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Occidental grand Aruba

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Occidental grand Aruba

I have a time share at Occidental Aruba an older "optional contract" (I don't have to buy the all inclusive food and drink) during weeks 2 to 17. This optional contract is great in Aruba since Aruba has tremendous restaurants. All the newer time share contracts you Must pay for the all inclusive. Reservations have to be made 1 year in advance. Inventory "is not released" until exactly 1 year in advance at 9am eastern. Last year and this year I called for reservations and phoned in at 859am and was told there is no more inventory. How is that possible if inventory is not released until 9am. Then I was told that by special request the Aruba Grand would release additional inventory to give me reservations but I would be required to pay their all inclusive. I know they are purposely blocking the optional contracts they sold to us so they can accommodate the more profitable all inclusive contracts. They sold me 2 weeks and pitched me that because I am a 2 week owner I "would never have problems making reservations" and now they are not honoring their contract. I feel I have been scammed! Has anyone else experienced this? I heard there may be a class action suit organizing against this. Can any one give me advice.

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1. Re: Occidental grand Aruba



You may wish to post on the Aruba BB.

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2. Re: Occidental grand Aruba

Call again, talk to General Manager. Worth the cost.

Post again on Aruba forum.

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3. Re: Occidental grand Aruba

With the recent worldwide downturn in the economy, resorts are stuggling financially so they are starting to block out owners (they already have your money) and are making more time available to their rental pool which brings in fresh cash from non-owners. Not much owners can do but whine. RCI, II, Wyndham, Marriott, Hyatt etc. are all doing it. Apparently it is in the fine print of all timeshare ownership contracts that they can do this. Up until recently they did not do this to any great degree, but as new timeshare sales have slowed, they have execised this option to increase their cash flow-unfortunately at the expense of current owners. There have been several attempts at class-action lawsuits but the timeshare companies win or make a mickeymouse settlement to end the action. Sad but true.

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4. Re: Occidental grand Aruba

I am looking to purchase. Drop me a line arubasuites@gmail.com.

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5. Re: Occidental grand Aruba

please contact me at BarbLeeser@gmail.com to privately discuss this issue.

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6. Re: Occidental grand Aruba

I feel your pain Ira. We have the exact same situation although we have weeks 18-50. My wife called to make Aruba reservations exactly one year in advance to the minute and was told our unit was not available. I wrote an email to Luis Namnum and to my surprise he replied quite promptly. His brief explaination was that Aruba has a booking problem because it is popular with members who have bought at the other resorts and that everyone wants to book during the peak season. I have heard that they have sold fixed weeks. That is those members get the same week at the same resort every year. This could make it tough for those of us with floating weeks to get our unit when we want it. Mr. Namnum also said they are planning on adding 100-150 new units to Aruba in the next few years and that they are working on a policy to lower your maintenance fee if you are not able to book at your home resort of Aruba. I still have the email if you like to see it. Mr. Namnum did refer me to his assistant Alicia who was able to get us a Jr. Suite for the week we wanted. I really don't have any answers and do not see any positive changes in the near future. Good luck.

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7. Re: Occidental grand Aruba

I think that the best you can do is finding a good lawyer and trying to cancel/sell your timeshare: (timesharescam.com/blog/96-timeshare-lawyer/) when properly cancelling a timeshare, there is no further strings attached to the resort. It is important (however), to cancel your contract properly and through the right people. Do your homework and investigate the company you will choose to assist you with the cancellation/sell of your timeshare as there are many who will tell you (what you would like to hear in order to empathize with you and get your business.) whatever necessary to get more money out of you.

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8. Re: Occidental grand Aruba

Thank you for the info everyone,

We have been considering buying a timeshare at this resort. The one we have been looking at is a Platinum week deluxe 1 bedroom with optional inclusive, float 2-17. I thought this was a good price deal.

Can anyone answer this,

Will the optional inclusive be grandfathered with of the change in ownership or will the new purchaser be obligated as mandatory?

Are there other form boards to get more info on timeshares and owners experiences?

Thank you,

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9. Re: Occidental grand Aruba

When we purchased our timeshare in 2001 we were told that the optional all inclusive was transferable. I do believe they do not offer this option anymore and are trying to get away from it.

I have found that tug2.com (Time Share Users Group) to be quite informative.

Good luck

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10. Re: Occidental grand Aruba

We had the same problem last year and this year they tell us they are full on a week we have been there for the past 10 years and it has only been at 60% occupancy.(We also called on the 1st day available) They basically told us it wasn't goint to get any better. I was told by some Arubans that I should contact the Aruba Tourism Autority and let them know how the occidental is forcing us to spend money on their mediocre services instead of throughout the island. If anybody out there has hired an attorney I and several others would be happy to join forces. Nothing like being bullied as an adult and a founding member.

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