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Is RCI worth it?

Brattleboro, Vermont
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Is RCI worth it?

20 years ago we had a condo at a Utah ski area that was in RCI. We'd put a week into RCI and get a week somewhere else. We went to Mexico, Hawaii, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, Stowe, VT and the Berkshires.

I'm thinking of buying a quarterly timeshare (we'd own 13 weeks) and putting it into RCI.

So if I got a place through RCI, I'd still have to get airfare.

It seems that these days I can get a week at an all inclusive resort for the same price as just the airfare alone.

So is RCI the deal it used to be?

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Troy, Michigan
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151. Re: Is RCI worth it?

How did you sell your timeshare? We are so unhappy with ours...

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152. Re: Is RCI worth it?

I've still got them, can't get rid of them. Since joining dialanexchange however, ii'm just depositing my weeks and so far I've been able to go to different resorts in uk, Europe and basically anywhere when I want to go.

Troy, Michigan
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153. Re: Is RCI worth it?

Thanks, I'll try it. Other than our Vegas location, I've yet to find a decent timeshare. Even the locations that look decent online, have proved to be very disappointing upon arrival. My massage therapist loves her time share and has had it for years. They have some Marriott place and she told me all too late how horrible RCI is....so frustrated....

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154. Re: Is RCI worth it?

It's not the deal it was 20 years ago. The maintenance fees ALONE are more than you'd pay for a vacation most of the time. My folks liked it so much they bought a 2nd week, but then sold one and could not sell the other for years.

Finally they were directed to a broker whom they had to PAY two years maintenance fees just to take it off their hands.

Shop the popular websites for vacations where you want them and don't invest in a white elephant like RCI.

Toronto, Canada
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155. Re: Is RCI worth it?

Professor59-The thread is about RCI. RCI has nothing to do with your maintenance fees increasing. Buying a timeshare has nothing to do with RCI. RCI simply coordinates exchanges, extra vacations etc. They have nothing to do with reselling your timeshare. We have had some great accommodations for a couple of hundred bucks by booking RCI Escape and last minute deals. Far less than we could rent through VRBO or others.

Gibsons, Canada
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156. Re: Is RCI worth it?

Interesting comment, we are just catching up on this thread. In your experience, what is the best way to sell our Timeshare and who with? There are adds, but we are not sure about scams, etc.

Gloucester, United...
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157. Re: Is RCI worth it?

Mellowjude, there are many threads about selling timeshare if you do a quick search. The one basic rule is don't pay up front fees.

Saltydogcafe, although maintenance fees, problems selling timeshare etc may not directly relate to this topic they are relevant to the overall 'package' of timeshare ownership and exchange. We've had our t/s for over 25 years now and would say 2 things to anybody considering buying into t/s.

Firstly , don't do it.

Secondly, don't bother with RCI.

Up until maybe 10 years ago we could pretty much guarantee that we could get exchanges to the area we wanted at the time of year we wanted. We were flexible about precise location and date. We finally gave up on RCI when availability became virtually nil in any of the areas we wanted to visit unless we were prepared to travel either in hurrican season or mid-winter! The resort we own at has always been Gold Crown and we owned in Red time so the 'value' of our weeks didn't change. Quite simply RCI got greedy and started skimming the best off for other uses.

Merida, Mexico
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158. Re: Is RCI worth it?

In my opinion.. no. In short it's nothing like it used to be. I've owned and traded through RCI for over 20 years. It seems to me like every year I'm little more disappointed. I retired and moved to the Yucatan in Mexico five years ago. I live about a 3 hour drive west of Cancun and the "Riviera Maya," So I don't always have the airfare issue you have. It's still cheaper for me to go to a local travel agent and purchase a week at a resort then it is to trade, paid the "mandatory all inclusive" fees RCI charges. They have a "meet or beat" any all inclusive offers statement on their web page, would have to go read it to tell you exactly what it says. Whatever it says they don't stand by it in my experience. I've been repeatedly told "Oh, you bought this from a travel agent in Mexico? Yeah we don't match offers from any foreign companies, only domestic offers from companies in the US." I found a lower price in a Sunday travel section they didn't try to match it either. Been 3-4 years ago now but I remember they made some lame excuse and refused to match the price.

I'm sorry I feel this way, I used to love them, but anymore I consider RCI a joke. A seriously bad joke, but a joke none the less. More recently I've found the only worse then the deals RCI tried to pass off as "specials" is the customer service I've received.

Wish I could report a more positive assessment but I simply can not given the service and prices I've received in the past few years.

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159. Re: Is RCI worth it?

No. Stay away from RCI like the plague!

St. Louis, MO
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160. Re: Is RCI worth it?

I wouldn't buy any extra weeks to do exchanges with them. I don't own a timeshare, but my parents have one week in Sedona, AZ that they bought on the resale market. They never switched to point (didn't look like a good deal to them). RCI, for exchanges, though, now automatically converts things to point value which does make things quite a bit more transparent. I'm doing two vacations in the next 12 months, and they said -- check RCI and OMG I have condos for the two weeks I want, pretty nice ones for their one week that converted into 33 points. Do note though with that with a membership fee of something like $89 and an exchange fee (something like $219 or so per exchange) plus my parents maintenance fee which I think is somewhere around $900 (a little under), it's not like anything is that much of a steal. Cash is king and way easier to use IMHO.

Anyway, here's what I would have paid for these places on my own.

-- I could have rented the two bedroom that they got in Orlando for about $800 for the week (could have gotten one from a timeshare owner on Redweek.com or TUG2.com). It was the week before Christmas week (you should see how points really jump up for Christmas), and really cheap point wise in overbuilt Orlando (like 11 points). Lots of point deals there.

-- Didn't see any timeshare owner rentals for my Puerto Vallarta spring break week for a good price (I wanted one doesn't require AI), but the Raintree Club at the Marina (love that place) where we are staying (21 points) was available for a retail rental including taxes for around $1400 (pretty nice deal actually).

That means with cash, I would have paid $2200 for these two weeks (no budget buster or anything / These prices were easily in my budget). I would have stayed at these or something similar with cash too. I really like a condo, and these are nice highly rated properties with amenities I like and good locations.

My parents have a membership for $89, two exchange fees $219 *2, and a maintenance fee of about $900, so figure $1427. So figure $700 to $800 toward the timeshare purchase they made ages ago for maybe $6500. Figure too with so many people wanting to dump timeshares, timeshare weeks can be picked up for next to nothing, but there is the ongoing maintenance commitment.

So this year, their membership and timeshare saved us some $s and was a decent return on investment. And if you already own a timeshare, want to vacation somewhere other than your home resort, etc. doing that RCI exchange is a good option. With the internet, though, timeshare rentals readily available, VRBO stuff, some decent retail deals with timeshares, I personally think buying a timeshare to do RCI exchanges is more work than what it would be worth. I'm not an owner, and don't intend to ever buy (even resale). If my parents gave me their week, though, I wouldn't have to dump it, and it could save me a few dollars here and there.

Maybe RCI isn't what is was 20 years ago, but it seems to have improved greatly in the last five years or so in that you see all your options online, and things are quite transparent. I think (recent history), the whole RCI exchange experience is greatly improved. And that's from a kid who has mom and dad's sign on and password, with mom and dad saying to check for an exchange for any vacations we have planned. My parents are in their 70s and I'm in my 50s.

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