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Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight

Philadelphia, PA
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Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight

I am traveling to Hong Kong in early December and then on to Jakarta. Any suggestions to prepare for a long flight like this. I have traveled but never for 16 hours straight. thanks

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South Pole
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1. Re: Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight

a good book, ear plugs, comfortable clothes and shoes, no alcohol, plenty of water, get up and walk a lot, the ability to switch off the mind or slow down the thought processes, ignore the 'where are we" map and above all a good sense of humour.

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2. Re: Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight

Hopefully you are not on a single aisle plane. If you aren't, get up every now and then and walk around. If there is no ptvs, bring a book, some headphones just in case, an mp3 player, and water. And don't stare out the window the whole time, it will make a 16 hour flight turn into a 36 hour flight :)

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3. Re: Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight

I do 11.5 hour flights ( and that is loooong enough) In addition to what has already been said--get on the flight tired so you will sleep some. Even a restless sleep is better than nothing and when you are sleeping the time goes faster.

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4. Re: Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight

something to prevent blood clots?? Just in case I am taking baby aspirin starting a week before I fly in January,and it is only a 4 hour flight. I just want to be safer than sorry.

Arcadia, California
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5. Re: Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight

Do get a pair of compression socks; they will minimize the swelling of your feet and ankles that will most likely happen, even if you are able to walk around a lot.

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6. Re: Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight

Adjust watch to the destination local time, wear footware that is easy to remove and slip back on and socks if not supplied on the flight. Wear clothes that are comfortably fitting, pack a shawl/pashmina/spare jumper, can act as a pillow as well as extra warmth, pack lip salve and apply often, and if wearing make up, take it off and slap on a good moisturiser, Walk/stretch as often as you can, and drink loads of water

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7. Re: Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight

I've done a similar journey, LHR to HK and then onto Denpasar which is a little further than Jakarta. It wasn't too bad. We had enough entertainment on board. (Cathay). It was good to get to HK and walk about.

When I go long haul, once on board I :

- set my watch to the time of my destination

- have a few magazines

- have a couple of books

- watch a movie or two

- sleep for 3-4 hours (as I usually opt for night flights)

- waste at least 2 hours eating the three meals and savory snacks (I do have a glass of wine or two, but drink plenty of water too)

- queuing for the loo can easily waste 30 minutes on board for the entire flight

By the time I've done all this, I'm there :-)

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8. Re: Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight

I've been on several long hauls where the entire in flight entertainment system or my own little part of it was having problems, so I always take reading material. I have gone from books and crosswords to a Kindle, which is great because you can "carry" so many books and even word games conveniently, instead of hauling the paper or hardbacks around. Magazines from home that you have not yet read are also good.

I second the lip balm suggestion. Ear plugs and an eye mask might help you get some sleep. Since I wear eyeglasses I take an extra case to put them in when I try to sleep. I also take an empty water bottle through security and then fill it before I get on the plane. That way I have water readily available when I need or want it. A small packet of tissues also comes in handy for me.

Hope your trip goes well.

Chiang Khong...
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9. Re: Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight


YOU will probably be traveling more than 16 hrs

If you take into account layover or connections time it will be more like 24 hrs.

why worry be happy is my motto. $hit happens deal with it

I do not wear watch or worry about changing time as once i am at airport and in system I have no control of time.

I take the bare minimum to make myself comfortable everyones needs are different I have the mental self discipline to keep myself entertained for hrs with out the plethra of electronic devices everyone feel they must have now,

A long haul flight is like watching football all day sunday

You just seat back in your chair and zone out only getting up to eat or go to the bathroom. but on the plane you do not have to get up to eat they bring you food and snacks.

Brisbane, Australia
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10. Re: Suggestions to prepare for a 16 hour flight

In addition to what others have said, I also will get prescription travel sickness tablets from my doc. I don't know if I really need them but there's nothing worst than travel sickness on a long flight. I've seen it and it wasn't pretty. Also I have had friends on flights which have hit major turbulence for extended periods which tries the most hardened of stomachs!