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Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

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Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

I would love to get any feedback from anyone owning a timeshare through Exotic Travel. I am returning to EDR again because this is my favorite all-inclusive resort & I am considering buying a timeshare there. Any info will be greatly appreciated.


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1. Re: Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

Most folks who buy a T/S will not buy at an All Inclusive resort.

They are very hard to exchange, (get low priority for exchange companies) have too many costs associated with their ownership and use.

And most T/S owners who own AIs report (on the tug site) that the travel agencies have deals including airfare, that cost less than what they are paying for simply the AI part of the weeks stay. Be careful with AIs unless you know exactly what you are getting.

I have seen some AI resales on www.myresortnetwork.com for less than closing costs...if they even has a deed, or simply a right to use.

Just be careful...avoid sale by the management company, as usually, they charge three times more than the resale costs. Also, whatever they tell you, make it part of the contract. And don't initial any part of the contract that gives up your right to recession..it against the law. (US & Mexican)

2. Re: Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

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3. Re: Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

I'm getting really nervous as I read these posts. My husband and I fell in love with EDR and bought into the exotic travel club. Was there something in the air during the presentation? We got 80 weeks for $30,000.00 total. Were we snookered?? These weeks never expire, we can use RCI as well, and we can pass on or sell our weeks. I just read one post that says the meals and drinks are not part of the deal, is that for real??!!

Also read something about nor giving up "recession", that it is not legal in the U.S. or Mexico? What exactly does that mean? Does that mean we can opt out of the deal?????

We really love EDR and are returning in April 2008 for a week. Am now wondering if we were really taken to the cleaners on this one, or if it is actually worthwhile.

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4. Re: Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

It is probably too late to recind your purchase.....each US state has a time limit law, as does Mexico.......UNLESS they had you do something against the law on the contract you signed. (The time is usually a week or less after the contract has been signed.)

If you read your contract, you will see if you will get AI as part of your purchase. Also. go to the RCI website (I suppose you recived membership in RCI as part of the deal?)...and see what they say about the AI. They may list charges per person.

As for getting snookered.....its up to what you feel. You paid $30,000 for 80 weeks use? (Did you get a deed or right to use contrac?) If not, are you in a Holisay Club? Which one? Do you pay mainance fees & taxes every year, or when you use the weeks? What if you use RCI weeks? Does that subtract from your 80 weeks?

As an example of what some people who have studied timeshare and vacation clubs do, they buy a deeded resale unit somewhere and simply trade via an exchange company. A deeded timeshare can be found on e bay for $1.00 and up plus closing.

I can mentioned one timeshare that is rated super high in the world. It is the real Four Seasons Resorts on the Calif coast just north of San Diego.

Most units here are fraxctional. (a month or longer ownership)....but some are 2 bed 3 bath lock outs that sell weekly.

A resale week in a prime (plat time...highest trade season) sell via the developer for over $30,000US. But resale weeks can be found for $15,000 or less, (as rule changes here are tending to lower values)

What do you get for the $15,000 or less (resale Marriott good weeks go for less than $5000 at times)

You get one week in a 2 bed 3 bath supreme lock out unit (top of line).

What you can do:

With a lock out unit, you are able to use the week in two sections (using one bedroom each week.....or you can lock out the unit, and give both weeks to Interval International.

This gives you back 2 weeks for your one. This Four Seasons resort is so in demand, (Plat weeks) that Interval will also give you a bonus week for each week you give them. (Only top time periods)...which now gives your family 4 weeks a year, which you could try to trade back into the Four Seasons (hard), or go practically anywhere else in the world on an Interval Trade.

Real cost....the cucombers on your eyes & poolside drink service and top notch maintance does cost. Maint fees and taxes are over $1000 a week ownerd there (the entire lock out).

This deal works with many Hyatts, Marriotts, and Disney Vacation Club (if they and you convert DVC points into a week II can use. But II does not always give bonus weeks for weeks turned in.

Also, the Four Seasons does not have an AI attached to this.

You can learn a lot about T/S & vacation clubs at the www.tugbbs.com site or the www.ts4rum.com site

You need to read these sites to get the absolute best value possible out of the expenditure.

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5. Re: Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

I guess I have a lot to learn about T/S, especially Exotic Travel Club. We also bought into the T/S at El Dorado Royale, but unlike the previous poster, we got 64 weeks plus 62 explorer weeks, free maintenance fees for life and two years of RCI membership for $9,000. Makes me wonder what the difference is?????

I can honetly say that I am at a bit of a loss on how this whole thing works. I definitely need to do some research!!!


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6. Re: Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

I found this website:


If you click it...it talks about adult only vacations. If you go furthur in, it set you to A to Z travel Centers....when that is checkes on the web, it looks like a lot of travel agent franchises.

If you remove all the letters in the URL ( so it is only www.tulumnv.com it shows a Mexican resort. I'd ask on the tugbbs for help.

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7. Re: Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

Sorry, I am more than confused by KenK's replies.

I would really like to to talk with spoiledrotten. We too just "bought" into the Exotic Travel Club. Been home only a few days and cannot get any answers from the numbers given to us. Went into panic mode this weekend especially after certain circumstances that occurred while we were gone. We spent way more than you did and got fewer weeks. We feel screwed and are trying desperately to end our contract. Weird how NO ONE wants to talk to you about that issue. I looked into some of the packages and can find some of the same deals with FunJet for around the same prices. And they INCLUDE airfare. We were not told that food and drinks were not included until the day we were leaving. AMAZING how those "small" details are left out. If anyone is using Exotic now and thinks it works, I would really like to know how. Also, If anyone has gotten out of their contracts, please advise HOW.

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8. Re: Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

I am getting ready to go to EDR and I purchased a timeshare owners week in the presidential suite.

Now trying to get with Exotic to confirm reservation and also get confirmation on the cost of All-inclusive. We leave to go July 11th - I definitely won't buy in but if this week purchase turns out to be good I will go again. And purchase someone elses week . I understand the best way to go is getting the pres suite.

Keep me posted on your info and I will post my experience when i get back.

Oh one more thing. I have already talked with someone who did the same thing I did and found it was much better than going through the resort. She posted under the mexico tripadvisor.

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9. Re: Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

We purchased a membership with Exotic 4 years ago and have never had a problem. Make sure you always contact Exotic or your rep who signed you up. RCI will give you totaly different information about your exchange weeks.

If you check over your Preferred rates list carfully and go to an airline site directly for air fare you will save a bundle.

We only stay at all inclusive resorts and never have a problem.

We also used to travel with FunJet-however, if you have ever been caught in a disaster- like a hurricane- while in Mexico, like we were, you will count your blessing for having an Exotic Membership. FunJet drops you in a second and you are on your own to get back home and find accomodations while stranded. That trip cost us another $1600.00 for return air fare alone. Thank goodness the resort took care of our safety. However, if we had joined Exotic a year earlier we would of been transfered to another resort instead of sleeping on a gym floor for 5 nights. Also-no refund from FunJet!

The membership is worth it's weight in gold!

My advise is just call your rep from Exotic. They have always been very helpful to us and can put you in touch with the correct people if they can not answer your questions.

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10. Re: Exotic Travel Club - Karisma Resorts (EDR)

\With all these positives on a place we can't find a website for, I wonder if the positive posters might have ANY NEGATIVES at all to say? Do they have a website the interested party can reviews. Alsmost sounds like a Global Networks deal....( Bad)

If you have not gone past your resind period, do this now. If your contract has no mention of the recind period, or they told you the deal was so great, they had you initial the recind period out of the contract, they broke the law. Don't wait....follow the direction right now on how to void this contract.

The thread is beginning to look like an ad for the sales reps for this company (or what ever it is)

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