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Things that will get you kicked off a plane

Newcastle, Australia
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Things that will get you kicked off a plane


Newcastle, Australia
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1. Re: Things that will get you kicked off a plane

Tried to edit but time ran out.

Some examples from the article:

Sniffing fellow passengers

Two men had to be removed from a flight between Dallas and Vegas last year due to their bizarre response to a woman’s perfume. “The passengers smelled a ladies perfume, liked it and proceeded to lean over their seats and press their noses against her neck to smell it more. It was unreal,” flight attendant Bobby Laurie, from a major US airline, said.

Asking for water

A simple request for water resulted in a man being booted off a plane at La Guardia Airport, US. Mitchell Roslin said the water was for his wife, who was seven month pregnant. The cabin had overheated after the Spirit Airlines plane experienced engine trouble. Mr Roslin was told it was “against corporate policy” to give out water before the plane took off. He was asked to leave the plane, and his wife and two children got off with him.

Being too sexy to fly

A Hooters employee became the centre of attention on a Southwest flight when a crew member threatened to remove her due to her “skimpy” outfit. Wearing a tight-fitting white top, green sweater and a white denim mini-skirt, Kyla Ebbert was desperate to remain on the flight and negotiated with the crew by offering to pull her top up and skirt down, and she was allowed to stay.

Nannup, Australia
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2. Re: Things that will get you kicked off a plane

<<She was removed from the Ryanair flight, which was flying between Rome and Milan in 2007.>>

Did they throw her out at 33,000 feet?

Amsterdam, The...
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3. Re: Things that will get you kicked off a plane

My brother in law was thrown off a flight last year for refusing to move his plastered arm


They diverted the flight to land in Boston and he was arrested. It made Sky & National news in the UK. He will forever be known as the Boston Struggler.

By the way he is registered diabled after a bike accident. Did OLCI for a window seat where he could rest his arm without interfering as he has done about 20 times beforeand was given an aisle seat at the check in desk. Strangely US Air flew him again the next day. He got a window seat :-)

The case will go to court next month.

Dublin, Ireland
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4. Re: Things that will get you kicked off a plane

One of them would never had happened on the now defunct Hooters Air..

Lawton, Ok
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5. Re: Things that will get you kicked off a plane

I think being drunk has to be the most common reason. I have seen that happen a few times.

Houston, Texas
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6. Re: Things that will get you kicked off a plane

<...nicked in Boston after the pilot mad an unscheduled just minutes... >

Is this a local dialect, or just amazingly poor proofing? (knowing the unfortunate answer but giving the benefit of the doubt as a former photog & proofer in university)

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7. Re: Things that will get you kicked off a plane

woman decided that she was scared of flying (despite having flown before) and decided she wanted to get off the plane as it was taxying off the apron to take off position. Pilot had to taxi back to apron while her OH and stewardess tried to reason with her for the 20mins it took the ground crew to find her suitcase. At this point she decided she would quite like to fly to her holiday destination thank you very much and sat back down. Pilot decided to chuck her off plane as a security risk, quite right too as he would have had to chuck off the rest of us as we tried to strangle her for missing our precious 'tower' slot. Her OH elected to stay in plane in disgust so i'm guessing is no longer OH.

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8. Re: Things that will get you kicked off a plane


I'll agree with alcohol and drugs-- both the legally prescribed and other illegal varieties as being the single biggest commonality in situations where someone is removed from a flight involuntarily.

I'm also still surprised at how many people think-- either honestly or in a 'medicated/inebriated' state that they can successfully open an emergency exit door while in flight at cruising speed and altitude.

Most aircraft doors and cargo door are "plug" types that in effect seal when the aircraft is pressurized and exposed to higher altitudes.. Also, in most cases cabin doors initially open slightly inwards first, before pivoting outwards.

You'd never be able to open the door against the existing cabin air pressure and even if you did or could, you'd have a very hard time- next to impossible even-- to open the door outwards and forward- pushing the doors natural weight against the prevailing air rushing past at speeds in excess of 500 MPH or more. The force of the wind alone would keep the door in a nearly closed position..

On a more serious note, I do think that in some cases crew "over react" and have someone removed for reasons that, in my own opinion, didn't merit such.. and I've had to intervene in several situations on my flights to prevent this.. However, I do feel, that in the overwhelming number of removal cases, the action was well warranted and justified..

One of the issues that's somewhat unique to air travel is, unlike other modes of transportation like train and bus-- you can't stop in an emergency and remove someone.. Also, you don't have the ability to receive any outside physical assistance until you'll landed.. So, to a point, you have to error more on the side of caution than not given your limited assistance position.

When flying across the Pacific, I remind my Purser and FA's that we don't problems across the pond- period. I take this position for the reason that it is a safety issue for everyone *and* that in many cases these 'problem' passengers require the crew to divert a chunk of their time attention and time and this takes away from resources we could and should be spending on our other passengers-- all of whom aren't being a problem.

Travel Safe,

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9. Re: Things that will get you kicked off a plane

I was once on a flight from Mumbai to LHR. I was sitting next to a very charming Indian lady who, 20 mins into the flight informed me that unfortunately she had voided her bowels !

The flight was packed with no available seats left in economy - so guess what happens. The FA move her up to Business Class leaving me and the stench behind.

Some you win and some you most definitely lose !

Ipswich, United...
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10. Re: Things that will get you kicked off a plane

Well, that's one way of getting an upgrade!