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Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

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Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Our family has owned a timeshare with Wyndham for over two years now and have very mixed feelings about this investment we've made. I have to admit that when we first were given a presentation from Wyndham while in San Antonio I was not very interested nor cared much for a timeshare but my parents were. Or at least they were made to think so. We've had an amazingly horrid time dealing with this company but at the same time we do feel that we are starting to understand our timeshare better. I want to know what experiences other Wyndham owners have experienced and whether our situation was an isolated one or something that is constantly occuring? What has been your experience vacation wise with Wyndham?

We first bought our timeshare at the Wyndham Cascada in San Antonio and it seemed like a rather good idea at time since we do enjoy to vacation. It wasn't until we went to Wyndham in Grand Desert that the problems began to arise. Apparently our account had been flagged because of few things in our contract had been written wrong and those who sold us our timeshare in San Antonio failed to tell us what they were removing in order to lower the price enough for us to purchase. If there's one thing that Wyndham is very good is being aggressive in their sales.... which is NOT appreciated.

We ended up laying down more money in Grand Desert to have it adjusted...since they never bothered to send us a deed either. Overall, we were satisfied with our treatment in Grand Desert and thought that we had everything fixed. A few months later my parents went on a vacation to San Antonio and stayed in the Cascada. They tried doing the same thing.

I was not present so I feel that perhaps my parents over reacted when they went to a presentation but it's difficult for us to get over our apprehension in dealing with any of the staff in Wyndham. After being conned the first time around we've learned to be cautious with this company. The only way to enjoy this timeshare is to know it backwards and forwards in order to maximize your dollar.

Despite our experienve we have managed to enjoy our vacations.

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1. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

OMG- I love Wyndham and the sale staff at Grand Dessert is the MOST aggressive rude and horrid I have ever encountered - sorry- the hard part is that the rest of the staff is delightful so you are somewhat lulled and then they come on to you like gang busters with threats and everything else. You should have someone who is assigned to your account from usually your home resort. That might be worth a phone call to get that cleared up. I carry the name of the man with whom we worked there and use it often when I go to updates which BTW - I always go and I now never buy. Please understand that it is a business and some of the salesmen are over the top. We have been doing this for almost 20 years and you can make it work for you.

I unlike most never buy anywhere I do not like to stay so at the worst I keep going back to the same place and some of them I do that every year. There are others I like but like a change to use those points to go elsewhere. If you are computer savvy - go to their website and spent a bit of time looking around - you can learn a lot. I have been with Wyndham since they purchased our property in St THomas and so far I do not have many complaints - their properties are well maintained and here is the long short of it all- always go to the update - they give yo something for your time, listen to what they say and then walk away unless YOU was something more. What you bought is safe. Again sorry you met up with the demon salesman from Grand Dessert - most of them are very good - just trying to make a living.. You don't like what happened - and you have time - on your exit check - tell them how angry you are. and I always carry a pen and paper to keep notes - it is actually quite entertaining to watch their reaction when I am writing down everything they say cause some will d o just about anything for money - hmmmm brings me right back to GD and raises my blood pressure thinking about it! BTW welcome to the Wyndham family.

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2. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

I cound never see myself clear to purchase when it is so easy just to rent from Wyndham...


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3. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

We have owned our timeshare at a non-Wyndham resort for many years and have "swapped into" a few Wyndham resorts during that time.

In general, we find the Wyndham resort hospitality staffs to be pleasant, easy to deal with, and helpful. Wish we could say the same about their sales staffs.

On two different occasions, we found Wyndham timeshare sales reps (in Williamsburg, VA in particular) to be uninformed about the details of their own program, totally unfamiliar with the concept that non-Wyndham owners can trade into Wyndham resorts, and willing to tell outright lies in attempts to make a sale. We've had "greeters" at the check-in desk assure us that their "free breakfast" is "definitely not" a sales pitch..... We've had sales people disparage our current ownership without even knowing where our home resort is located. We've had them assure us that a "quick follow-up visit from their sales manager" after we've declined to buy will "only be a quality review on my work, not an attempt to sell you anything...." And have had sales staff and managers turn rude and insulting when we decline to buy. Because we've swapped in from outside Wyndham with RCI handling the actual booking, we have little experience with Wyndham's own booking staff, but, if they're anything like Wyndham's sales reps, we're not surprised you might be having trouble with them or their program....

Too bad they haven't figured out that you can attract more customers/buyers with honest, informed selling than with pressure, misinformation and partial information.

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4. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Buying on the secondary market (aka . . . "resale") is the only way to go. Paying full price through the developer will cost you many times over.

Anyone who has timeshare ownership and looking to maximize their "investment" should stop by Timeshare Users Group (www.tug2.net) and join the discussions on the forums there. There is a specific forum just for Wyndham ownership.

I personally own a fixed week with Wyndham (Kingsgate/Williamsburg wk 18 3BR L/O) and a small 77k UDI contract at Myrtle Beach/Westwinds. While I'm far from an "expert" I have been a timeshare owner for nearly 30 years and have been around enough of the various types of ownership to be a resource to others.

Best wishes in trying to work through the situation your family has. Hopefully you'll be able to make full use of what you have.


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5. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

I just sat through the Wyndham sales pitch in Las Vegas. It was pretty high pressure and VERY misleading and skewed in presentation. The salesman turned rude as soon as I asked the first couple of questions - his attitude seemed to be incredulous that I would question anything within the program. He went on to tell me that he made over 500K last year selling these things - to me, that just said the commissions were disproportionately high. I asked for a copy of the offer in writing, so that I could review it and give it further consideration. They flat out refused to give me a copy of the offer - this sent up a HUGE red flag in my mind.

Take advantage of the "free stuff" if you have 3+ hours to waste (don't believe the 90 minutes they tell you). But be very wary of closing the deal ... do your research and, in my opinion, you will be far better off without the program.

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6. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Mmmmmmmm reading this and thought back to our own experiences with the Wyndham presentations in Las Vegas. We came across this organisation in a quite different manner by buying some show tickets at a reduced price if we agreed to a Wyndham presentation.

So I thought ok seems no big deal (1hr I was told) and seeing as there were 5 in our group I said I would go through the presentation on my own so that they didn't have to bother.

In the event my wife wanted to accompany me and so started a nightmare of over 4hrs of high pressure sales talk. Always charming but very insistent, we are British and to be honest had no interest in buying into a timeshare, just go for an hours presentation and that's it, in order to get these show tickets at a reduced price.

By the end of the presentation, interrogation more like, by a succession of sales people, my wife was feeling physically ill. And only then did they finally take my no as an answer. We couldn't walk out, we had no idea where we were to begin with as we had been transported between various places. The time share's themselves were indeed luxurious but we had no interest in the first place and the stated 1hr presentation turned out to be over 4hrs in total, we were exhausted by saying no thanks.

We were also given a voucher for a 'free' stay in Hawaii, in a Wyndham building, but of course we would have to arrange flights etc. So in effect that offer would never be taken up by us, but the experience put Wyndham at the top of the time share nightmare list for us.

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7. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Used to be Wyndham owner but too many lies and too much money. Now I simply purchase RCI certificates for around $200 each (they are good for 7 night stay) and book in with them. Just stayed 2 weeks in 2 bedroom at Wyndham Palm-Aire in Pompano Beach. We had nicer unit overlooking the pool than many owners. Almost every owner we spoke to were disatisfied at the rising costs, poor service and ever changing policies. Plus Wyndham rents their units to non-owners often for less than owners pay-how fair is that? Why do they keep buying? Seems Wyndham plays on your ego about becoming a gold and then platinum member to coerce you into purchasing more points. Now I do not always get best choices with my certificates, but at only $200 a week and no strings attached it is the best deal for us. My recommendation for those who still want Wyndham points is to avoid the sales presentations and buy them on Ebay-there are many owners almost giving their points away just to get away from the ever increasing maintenance fees.

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8. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

Three. Count 'em three...... Vegas.. Grand Desert TS on EBAY. No reserve .. I wonder what they will end up going for.... Just wonderin'...

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9. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

I purchased a timeshare with Wyndham last year and thought I was doing it for all the right reasons. I was becoming a grandma that March and my sales rep told me everything that I wanted to hear. That I had 2 free bonus weeks that I could use at any time (he failed to tell me that they were $249.00 and it was limited to where you could go). He said that I could use my points for air flights and only 35,000 points and discounts on resorts. He said that I could reach him at anytime and he would help me book my first vacation. He never ever answered his phone again. When I called the sales department they told me to get over Doug. When you ever go to Wyndham at Wisconsin Dells they always try to upsell and I tell them no. I have done 7 complaints on Doug and nothing was ever done about him. So in March we had my granddaughter's birthday party. Again, they wanted to meet with me to give me gifts and do the whole upsell again. He had told me that he had goosebumps because I had declined getting what I have already which is 168,000 every other year to getting 168,000 every year for no extra charge. I said that was never told to me. He said he would see what he could do and then half hour later he talked to his manager and all that crap and showed me packages for 210,000 and 300,000 points. I said what happened to what I have every year at no extra charge. He got all flustered and said okay came back again and said that he could do 189,000 points for 2,500 more on my original contract. I said there better not be any funny business and again he said no just the 2,500. A couple days later I felt uneasy about everything and called him to get out of it. Rubin called me saying that Jason was out of town for a week having a baby and that I could still get out of it and he would contact me on Saturday. On Monday 10 days later I received a 7,500 bank america card, 7,000 bill me later plus the 2,500 added to my contract. I called him to tell him I wanted out and he knew that I had no paperwork for any of this crap. He said that I knew it was a good deal and knew of all three of the contracts. He said it was too late to get of the contract. So with my persistence getting an attorney, talking to a detective, a crisis center and calling everyone at Wyndham. They agreed to take me out of the contract. It does not matter what they say - they all lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10. Re: Wyndham Timeshare.... the good, bad, and the ugly..

TS 101. IF ( and I stipulate "IF" ) you can travel during "off" or "shoulder season" to the resort area you wish....

1. Buy a gold crown RCI TS "red" on secondary market. Preferably "floating week". Try to keep annual maintenance fee low (target < $450) You will likely save 80 percent. SAVE 80% of developer pitch. $10K developer = ,$2k.

2. Join RCI. (<100 bucks a year)

3. Pay your annual TS maintenance fee as soon as you can.

4a Go to the resort you own

4b Use RCI's "extra vacations" or "last call" to go to other resorts

4c Trade your owned week and go to other resorts.

5. Stick to Gold (preferably) or Silver crown... or check reviews carefully.

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