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Property owner typically means…
  • Verification of owner name and address via valid credit card
  • Direct & personal contact
  • Detailed rental knowledge
  • Flexible dates & rates
  • More options in smaller towns
Sharon K
Listed since Sep 2014

Sharon K has 1 rental in Amsterdam

I am Sharon K. from Amsterdam. Together with my husband, I have a design studio and art gallery. Next door to our studio / gallery we have very nice apartments to rent out. Besides the great location, i's really unique because of the fantastic light and space. You don't see this often on ground floor apartments (especially not in Amsterdam!). I'd be very happy if we could make better use of this superb space and if more people could enjoy it too. I am working next door, so I am easy to reach if our guests have any questions. For more than 12 years I have been living with my husband in this neighborhood. We have 3 children and they love this area too, because it's a safe friendly ambience ('gezellig') and yet so close to all the (other) hot & cool places of Amsterdam! I think Amsterdam is a perfect place to stroll around and 'get lost' in, but since I know the neighborhood well, i'd be more than happy to give some nice inside tips of great restaurants, bars and shops.
Languages spoken:
English, Dutch, Spanish
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Listed since :
Sep 2014
Jordaan Great B&B Apt | Artful Stay1 / 26
2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 4 Quick View
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Reviewed 1 week ago
This was a terrific place for 4 adults. It's a cozy and bright two bedroom located in the Nine Street neighborhood, which is within walking distance of museums, shopping, and...
Reviewed 3 weeks ago
I know Amsterdam well (once lived there 5 years), just visited with my family of four, this was the perfect apartment for us just off of Prinsengracht, close to everything. We...
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Amsterdam, North Holland Province
Condo/Apartment - 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 4
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