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small planet airlines to corfu

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small planet airlines to corfu

anyone had problems with this airline, just come back from corfu with them, 11 hour delay on the way out and 6 hour delay on the way back, booked with olympic holidays

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1. Re: small planet airlines to corfu

Multiple faults on seats nor locking or moving (poor maintenance). Cold or tepid food, evil smelling toilets.

Would not fly with them again by choice.

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2. Re: small planet airlines to corfu

I have just returned from Samos to London gatwick via Lemnos. The holiday company was Sunvil and their carrier was Small Planet. The flight out on the 28th June 2012 was fine; very old aircraft, Lithuanian crew who were very nice.

The return journey on Thursday 5th July 2012 was completely different. We left Samos at 16.25 Greek Time and flew to Lemnos to collect more passengers. We disembarked the aircraft for what was supposed to be 15 minutes in the terminal building.

After nearly 2 hours we were told that there was a technical fault with the plane and we were all being taken (approx 120 people) to hotels on Lemnos, 20 minutes drive away from the airport. We had to collect our luggage and wait for coaches so arrived at our hotels about 21.30 Greek Time.

We were asked to be ready at 08.30 the next morning to go back to the airport. At 5am we were woken to be told there was a change of plan and we had to be ready for 5.45am. Coaches arrived and we went back to the airport. We checked our luggage in and waited to be called for the flight. At 10.30am we were told there was an ongoing technical fault and we had to go back to the hotels, after collecting our luggage.

We all went back to the hotels. At 19.00 we were told that we were going back to the airport and we arrived at 21.00; just as a plane was landing from the UK with the spare part to repair the plane. We finally left at 22.30 and arrived at London Gatwick at midnight - 28 hours late.

My view is that the planes are far too old; they break down and need repaired and the Small Planet fleet is just too small to provide a replacement plane so they have to be repaired. The cabin crew were great and did all they good to help the situation.

Personally, I would never fly Small Planet again and after a 6 year association with Sunvil I feel they are very responsible for their flights and who they use and I am seriously considering moving to another holiday company. Finally, as a PS the friend I was on holiday with flew to Manchester on a brand new Thomson plane - a completely different experience.

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3. Re: small planet airlines to corfu

Similar experience flying Manchester to Preveza 21/2 delay going out, 5 hours coming back.

They only seem to have 1 plane serving Gatwick-Preveza-Manchester so WHEN it breaks down there is no back up. Olympic Holiday Reps. are rude and useless.

Would never fly with them again, we had no confidence in the cabin crew had there been and emergency.

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4. Re: small planet airlines to corfu

We have just come home from Kos with small planet airlines on 12/07/12.Outward journey from Manchester was fine, on time, clean plane etc,However, journey home was a nightmare!! Told at Kos airport that plane was delayed 2 hrs due to weather conditions in uk.When we eventually boarded aircraft, we were told that flight would be 1.5hrs more than outward flight! Plane was shabby, seat in front was broke and would not stay in upright postion while my seat would not recline! Cabin crew looked very bored and were quite put out when I pointed out that seat in front would not stay upright during take off(I thought this was a safety issue).I will not travel with small planet again.Our holiday was booked with Olympic and I have emailed them stating that unless they change their carrier, we will not book through them again!

Edited: 10:50 am, July 16, 2012
Bingley, United...
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5. Re: small planet airlines to corfu

We were boarded on this airline at Manchester on time,destination Corfu,but allegedly we missed our slot and had to wait 1 hour without aircon before we could leave Manchester.On our return we again boarded on time but guess what,we missed our slot again and had to endure 15 minutes waiting without aircon before we could depart.When we got to Manchester we were told a runway was closed so we could be stacked above Manchester for 30 minutes but unfortunately we didn't have enough fuel for this so we were diverted to Liverpool airport.No other airline suffered this ordeal and I believe Small Planet came bottom of the pile in the pecking order when getting permission to land or take off.Would I fly with this airline again?No I wouldn't!!!

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6. Re: small planet airlines to corfu

I have endured a long wait seated in an aircraft in stifling temperatures with no aircon on the tarmac awaiting a flight slot.Was at BHX on Croatia Airlines.

I enquired of a friend who is BA aircrew why we would have had to suffer such wilting conditions.Answer was the APU (auxiliary power unit) feeds the aircon when the aircraft is stationary.There is no reason why the aircon should not be working (eg like the interior lights) therefore the aircon had been switched off to conserve fuel.

Disregard for passenger comfort.Small Planet=Shoestring Airways.

Nottingham, United...
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7. Re: small planet airlines to corfu

Journey out from Gatwick no problem.

Should have departed Faro at 10.05 am but now 1.50 pm and our plane still hasn't left Gatwick. Will make a prediction that the plane has a problem once it gets here. Saying 5pm departure at the moment but having had 3 hours to google these chancers I don't believe it. This is a Mark Warner holiday and it is really down to them. Their flights are dreadful for families in the first place but made worse by their current choice of the cheapest charter nonsense available. Have put up with all kinds of trouble with Mark Warner charters before but These planes don't sound safe. In the past we have been to Lakatira (four times) San Agostino, Dahab (Hilton), Paleros, Lemnos and luz (twice). The child care is the best thing and it's why we go. It's not good enough anymore to compensate for the crap time we constantly have getting there and back. I am also going to miss the Olympics closing ceremony and I really can't forgive mark warner or their Lithuanian buddies for that.

Southampton, United...
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8. Re: small planet airlines to corfu

We travelled with Small Planet on 28 July to Kefalonia and returned to Gatwick on 4 August. I have to say that after reading reviews before flying I was very worried about what we would encounter and if the plane would suddenly drop out of the sky.

However I was pleasantly surprised. Plane left on time leaving for Kefalonia and again left Kefalonia for Gatwick, again on time. However the Easy Jet Flight at Kefalonia to Gatwick was delayed by hours!!!

The planes are older, but have more leg-room, longer seat belts for those that have over indulged and the cabin staff were very polite. I wouldn't have been as polite if I heard some of the racist comments made by so called " English passengers" though.

The outward and inward meals were great. Much better quality that we had with Virgin to the USA and the plane was also much more comfortable.

I have to say that now I would actively seek villa holidays which used Small Planet over Thomson, Monarch etc. In their aircraft you have to pay addit extras to sit together, for a hot meal and so on. None of this was demanded by Small Planet.

I think a lot of these reviews have been written by people who expect to purchase highly polished apples at the supermarket regardless of flavour. I personally would prefer a mis-shapen ones which tastes great!


Leyland, United...
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9. Re: small planet airlines to corfu

<I have to say that now I would actively seek villa holidays which used Small Planet over Thomson, Monarch etc. In their aircraft you have to pay addit extras to sit together, for a hot meal and so on. None of this was demanded by Small Planet.>

That's nothing to do with Small Planet. It's down to the company that charters/leases the aircraft.

Edited: 2:35 pm, August 13, 2012
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10. Re: small planet airlines to corfu

Jayne and Derek.Thank you for your first post on TripAdvisor.You were lucky compared to many Small Planet passengers who have,as reported, endured various degrees of inconvenience throughout this summer season.In most cases the inconvenience was a delay, on a few occasions stretching to 18- 24 hours and not the condition of the aircraft.It doesn't do these unfortunate people any justice to suggest their expectations were too high.

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