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Tips for long haul flights

Melbourne, Australia
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Tips for long haul flights

Flying from melbourne to las vegas in march and wondering how do you manage your time in the air. When flying from melb to Bris after the first hour i have had enough so dreading the long flight.


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Garden Bay, Canada
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1. Re: Tips for long haul flights

To all the regulars... yes, we see this question a lot. Put up some good answers to this one and I'll make it a "Top Question"

South Pole
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2. Re: Tips for long haul flights

read, sleep, watch a movie, think, listen to music, eat, drink, walk around, stand 'up the back' and exercise a little.

dont look at the 'where are we' map or your watch.

the 14 hours will fly by!

then after the excitement of arriving in the usa (SFO or LAX?) and going all thru their formalities, get to your next departure gate after clearing security (which can be really good fun) and know it's only about another hour or so to go. not counting the time in LAS baggage claim which is a experience in itself.

Mesa, Arizona
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3. Re: Tips for long haul flights

Never done a flight more than 11.5 hours (athens-NY years ago)....but LOOSE CLOTHING....bring an ipod (make sure its fully charged), Get up and move around when you can......Spend the money for a seat with good seat pitch (front to back room)...learn some simple in-seat stretching exercises.

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4. Re: Tips for long haul flights

Only recently we did KL to London for 14 hours and it was the most boring thing ever in my life. Mainly because we had no entertainment :-(

Anyway, when we have the usual entertainment we usually:

- Read rubbish magazines from the airport (girly mags as OH calls them)

- Take a book

- Take a puzzle book

- Pack of cards

- Watch a few movies, tv programmes etc

- Have a nap

- Even having the plane meal can waste an hour of time

- Get up and move about after our 14 hour flight my legs were aching for about 3 days after when we got home :-(

- Ipod or music

- If you have a kindle, Ipad or something like that bring it

- Set your watch to the time of the place you will be landing in. Then put it in your bag, so if you really want to check the time, you won't do it as often.

- On our flight we sadly played eye spy as we had nothing else to do by this point, but there is only so much that can be done. If you aren't travelling alone make up some games ..... we did and it kept us busy for an hour or so.

Auckland Region...
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5. Re: Tips for long haul flights

Wear comfortable lace up walking shoes and take them off during the flight. Loosen the laces so that they form large loops through the eyelets. This makes the shoes easy to slip back on when you go for a walk. At the end of the flight you'll probably find that your feet have swollen. This is normal and another reason to choose comfortable footwear.

Mount Dora, Florida
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6. Re: Tips for long haul flights

I actually love long haul trips. I get all of that time to do exactly what I want to do without any interference or complaints. I always take my Kindle as reading is my greatest pleasure. I take my laptop so I can do a bit of work or watch a DVD. I load movies or TV shows I have missed on my iTouch. My husband likes to put music on his iTouch and listen to it, but I am not much of music fan. Neither of us use the iTouch to play games, but our grandchildren can do this for hours and hours.

I also take a Sudoku book and some mindless magazines like People, and the Readers Digest. I travel with a guidebook to my destination as well as a map and I spend some time looking at both to help me prepare for my destination.

When I get on the plane I reset my watch to the time of my destination. If I will be flying when it is normally night at my destination I make a real effort to sleep during this time. We take our own comfortable small pillows, pull down the window shade and sleep as long as possible.

I get up and walk around. I try to do this every two hours, and my physician would prefer that I do it every hour. If, however, I fall asleep I do not wake myself every two hours for a walk. Sometimes I find friendly and interesting people on the flight crew and enjoy a chat with some of them as I stand. I get good flying tips as well as good tips for my destination.

I try to pack a few snacks that are special treats for us....more expensive things that we do not eat daily like shelled pistachios, plus apples and some good cheese.....in case the meal is not satisfying.

If my plane is equipped with AVOD I actually like watching the progress of the plane on the screen, and I use the AVOD to watch movies I have not yet seen.

Nannup, Australia
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7. Re: Tips for long haul flights

<<the 14 hours will fly by!>> I want whatever lien's having!

The truth is it's an absolute pain in the posterior, but it's the price you have to pay for seeing the world. All of the above info is good advice - stretching your legs every hour or so or after a movie has finished is high on my list. Try to find out what the meals service schedule is and work out a personal program around that.

Amsterdam, The...
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8. Re: Tips for long haul flights

Fly Business Class and at night; after dinner take a Nytol, sleep until an hour before landing! ;-)

Bingley, United...
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9. Re: Tips for long haul flights

If the business class / mickey finn option isn't available then

1) only do one thing at a time - so if you are eating don't read or watch a movie

2) when you get bored with that task then do nothing for a while before starting anything else

3) if you feel sleepy then SLEEP. Don't try to finish the book / movies / whatever. It'll still be there when you wake up.

4) have a stretch

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10. Re: Tips for long haul flights

on singapore airlines there was a language programme on the entertainment system - managed to kill a couple of hours learning basic words/how to count in the languages of the places we would be visiting!

Set yourself on arrival time zone and always get up to stretch/walk round intermittently.

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