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Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?

Dallas, Texas
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Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?

I was about joining TUG2 but I have read many complains by other people on Tripadvisor, Repdigger, Complaintsboard, and Redweek.

They state that this is Private Business disguised as a Non- Profit Organization, besides we might suspect they misuse private data of users who already signed up to their four o five websites: TUG2.net



Timeshare users Group .com

.....Don´t you really think the government should investigate thoroughly how this business manages private data?

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1. Re: Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?

Timeshare Users Group makes no claims to be a non-profit entity. If by "many" complaints you refer to one or two over the past 25 years, i suppose that qualifies as "many". and each one of them is from a scammer or other individual who felt the forum rules didnt apply to them.

Per your allegation of us being a scam over the use of multiple websites, TUG owns dozens of domain names (only a few of which are actually used for anything specific however)...being the very first timeshare website on the internet has resulted in us owning many domain names over the years.

https://tug2.net is the homepage of TUG, and everything here is free and open to the public.

https://tugbbs.com is the online discussion forums (also free to register and post)

https://tug2.com is the member only homepage where timeshare ratings/reviews and the marketplace is hosted.

all other TUG websites (timeshare-users-group.com for instance) redirect to one of the above pages, nothing is "collected" on any of them. we also do not share/sell/provide/etc any customer data with any other organization, nor use it in any way for advertising/solicitation/etc. nor have we done so at any time in the past 25 years.

we do always enjoy when we frustrate scammers so much that they make these sorts of posts every few years, thanks for the free boost in SEO! =)

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Clifton Park, New...
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2. Re: Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?

Yana, if you would like to find another opportunity to "dig into" Tug, why don't you go over to Redweek and search there. You will notice that some have made condescending remarks about Tug, and how it is not quite what they want. Truth be told, not everybody who goes on a bulletin board finds topics that they like. Some people on Tug ask timeshare questions, and they are answered by other members. Tug has a rental page, and a sale page. I don't own a timeshare but I have been a paying member of Tug for 5 years. I enjoy the banter and some of the opinions that are shared. However, I have NEVER been solicited by any company in the timeshare/vacation business during that 5 year period. Maybe you should do more research before you go shooting your big fat mouth off.

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3. Re: Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?

Nope, TUG is a community of mostly timeshare owners/users. A community that looks out for each other whether someone is a brand new or seasoned poster. A community that will bend over backwards to help/educate anyone who asks for it. A community that shares information so that the under-informed aren't duped into a very costly life changing mistake.

Just so you know a "scam" is a dishonest scheme: a fraud. TUG2 is neither of those things.

San Francisco...
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4. Re: Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?


TUG is the best resource for Timeshare Owners - and those that hopefully find them before they buy from anyone (Developer or Resale).

TUG mantras are simple:

Rescind (for those that bought from Developer)


And, IMPORTANTLY, Never pay upfront money (EVER) to anyone to get rid of your Timeshare

(Do Not throw good money after bad).

TUG is free to read and post.

Real Owners (like myself) spend time (freely) to help those who own or look to own Timeshares. I personally have saved people $10,000s - for zero benefit other than I almost got ripped off buying from Starwood (SVO) back in 2005.

There is a $15 fee to use selective services they offer (mainly rentals from Owners). I do not use these - but many do.

How is that a Scam?

Perhaps you are the Scam?

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5. Re: Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?

One of the things to consider when one attacks a valuable resource such as TUG to the Timeshare community in blogs is the writer joined March 2019, hidden personal info. Presumably to protect the writer from malicious attacks. So don't give the blogg much credibility at all. Yes i am a paying member, 15 bucks a year is cheap protection form all the rackets out there to rip TS owners off.

So in what way does TUG mishandle your private information? Any examples?

And those complaints...oddly enough didn;t find any real ones. Did see some scammers not happy about spending time in jail, losing their ripped off income, because of TUG educating the public.

So my question is should this blogger be investigated for being involved in a malicious scheme to discredit the source that is denying their fraudulent income? Like the blogger I offer no proof just asking.

6. Re: Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?

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7. Re: Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?

I've saved thousands of $$ joining TUG! I ended up renting two vacation weeks from an Interval related website called Condo Direct. Never knew about how great a fit timeshares were for my family until then. We didnt get roped into a developer tour (fortunately, because they are high pressure and full of lies), but I came home wanting a timeshare and sure that spending thousands was the only way to go. Husband said "no way," thank God. That's when I found TUG! I learned so much about the industry, researched the best system for me, posted questions, read reviews and ads, watched for exchange sightings.

Best $15 I've ever spent! I ended up buying resale into a points-based system that is perfect for my family and our travel style. I saved over $24,000 not buying from the developer! I can honestly say that I know more about timeshares than anyone else I know and that includes many people sitting by the pool with me in Mexico, Florida, Hawaii, and Southern California who are staying at the same places I am! Thanks, TUG!

Bernalillo, New...
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8. Re: Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?

Gosh, Yana, where should I start? I guess I'll reference your brand-new blog. I read every post on it, all two of them, both dated within the past month. Your manner of writing suggests that either a) you are not very educated, or b) English is not your birth language. The unsupported assertions you make are very interesting, and, were they supported by some sort of evidence, would be very concerning. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I should note that both blog posts, given their lack of evidence, should be taken as just one person's opinion. I urge any reader of these to contact TUG directly, and to research it through as many other sources as needed, to evaluate and assess these claims for themselves.

That said, my personal reaction to what you've written is that you are a time share broker yourself, and none too happy about TUG's 25-year history of helping timeshare owners avoid getting ripped off. You may also be a time share "cancellation" scammer, in the shady business of defrauding timeshare owners looking to resell or otherwise terminate their timeshare interests. I gather this from the tone and length of your posts, which reminds me of a line from Shakespeare: "Methinks thou dost protest too much." If TUG has gored your shady ox, good on them.

Finally, for those interested in a real member's reaction, I am an 8-year member, and an active reviewer of the resorts I visit. I visit TUG and use its online reviews when I plan visits. I review the places I visit, and post those, both on TUG and here on Trip Advisor (for those resorts where I am not an owner). I have found TUG to be an invaluable resource for resort information that allows me to pack and travel with what I need to find maximum enjoyment when I arrive. I also find TUG's newsletter and discussion forums valuable for information about the timeshare industry and the system operators that dominate it. If you, like me, want this type of information, there are few other places to find it.

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9. Re: Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?

Nicely said Thomas, Love the Hamlet quote!

Bernalillo, New...
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10. Re: Is TUG2 Timeshare Users Group a SCAM?

Thank you.

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