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Southwest: Expired Snacks!

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Southwest: Expired Snacks!

Flying into Las Vegas yesterday (August 19) I decided to look at the expiration dates on the snacks they were handing out.

Exhibit A: Cinnamon Cookies, 30Jun18

Exhibit B: Whole Wheat Crackers with White Cheddar, 11Apr18

Exhibit C: Fritos, 27Mar18

Exhibit D: Pretzels. This one was a little more tricky. The numbering read 190201. I’m going to give Southwest the benefit of the doubt here and say this meant February 1, 2019. Or January 2, 2019. But who knows?

Later in the flight they came around with coffee. Me—“When did they make it, back in March?”

Other than that, an uneventful flight. They did manage to get us to LAS a half hour earlier than scheduled. Maybe the pilots were eating some of those non-expired pretzels for energy.

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1. Re: Southwest: Expired Snacks!

Those are just a best by date

London, United...
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2. Re: Southwest: Expired Snacks!

Even if it is a best by date, being handed something towards the end of August dated in March/April still doesn't sound great.

Tampa, Florida
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3. Re: Southwest: Expired Snacks!

That's a shame.

vancouver, BC
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4. Re: Southwest: Expired Snacks!

BrasilianBooty....I am glad you checked on the expiry dates and reported them here. In the future, I know I will be checking those darn pretzels packages for their expiry dates too.

You should write to Southwest Airlines Customer Service Department and report to them the flight #, the date of travel, your originating and arriving airport along with what you were given to eat--expired snacks.

I know they are still good to eat even after expiry date but that is not the point here. I understand Southwest Airlines is a budget no frills airline but still, it is unacceptable to be handing out expired snacks, imo.

Thanks again for sharing your experience with us!

Kenosha, WI
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5. Re: Southwest: Expired Snacks!

Maybe they will get caught up on the expiration dates now that they aren't handing out peanuts anymore.

What is more disturbing in the warning on the pretzels about peanut dust! And these are supposed to replace the peanuts???

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6. Re: Southwest: Expired Snacks!

I'm pretty sure Fritos never expire.

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7. Re: Southwest: Expired Snacks!

Southwest Airlines has long been known as "The Airline of Expired Snacks." This is old news. That's why I always fly either Delta or Suncountry. Their chips, cookies, and pretzels are so crisp and fresh- to die for. Recently, while flying to Las Vegas, I was reading the nutritional information on the back of my pretzel bag when I noticed "Best by 5-30-19." I nodded my head and smiled...very pleased.

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8. Re: Southwest: Expired Snacks!

@cliu: Not sure what writing to customer service will do. I might. But then they could claim I saved up the snacks from my trip in 2017 and am trying to get something free out of them.

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9. Re: Southwest: Expired Snacks!

Oh the humanity!

Now you know how they give you those 2 free checked bags.

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10. Re: Southwest: Expired Snacks!

Not a surprise to me, an airline that has difficulty keeping their aircraft properly maintained surely doesn't look at the small details like expiration dates on its snacks.

<<<FAA investigators have determined that Southwest Airlines Co. (“Southwest”) suffers from a degraded supervisory maintenance culture, which manifests itself in the pressuring of the carrier’s Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) and Inspectors to subordinate safe maintenance practices to the carrier’s schedule. Moreover, the FAA has further determined that, in the last several years, Southwest’s practices have resulted in scores of aircraft operating in revenue passenger service in an unairworthy condition.>>>


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