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British Airways Business Class Seating

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British Airways Business Class Seating

The front-back sweating in BA business class is unusual. It seems that it would be a weird experuience facng a stranger the entire flight. Can anyone share their experience with this configuration.

For two people flying together, it is better to get two seats facing each other or the two center seats?

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1. Re: British Airways Business Class Seating

The yin - yang seating is unusual at first, but it's not been something that's bothered me when I've flown in Club World. The privacy screens must be lowered for departure and arrival, including the safety briefing but thereafter you may raise them as you wish (the button is on top of fhe panel dividing the seats).

Some couples like the E and F seats on the main deck because they can put up the screens between the pax in the D and G seats to creat their own private space.

If there are seats on the upper deck when you book or at OLCI then 62 A / B or 62 J / K are popular as the person in the A or K seat won't have to step over anyone for aisle access.

Seats on the main deck aren't horrid by any means, but on some 747s those seats are all over the wing, not ideal for views from the windows.

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2. Re: British Airways Business Class Seating

I agree it is strange though there is a privacy screen you can raise with a button after take off and I suspect everyone does who is travelling alone. Once that is up its fine.

We just flew business with BA last week and chose a window aisle pair which was good for us. Some people do like the middle pair of the four across in the centre but I don't. Going back for a night flight we have window aisle as well, again some prefer the centre pair for privacy as there is no passing aisle traffic.

Don't forget to factor in the charge for seat selection if you are fixed on particular seating arrangements, it's pretty high IMO. I wasn't planning to pay as I can select with a week to go but 8 days out there was only one window/Aiken pair left on my flight so I bought.

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3. Re: British Airways Business Class Seating

iPad typo correction strikes again, Aiken = aisle.

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4. Re: British Airways Business Class Seating

Never bothered me, the privacy screen actually only needs to be down for the safety briefing if flying alone.

The wife and I always pick a window pair and find conversing easy because you're facing each other rather than craning necks to talk.

We don't have any problems flying backwards, besides takeoff, landing and initial climb it's largely psychological. You don't notice it besides a modest nose up angle of attack.

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5. Re: British Airways Business Class Seating

The privacy screen works very well flying CW. Once the screen is up, you won't even think about the other person. When flying alone, I prefer a window seat since you get even more privacy and quietness. Flying backwards and stepping over someone to get into the aisle shouldn't pose a problem for most people.

I also agree that flying together, the window pair of seats is still the best. I dislike the middle two seats since there are too many people around you.

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6. Re: British Airways Business Class Seating

Since BA introduced the yin-yang pairs and lie flat seating, I don't think I've ever flown in Club alone, so I've no idea what it's like facing a stranger for the short periods when you cannot raise the privacy screen. As there's plenty of space, you're hardly nose to nose!

As I usually fly with my other half, we always go for the A+B or J+K pairs, as I always want a window seat and he always wants an aisle, so it works perfectly to us. It's ideal for conversation, much nicer than having to turn your head all the time, or, being actually unable to hold a conversation without one of you moving seats in the herringbone configuration of many other airline's business class product.

I've never found facing the rear to be in the least bit disconcerting from a sensation point of view on take off or landing, and I'm told rear facing seats are apparently far safer in the event of a major problem - but have no plans on testing that! However, as somebody who enjoys following the flight map on the whole flight, I do get mildly frustrated when I look out of the window to be seeing where I've been rather than where I'm going - but that's hardly an issue, just my personal foible.

It's a great experience, enjoy it!


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7. Re: British Airways Business Class Seating

It's always a little awkward when you first board. You don't really know where to look. Once the briefing is over you can then raise.

Window seats are good for a day flight with your partner as you can chat and eat together.

Night flight I like the middle pairs as they are very private.

Cala d'Or, Spain
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8. Re: British Airways Business Class Seating

It does look a little like a cattle market when you first enter the cabin but the system works well and is very popular.

If it's a 747, the top deck is definitely the preferred option (BA charge more for reservations in this cabin) but the lower deck and the 777 layout are also fine.

If it's a daytime flight, I would recommend the window and aisle seating. For a night flight, I would take the two centre seats for privacy and not being subject to crew and passengers going up and down the aisle all night long.

Guildford, England
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9. Re: British Airways Business Class Seating

We always used to pick firstly the upper deck then a window/aisle combination on the lower deck. The last two times we flew we were upgraded and were given the middle seats and I was so surprised how nice they are. OK you get no views but once the screens are up, after the safety briefing, then you have your own little cabin. It is so quiet and personal.

Other times travelling on my own I just put the screen up after the briefing.

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10. Re: British Airways Business Class Seating

Go for the last row window bed in the cabin, it really is the most private. You feel like you are cocooned, the only downside is you kind of have to clamber a bit to get out if the person on the next bed is sleeping, and the person in front of them is also.

Yes it is weird when you first board, it feels like you are "top and tailing " it,,you know when you are young and share a bed with a friend and you sleep opposite ends. Just put the panel up as soon as you can. Past that it's my favourite business class airline. The service is excellent, and I like the meal service, personally I find the pods very comfortable and private.

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