campaign and our experience suggested that is just bull!

Manchester, United...
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16. Re: Virgin Atlantic

We flew Virgin Atlantic last year Man to Lax. Never, ever again! Dirty, old plane a panel was loose next to my feet resulting in a hole looking into the bowls of the plane! No apology from crew and customer services said it was only cosmetic! After paying over £950 each I would have expected more from Virgin. I have flown to Lax with Air France, Klm, Continental, American Airlines and none of them were anywhere near as bad as Virgin and they were also chepaer.

Playa Blanca, Spain
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17. Re: Virgin Atlantic

The only good carriers left in the world are the Asian ones (Malaysian, Singapore, Asiana) and maybe Qatar & Jet Blue for short haul.

All the rest are much of a muchness - experiences will vary according to the flight crew. Even Virgin Upper Class was nothing special. Food average, pretty much same as most American carriers.

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18. Re: Virgin Atlantic

Just got back from a trip with Virgin (LGW-Havana-LGW)

Flew on Ruby Tuesday and English Rose which are renovated planes, nice comfy seat.

Outbound the crew were fairly enthusiastic not that we got the welcome cocktail as detailed on the menu card on either leg of the journey.

The drink trolley came around fairly soon in to the flight and again when they served the food about an hour in. It was a 10.5 hour flight and for the next seven hours there was no drink until they eventually decided to announced that they had run out of drinks and again did not bring around juice and water until close to the end of the flight. Not brilliant. In flight entertainment was exceptionally good. Food tasty by airline standards to be fair but depending on where you are sat in the plane they soon run out of the 3 options and you have one or nothing.

Inbound being a nightflight was a different story, the crew like to dim the lights and hide in the galley, only had the drinks trolley come round once at the beginning of the flight and even then they just ignored a lot of us on our row and just looked after the people in the centre, we were puzzled when the walked off with the trolley without even acknowledging us and the stewardess seemed to realise and sheepishly come back and ask if we had managed to get a drink!!

No more drinks for 7 of the eight hours of flight, I saw them start walking around the cabin with the juice and water and yet again they seemed to bypass our part of the plane! I have never pressed the button to summon cabin crew and wouldn't want to, also when you are blocked in by an aisle seat passenger that you don't know and don't want to disturb to go to the galley because he is sleeping! At the end of the day with all that air con etc it should be important to be able to keep rehydated!

No choice of dinner again as they only had sausage and mash which was actually pleasant - I would advise vegetarians to prebook and ensure a veggie meal for you as if any of us in our part pf the plane had of been we would have had to go without food!

We wanted some duty free cigs as a present for my OH's mum as she looks after our cat for us so after no sign of the duty free trolley my OH went and asked a stewardess who said it had already been round and he couldn't buy anything because we were less than two hours from landing.

I never saw that trolley come round once and neither did the OH so it would seem they bypassed our bit again.

I would definitely fly with them again but I would bring on board some of my own drinks to stop me dehydrating.

Llandudno North...
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19. Re: Virgin Atlantic

Sounds pretty poor really, am surprised to be hearing "would definitely fly again" and not "never again" you need to get much more demanding before you come back on this forum please.

We don't like happy, placid, easy going type passengers. Makes the rest of us look bad.


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20. Re: Virgin Atlantic

I think I was glad to get free grub and get to watch some really good films as usually the airlines I fly give you sod all and a film that crashes and goes back to the begining every time they announce something they want to flog you :-)

To be fair I hate long haul flying and no flight could be luxurious enough to make me any less grumpy on board :-)