Why High-Quality Photos Matter For Your Listing

Sep 28, 2015 | Listing 101, Marketing

You know the old saying, “A picture’s worth a thousand words?” This snippet of wisdom is especially true when it comes to vacation rentals, as the pictures are one of the most (if not the most) important elements of your listing. Here’s some reasons why photos make all the difference and what you can do to make sure your gallery is up there with the best of them.

1. Photos Sell Your Place

A great description of your property can work wonders in giving a sense of your home and its unique features, but the first thing that will catch a traveler’s eye is your photos. They provide the most vivid understanding of your property and travelers can see at a glance what they can expect if they come and stay at your place. If your photos are eye-catching, well-taken and high-resolution, there’s a good chance that your potential guest is already picturing themselves there.

2. Photos Build Trust

It’s possible that the traveler considering booking your place hasn’t stayed in a vacation rental before. While vacation rentals offer huge perks over hotels (extra space, great value for money and a true local experience, to name a few) some travelers might be wary prior to booking if your photos don’t reassure them by giving them a good view of your home.

Include a range of interior, exterior and area photos along with some descriptive captions so that your potential guests can see how much you know (and love) your rental and the area.

3. Photos Provide A Sense Of Service

If you’re already going the extra mile for your guests, use your photos to show that off further. Sometimes it’s the little details that will make a traveler choose your place over a similar one in the area. For example, if you offer a complimentary welcome hamper, take a photo of it. Some owners provide luxury toiletries in the bathroom, free of charge. If this is something you do, be sure to take a picture.

Maybe you can recommend a few local attractions, such as a nearby park. By taking a photo, you’re showing that you care about your guests’ experience when staying at your place. It’s these special touches that will make your photos stand out and, in turn, make your property shine.


Now you know why photos are important, here are a few tips on how to make your gallery bring in the bookings.

Change With The Season

As the seasons change, so should your photos. As beautiful as your cottage may look after the first snowfall, complete with Christmas tree in the hall, your guests won’t want to be reminded of the winter if they’re planning their summer holiday. Keep your photos updated and relevant so travelers will keep on booking right through the year.

Think About Placement

Imagine that your photos are a virtual ‘walk through’ for your potential guest. Position your photos in a logical manner that will make sense for the guest. For example: you don’t want to start with two pictures of the bathroom before they’ve seen the exterior of your home, and your best pictures need to come first. The order of the photos can be just as important as the content and quality.

Quality & Quantity

While it’s great to have lots of pictures of your home, try to make sure that every photo counts. Your photos need to be clear, not too small (or too big) and not too dark. For some examples of photos that work well and tips on how to take them, check out these seven professional photography tips to make your rental shine.


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