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Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

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Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

I have been shopping around for travel insurance using Insuremytrip (also World Nomads). While what a policy covers for how much is pretty straight forward, I wonder about the ease of filing a claim and a company's responsiveness to their customers. I would like to know your experience filing a claim with a particular company knowing that each incident/claim maybe very different. I read some reviews on a few companies (on Insuremytrip)- most of the reviewers never filed claims - yet give 5 stars rating to their companies.

Appreciate your input.

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1. Re: Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

I bought a policy with RoamRight with a cancel for any reason coverage. After I cancelled my trip, I went to the company website, filled out the form and uploaded all required documentation. After 30 days, I received an email informing me that my claim had been approved and the check arrived shortly after that. It was clearly stated in the contract that it could take up to 30 days to process a claim.

I had no problems at all. The key, as you know is to provide all the necessary documents so that the claim process will be a smooth one.

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2. Re: Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

I have an annual world wide policy underwritten by A a. Had it for years. Claimed early this year for cost of GP visit and medication whilst I’ll overseas.

No paperwork to complete, all details taken down over the phone. Authorised by the end of the call and money in my account within 5 working days as promised. They didn’t need to see my receipts and I got text messages letting me know what was happening in each step of the way.

I was really impressed.

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3. Re: Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

Nobody will have a critical number of insurance claims to make an informed opinion. All you will get is anecdotal stories.

Velez Rubio
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4. Re: Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

This is an impossible question to answer, as every claim is different, with varying mitigating circumstances.

All you can do, when taking out any policy, is to be totally honest about any pre-existing medical conditions, type of travel, likely activities etc.

In other words, make sure that there are no loop holes in your application that could be used against you in the unfortunate need of having to make a claim.

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5. Re: Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

One of our kids had to make claims on two occasions in the last couple of years: once for property and once for medical. The property loss took ages to reimburse (don't remember the company). For the medical issue, he got a check within 6 weeks of the incident. That was an iTravelInsured plan purchased through InsureMyTrip.

However, the difference in timing may come down to ease of documenting a medical bill (easy) vs. a property loss (hard). So, read the plans, read the reviews, and focus on covering what's absolutely necessary.

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6. Re: Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

Fortunately, most people don't have enough bad things happen to them while traveling to have an informed opinion on this. It's like asking someone how quickly their claims are processed when their home burns down. How many times can one person's home burn down? On Insuremytrip threre is a filter you can use to read comments from people who have had to file caims. However, I have no idea whether insuremytrip filters out bad reviews.and only posts good ones. You could also look for reviews from claimants on other websites or through the office of your state's insurance commissioner (since in the US all such policies have to be approved by the insurance dept. of each state in which offered, and I can only assume that really unhappy people might complain to them). However, I do now that most of the policies I have seen on insuremytrip have a rating of A- to A+ (actually, am not sure there is an A+, but I have never seen anything less than A-) with the insurance rating agencies, which should offer some comfort in terms of financial stability.

I think the key to a happy claims experience is to know your policy (read it before you buy it and again after you buy it) and if you do have something happen make sure you quickly do everything your policy and other info from insurer have told you to do (contact them if required- like for hospitalization or to arrange emergency evacuation -- and provide completed forms and docmentation in accordance with their specifications). Just about all the complaints I have seen on this website from people whose claims were denied were from people who hadn't read their policies and didn't know what they covered and excluded. They just thought something that wasn't covered "should" have been covered.

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7. Re: Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

Also, if you have particular issues you are concerned about, be particularly careful to understand the policy's terms on those issues. For instance, if you have elderly ailing relatives at home and are worried you might have to cancel or interrupt a trip if one of them dies or has a stroke, make sure you understand how the policy defines "relative" and what kind of event would be covered under the policy (death, but not a stroke, or both? A broken leg? the flu?) Would it pay out if you cancelled because it wasn't your relative who had a stroke but the relative of the best friend with whom you plan to travel? If you have recently been treated for illness or injury and are worried about a relapse or complication while traveling, make sure you understand whether or not the plan has a pre-existing condition exclusion and, if so, whether the policy has a procedure for waiving it (like by purchasing your policy within a certain number of days after making 1st payment on trip). If you are planning to participate in any political demonstrations while traveling that might be considered illegal activities -- or if in fact you plan to do anything else illegal, like driving a rental car in violation of the rental company's rules -- then check the policy to see if it precludes coverage for any losses resulting from illegal activities.

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8. Re: Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

Last year my wife needed emergency surgery while we were traveling. DKV asked me to e-mail a copy of her flight ticket (to verify that this trip was less than 6 weeks) and after that they settled the € 10.000+ bill directly with the hospital. Not ab bad deal for an overseas health insurance that costs us € 20.- per year to cover both of us.

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9. Re: Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

We have claimed via worldnomads - they were prompt, helpful and easy to deal with. They were however very through in ensuring the illness was not pre-existing, and we had to provide full proof of flights out of our resident country.

We have also claimed via Assist Card. For direct billing, where they dealt with the doctor and billed direct they were great - for further hospital visits (pre-approved by Assist Card in writing) where we had to pay and claim it was a diabolical nightmare. They seemed to employ a system of not answering, transferring and avoiding anything to do with the claim to try and wear the customer down. Eventually we got paid, however it took a lot of work, and was only via the intervention of our primary insurer where we threatened to move all our other business away from their company. They intervened on our behalf.

As above reference insuremytrip and foursquare - you can filter in to reviews where a claim was filed.

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10. Re: Your favorite travel insurance - based on claim experiences

We’ve made two claims. (Out of many trips) in the past 18 months. One with Trip Mate (well, they are the ones who settled). We always pay more for “cancel for any reason” but you only get 75% reimbursement, but it’s no hassle. With Trip Mate we could have claimed our (adult) son’s medical condition (stage 4 Hodgkins Lympoma) but that would have necessitated him getting paperwork done by his doctors, and we weren’t willing to make him (or the doc) jump through those hoops. So we just claimed under the “cancel for any reason” and were promptly reimbursed 75%. Btw, we had spoken to trip mate about this particular situation before buying the policy. When in doubt, speak to a human BEFORE you buy the insurance.

Second time was just a couple of months ago with Travel Insured. Again we had Cancel for any reason but as I had a medical emergency, we claimed reimbursement under that. We submitted all of the paperwork, they did need a few reminders that they had all the requested paperwork, they sent us a check for 75%. Called them back and reminded them it was a medical issue, they looked up the policy and paperwork, verified we were correct, and we had the remainder in a check within three days.

As others have said, every situation is different, but I do think you can draw some conclusions about efficiency, ease of dealing with personnel, etc. both of our experiences were fine, no complaints. Again, just make sure you understand the fine print.

I should add, both were for trip concellation, not claims for medical reimbursements.

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